[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 31-32

Ep 31
The Emperor is greeted by Long Feiye (LFY) and Yunxi who is here to plead on her father’s behalf. Yunxi tries to bet her skills to save the Crown Prince in order to save her father’s life but the Emperor is doubtful of her skills. LFY also sides with Yunxi and says that he will leave his title and go to Ning Nang to become an ambassador there  if she fails to save the Crown Prince. After receiving a written confirmation from LFY, the Emperor agrees to her request as he would not miss an opportunity to get rid of LFY.

Later, Yunxi is apologetic to LFY because he is going to pay a heavy price if she doesn’t save the Crown Prince. But he tells her to don’t worry because its not her fault. He also lets her know that he has a Plan B if things goes awry. After hearing his plan, she becomes more positive.

Next, Gu Beiyue and Qishao are also at the manor to help Yunxi with her task. Qishao introduces the medicine he brought for her and uses this opportunity to ask whether he can accompany her to Tian Kang to find the poison beast in order to use its blood to heal the Crown Prince. She refuses him, “It’s too dangerous for you”, and he tries to guilt her. But he couldn’t win and both of the guests leave Yunxi alone.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Prince is making preparations for LFY and Yunxi’s travel to Tian Kang. He gets his soldiers to put up obstacles laced with poison to hinder them in order to make his Imperial Father happy and hopefully, steal the Crown Prince’s position.

LFY informs everyone that they will swap outfits to mask their true identities since enemies will want to target LFY and Yunxi. Basically, LFY will swap his outfit with Tang Li and Yunxi with Jing’er. He makes arrangements to ensure that Tang Li and Jing’er will seem like they are the Duke and Duchess of Qin.

And so, LFY and Yunxi are riding together on one horse and separate from the rest in order to reach the destination safely. Tang Li and Jing’er are also on a horse and are accompanied by LFY’s subordinate and their soldiers to make it seem like they are the real Duke and Duchess of Qin. Meanwhile, masked men walk into 2nd Prince’s trap and inform them that they are here on the Emperor’s orders to protect LFY and Yunxi. Hearing this, the 2nd Prince becomes worried since a lot of the Emperor’s men have been killed. But in order to not let news of this come out, he orders his men to kill them and not leave a single witness alive. Tang Li and Jing’er (disguised) arrive with their entourage to witness the fight and the 2nd Prince quickly orders his men to go and kill them.

LFY and Yunxi walk through the bamboo forest to find Qishao waiting for them, “You guys finally arrive. Your people have been waiting for you.” Qishao makes a small banter and tells them that he is here to kill a person. Speaking of that person, the camera gives us a close shot of the 2nd Prince who is just outside of where Jing’er and Tang Li are staying. They are confused when they see two of the Emperor’s men going inside. Those two men try to secretly assassinate LFY (disguised) but are quickly stopped by LFY’s men who fight them off. One of them dies while the other retreat to meet with the others. He accidentally leads 2nd Prince to them who tells them that they should work together to kill LFY.

Later, LFY with Yunxi and Qishao arrive at the cave with their men. Their men are secretly attacked  by hidden arrows on Gu Beiyue’s orders. Rocks then explode, creating a sand pool, sucking all of them under. Soon we see them unconscious on the floor as Gu Beiyue (masked) steals LFY’s secret book. LFY, who was faking unconsciousness, suddenly opens his eyes and goes after Gu Beiyue. But Gu Beiyue was a step ahead and releases a secret door to put a wall between them. Qishao and the rest of their men also wake up to find that only Yunxi is missing.

Yunxi is alone trying to search for them. She leans against a wall to find out that it is crumbling and a furry beast suddenly jumps out. Meanwhile, Gu Beiyue quickly goes to see his master and shows his LFY’s secret book. The master tells Gu Beiyue that he is unable to cure Mingxiang from the beauty’s blood since she has taken on so many different poisons and he hasn’t seen this before.

Ep 32
Yunxi’s screams are heard by LFY and Qishao but they can’t find her anywhere inside the cave. They finally locate her and Qishao tells them that that is the poisoned beast. Yunxi was initially hurt by the beast when it bit her but it then healed her wounds after tasting her blood. The poison beast then transforms to a smaller version and quickly runs away. Yunxi and the rest follow the beast who escapes the cave through the door. Yunxi manages to follow it but LFY and the rest got stuck behind. Yunxi catches up to the beast and tries to persuade it to give her a little of his blood. The beast refuses but is then tempted with her blood and she uses it to exchange it.

Meanwhile, the Emperor’s men walks inside the place where the fake LFY and Yunxi are staying to find themselves ambushed by LFY’s men. Instead of killing them, LFY’s subordinate tells them that they should dissociate from the 2nd Prince as he will kill them after he finishes using them. To show the truth of his words, one of the Emperor’s men got shot with arrows by the 2nd Prince as soon as he walked out of the room. And so, they change their allegiance.

Back to Yunxi, the poisoned beast leads her to the poisoned master who learns of LFY’s identity as a poisoned man. Yunxi begs the master to tell her the antidote to heal LFY but he tells her that he can’t. LFY then arrives to kill the poisoned master after listening to their conversation and Gu Beiyue also comes in to defend his master. But LFY is adamant in killing the master since he poisoned so many people, killing many in the process. But Gu Beiyue stops LFY by revealing that Yunxi is the poisoned master’s biological daughter. Qishao has been eavesdropping on their conversation in secret and is also surprised at the news. Hearing it, LFY lowers his sword and the poisoned master explains this and her blood which is why the poisoned beast wouldn’t hurt her. Yunxi is shocked as her father was the one who poisoned LFY to this state. But she is still on LFY’s side and tells her that she will continue to find the antidote to cure him while he brings the poison beast’s blood to cure the Crown Prince.

And so they separate as Qishao accompanies Yunxi and her father while Gu Beiyue is with LFY as they head back to the palace. In the carriage Yunxi tells him that she does not accept such an cruel person as her father. He tries to explain himself as well as how her mother left him for also doing his inhumane research on creating poisoned people. He continues to let Yunxi know everything till when her mother died saving LFY.

Afterwards, we see the 2nd Prince returning to the palace to visit his mother who has been placed in isolation. Seems like the mother has not repented on her actions and claims that she will never let Concubine Qin escape her from her grasp. Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager is worried about the Crown Prince’s health and LFY finally arrive with the poison beast’s blood.


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