[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 33-34

Ep 33
2nd Prince informs his mother how the Crown Prince of Northern Li, who was captured by him, bribed him by revealing a top secret of Concubine Qin being in cahoots with Northern Li in order to save his life. Concubine Xiao says that they must act carefully despite receiving this evidence since Concubine Qin is highly favoured by the Emperor.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince’s life is no longer in danger and LFY uses this opportunity to bluntly ask the Emperor how he was chased by unknown people. The Emperor acts innocent and says that he will investigate this. Later, he questions his men who were supposed to follow LFY and they reveal that they failed because of the 2nd Prince who trapped them. The Emperor tells them that they have all been tricked by LFY and he will kill him at all cost!

The Emperor imprisons the 2nd Prince for not completing his job well and this news reaches Concubine Qin. Concubine Qin tells her nanny how that the fight between the two princes will be good since the Emperor will be in a pickle. She then prepares some supplements to bring to the Crown Prince. When alone, the Crown Prince goes through the box of supplements to find a secret message written by Concubine Qin, “That year, it was Concubine Xiao who poisoned the Empress and 2nd Prince sent people to kill LFY”.

Next, we note that Doctor Han has been released from prison and that Yunxi’s family are moving away from the city and back to their hometown. Yunxi says her goodbye to them and her father tells her that she is welcomed to their hometown whenever she wants to go to them, “We will always be your loved ones”. She tells him that LFY’s people treat her well in order to stop his worries. After seeing them go, Yunxi walks around the town alone. Qishao abruptly appears to cheer her up as they go and eat noodles.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Prince is planning his revenge on both the mother and son. We see that 2nd Prince is suffering and is depressed at being treated very harshly by the Emperor. He drinks himself drunk and when there is no more bottles left, he is mysteriously handed one. He quickly finishes the jug to find that it was given to him by the Crown Prince. He realises that he has been poisoned but it is too late. The 2nd Prince is incredibly weakened and the Crown Prince tells him that he won’t die so easily from this poison.

Concubine Xiao then receives news of the 2nd Prince’s death. She doesn’t believe that he suicided especially since he visited her a few days ago to comfort her. She then believes that he was set up by Concubine Qin who killed her son. Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager is comforting the Emperor who is upset by the 2nd Prince’s death. They are confused by his sudden death, “It is not his personality”, but the Emperor has already investigated this and that there is no foul play involved.

Later, we see LFY making secret arrangements to reclaim his throne. Also, Yunxi follows her father who secretly gets a letter from a messenger bird. She takes the letter from his hand to find out that Concubine Qin’s motive for coming to Tianning is to kill LFY.

Ep 34
It is evening time when LFY and Yunxi meet at the streets. Yunxi shows him the letter which reveals Concubine Qin’s motive. She also asks him to forgive her father on her mother’s behalf since she saved his life. In response, he tells her that he wouldn’t kill her father because of her, “But I can’t forgive him”. The next day, LFY shows the message to his subordinate and tells him that they must be careful since their plans will be dangerous.

Later, a person from Concubine Xiao’s side goes to persuade LFY’s subordinate to help them defeat Concubine Qin together. But LFY’s subordinate tells him that LFY has no time and will not cooperate. Next, LFY is at Qishao’s residence whereby Yunxi gives him a pill to take in order to cure his poison. She checks his pulse and is happy to find out that it is cured. But then we realise that it is only a dream but Yunxi has realised the ingredients needed for the cure. Meanwhile, the poisoned master was chasing after the poison beast when he finds a secret entrance to the room where Yuze is still unconscious since she was heavily wounded.

Qishao is trying to make Yunxi happy and succeeds when she laughs. He then tells her how her father does truly care for her and advises her to cherish what she has or else she will regret it once she loses them. She tells him that she understands but its just that she can’t look past her father’s evil actions of poisoning other people, including LFY. Qishao then wonders if Yunxi will still consider them as friends if she finds out that he is planning on sending her father to Northern Li.

Meanwhile, Mingxiang is venting out her frustration and anger towards Jing’er. She is disappointed at the fact that LFY trusts Yunxi so much despite the fact that Mingxiang is cultivating the beauty blood for him. Jing’er tries to calm her down and rationally tells her that she can’t force LFY to like her just because she is sacrificing her life for him.

Later at night, both Qishao and Yunxi are admiring the moon’s beauty. Qishao reveals a bit about his childhood and his mother. He recounts how his mother was very sick and that no physicians would be willing to help them since the Empress is adamant in killing her. Thus, the young Qishao had no choice but to brew the medicine himself. But his mother passes away and he was under house arrest by his Imperial Father. Yunxi comforts him after he tells her about his unhappy childhood.

The next day, Concubine Xiao disguises herself as a maid in hopes to see the Emperor. She meets with her servant who tells her that she has arranged everything for Concubine Xiao to be in the palace secretly. Soon, we see Concubine Xiao eavesdropping on Concubine Qin’s conversation with her nanny where she reveals that she knew about the poison in the cake and purposely let the Empress Dowager know about it. Concubine Xiao then gets the scissors and aims it at Concubine Qin, “I want you to die!”. But she is saved just in time by the Emperor who pushes Concubine Xiao away and orders his men to arrest her. Concubine Xiao then angrily reveals how she killed the Empress and so he orders her to be executed.



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