[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 27-28

Ep 27
The poisoned master has definitely been faking his craziness as he asks Yunxi, when they’re alone, “What is your relationship with Lady Tianxin?” Before she can question his question, she loses consciousness along with the rest of the guards guarding them. This is Gu Beiyue’s doing as he is going to rescue his master. The poisoned master caresses the bracelet and ensures Yunxi is not hurt while she falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Qishao is on his way and finds the unconscious guards outside of the building. However, before he can step in, he is attacked by arrows from the 2nd Prince’s soldiers. But one of his servant, Bai Su, saves him and takes the hit instead, killing her in the process. They quickly escape back to his valley as Qishao carries her dead body. He is full of regret for not protecting her properly and says that he will avenge her death.

Next, 2nd Prince greets Long Feiye before expressing his interest in looking around. They enter the prison to find the guards unconscious and Yunxi alone in the cell. Long Feiye is anxious when he finds Yunxi unconscious and quickly carries her away. He looks after Yunxi back in the manor and is at ease to find out that she is not injured but sleeping. Consort Yi is disappointed with Long Feiye and a bit jealous of Yunxi since he cares a lot about his wife. She then tells her maid that she won’t become an obstacle for them anymore since she knows that he loves her.

Later, we see the poisoned master with Gu Beiyue in their cave. The poisoned master reveals that he believes that Yunxi is most likely his biological daughter, “That year…Lady Tianxin told me that we have a daughter”. The master tells Gu Beiyue to bring Yunxi to him in order to find out if they are related. But this is hard since she is heavily protected by Long Feiye but the master is adamant in finding out her true identity.

Back to Qishao, he is still angry over Bai Su’s death. After reaching news of Concubine Qin becoming the Imperial Consort, he tells his servant to inform her that she must think of ways to kill the 2nd Prince. He then goes to see the Crown Prince of Northern Li who is angry that Qishao did not get the poisoned master. The Crown Prince makes an attempt to arrest him but Qishao threatens him and his soldiers with their lives using the poison. And so, the Crown Prince retreats but not before ordering him to bring him the poisoned master within a month to Tianning.

Next, Consort Yi and Yunxi enter the palace together to see the Empress Dowager who tells them that she specially had them come to watch a show. They then go to the stage but then the Empress Dowager feints a headache to get Yunxi alone with her, “Yunxi can diagnose me”. Consort Yi is then led alone to meet with the Emperor who is trying to see if she will slip up with Long Feiye’s identity. He politely pleads with Consort Yi to help him investigate Long Feiye’s real identity. Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager questions Yunxi about her lack of information on Long Feiye. She tries to threaten her with her mother but Yunxi bites back saying that her mother has died and can’t come back alive. Hearing this, the Empress Dowager is anxious since she knows that she can’t use Yunxi anymore and tries to arrest her. Yunxi threatens her with her reputation, “How will you tell the people if the Duchess of Qin dies in the Empress Dowager’s palace?” Consort Yi then arrives at this moment and defends Yunxi. They then leave the palace in the same carriage and we can see that they are getting closer.

Yunxi then runs to Long Feiye excitedly to tell her that Consort Yi has accepted her as her daughter-in-law. Long Feiye smiles at her excitement. Later in his study, Yunxi gives him the pastries she made and he tries them. He then tells her that today is his parents’ death anniversary and wants to take her to see them. Yunxi readily agrees and brings him out saying that they need to buy stuff in preparation for this day.

Ep 28
Long Feiye admits some of his guilt in using Consort Yi’s son’s identity as Long Feiye. Yunxi comforts him saying that the real Long Feiye will thank him. Meanwhile, Mingxiang has also prepared items for Long Feiye’s parents. She goes to his residence to find him missing and Tang Li tells her that he is with Yunxi. Tang Li also tells her that Long Feiye really likes Yunxi but Mingxiang does not think that they are suitable for each other since she likes him very much.

Meanwhile, Long Feiye and Yunxi pay their respects to his biological parents. He introduces Yunxi to them as his wife and their daughter-in-law. Then we hear Mingxiang arriving and making a ruckus to Long Feiye’s subordinate that she must go in. After receiving Long Feiye’s permission, she is allowed in. However, we see Consort Yi watching them in the background. Mingxiang subtly confesses her love again by saying that she is cultivating the beauty’s blood for him. But Long Feiye tells her that even without the beauty’s blood, he will still see her as a little sister. She is disappointed and leaves after paying her respect to his parents.

Later, when they’re all gone, Consort Yi goes inside the altar to where Long Feiye paid his respects to his deceased parents. After seeing the burning paper, she realises that he is not her biological son and can’t believe it.

Next, Concubine Qin is celebrating her success after beating Concubine Xiao off the Emperor’s good graces. Then a madam from her maiden country, Xi Qiu, arrives but she does not recognise her. The madam tells Concubine Qin that she is actually here on behalf of Northern Li’s Crown Prince to remind her of their previous deal and that she needs to hurry up and poison the Emperor. Concubine Qin sends her off but not before telling her that she needs two types of medicine for this deadly poison.

Back to Yunxi, she visits Consort Yi to gift her a present to beautify herself. Consort Yi thanks her for gifting her a present and tells her that she is going to see Mingxiang. She goes to see Mingxiang to find her just finishing off her drawing of her and Long Feiye standing together and holding hands. Consort Yi tells Mingxiang that even though she wanted her to be her daughter-in-law, she can’t force Long Feiye to marry her because he is in love with Yunxi. She tells Mingxiang that marrying him won’t bring her happiness since he won’t love her. When left alone, Mingxiang is resolute in gaining Long Feiye by using her beauty’s blood.

Later, Consort Yi tells Long Feiye and Yunxi to work hard (in making a baby) while she is away, “Hopefully when I come back, I will hear good news”. They then become awkward but still respectfully send her away. Yunxi runs away in embarrassment and he smiles at her embarrassment. Meanwhile, Consort Yi heads straight to the palace to see the Emperor. She tells the Emperor confidently that Long Feiye is definitely her biological child. The Emperor then tells the Empress Dowager about Consort Yi’s confidence, “Seeing her like that, she has never doubted Long Feiye’s identity.” But the Empress Dowager tells the Emperor not to trust Consort Yi and that they must think of another method to get rid of Long Feiye.

Next, Qishao sends his servant to get Yunxi by telling her that he has picked a poison she will definitely like. Hearing this, she goes with the escort of Long Feiye’s subordinate who seems to have a thing for Qishao’s servant. Yunxi goes to see Qishao who is coughing and is worried about him. She tries to grab his wrist to check his pulse but he quickly pulls away. He then gives her the poison she wanted and she thanks him before returning it, “I don’t need it anymore but thank you”. She then asks about the love poison and he brings her to see it. She then asks about Bai Su’s whereabouts since she hasn’t seen her since she arrived. Hearing her name, Qishao becomes sad but tells her that Bai Su has returned home, without revealing her death. He then treats her to alcohol in attempt to change the subject. They drink until he becomes a bit tipsy and tells her about  how he is in a difficult situation since the girl he likes has the poison he wants but he doesn’t want to take advantage of her. She questions him about the girl but he doesn’t tell her anything. She then asks his servant but she doesn’t reveal anything as well. Yunxi then leaves and Qishao immediately stops faking being drunk.

Then we see Mingxiang spying on Long Feiye and his secret chambers. She sees the password and immediately goes inside to get the secret book. She finds out that it is a map  and quickly memorises it. The next day, she enlists the help of her father’s soldiers to help her capture a person, the poisoned master. They arrive at the cave the poisoned master is at but are attacked by the masked Gu Beiyue. She runs inside during the commotion but poison gas comes out, rendering her unconscious.


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