[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 29-30

Oops! Didn’t know I was watching ep 29 until I was halfway. No wonder I felt like I skipped something..

Ep 29
Concubine Qin goes to see the Crown Prince to console him as well as tell him that his father still cares for him. She reassures him that his position as Crown Prince will not be taken away so easily and that she is on “his side”. Soon, she tells the Crown Prince to have a cup of wine she brought specially for him and while he drank it, we can see the smirk on her face as well as her nanny’s. The Crown Prince also requests Concubine Qin to help him speak sweetly about him in front of his Imperial Father and Concubine Qin does not decline that request, “I would’ve have done it anyways”.

She returns to the residence and does something secretly with the incense. The Emperor silently arrives and she quickly hides the bottle in her arm sleeve when she heard footsteps. She tells the Emperor that she was sent these incense to help the Emperor sleep well since he hasn’t been lately. Hearing this, he softens his expression as this woman is caring for him.

Next, Yunxi is with Long Feiye and his subordinate as they talk about the poisoned people matters. Yunxi volunteers to help them but he doesn’t want to risk her life. Nevertheless, she persuades him and Tang Li joins in on her side. Long Feiye then agrees saying that he will go with her but his subordinate tells him that he won’t be able to since the Emperor is adamant in keeping him in his residence. But Long Feiye will have a plan, “Let me think this over”.

Later, Mingxiang is captured by Gu Beiyue and brought to his poisoned master. Gu Beiyue is suspicious about Mingxiang since she is still alive after being poisoned by Tian Keling poison. The poisoned master is also suspicious and checks on her pulse.

Yunxi along with Jing’er tries to persuade Tang Li to let them go now instead of waiting for Long Feiye’s decision. But he’s afraid of going against Long Feiye and the danger they will go through. He decides to go with them but Yunxi tells him off because if he goes, then Long Feiye will definitely find out. And so, Tang Li arranges for some soldiers to help protect them instead.

Back to the Emperor, he finally visits the Crown Prince. Seems like the Emperor is showing him grace and giving the Crown Prince another chance. Next, Concubine Qin’s nanny reveals that they had actually poisoned the Crown Prince with the wine and the Emperor’s attire has the poison from the incense. When those two poisons interact together, the Crown Prince’s poison will begin to work. Speaking of the Crown Prince, blood starts pouring out of his mouth during his meal and he misunderstands that his father poisoned him, “You have an evil heart Imperial Father”.

Dr Han informs the royal family that he is not too clear on the Crown Prince’s poison but promises that he will try his best. The Emperor personally investigates this and questions the servants on who visited the Crown Prince today. When threatened with their life, one eunuch informs him that only him, the Emperor, visited the Crown Prince. Hearing this, the Emperor says “Do you mean to say that I poisoned the Crown Prince?”

News of the Crown Prince’s poisoned state reaches Long Feiye. Long Feiye doesn’t care who boldly masterminded this plan but knows that the Emperor will use this situation against him since his father-in-law, Dr Han, is the main physician overseeing the Crown Prince’s health.

Dr Han is in a pickle because he knows that he does not have enough knowledge on poison to treat the Crown Prince. His wife knows this and asks him to ask Yunxi for help since she will be their best chance. But Dr Han tells her that he can’t ask her since they have bad blood between them and that her status is now the Duchess of Qin.

Later, Yunxi and Jing’er arrive at their destination and walk inside a cave in hopes to find the poisoned master. However, poisoned gas is released and Yunxi loses consciousness while Jing’er escapes. Gu Beiyue walks to Yunxi’s unconscious body and feeds her a pill. He then carries her outside of the cave and quickly leaves before Jing’er runs to her. Qishao also arrives and they both find her unconscious. He carries her away and quickly brings her to his valley, “Don’t worry, Yunxi won’t die while I’m here”.

Next, Gu Beiyue informs the poisoned master that Yunxi has been poisoned with the sand poison. This alarms the poisoned master but then Gu Beiyue tells him that he has already fed her the antidote. Also, the fact that Qishao is here will mean that Yunxi won’t die since his poison skills are fairly high. The poisoned master then turns his attention back to Mingxiang and examines her blood. He finds out that her blood contains traces of beauty’s blood.

Tang Li’s anxiousness alerts Long Feiye of Yunxi’s and Jing’er’s plan. Long Feiye becomes worried and Tang Li tries to calm him down. Gu Beiyue then arrives to inform him about the Crown Prince’s dangerous state as if they don’t have an antidote soon, he’s afraid the Crown Prince’s life might be no longer. And so, he is here to enlist Yunxi’s help and Long Feiye informs him that she is currently not here. Gu Beiyue then smartly tell Long Feiye that Yunxi is with Qishao, helping him to find Yunxi faster. After hearing this, Long Feiye then goes to Qishao’s valley to find Yunxi with Gu Beiyue following behind.

Qishao prepares medicine for Yunxi to drink to help her recover. He then gets news that Long Feiye has arrived and is at the entrance. He allows them to come in. Long Feiye rushes inside and asks Gu Beiyue to help Yunxi. Gu Beiyue tells Long Feiye that Yunxi still has some remnants of poison inside her body and requires Long Feiye’s inner strength to help heal Yunxi. He is successful and hugs her since he was scared for her life.Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.42.52 pm.png

Ep 30
Yunxi is much better as her complexion has become back to normal. She thanks Qishao and also friend zones him at the same time, “You will always be my good friend”. Yunxi arrives back home to find her maiden family begging her for help to save their father. They all get on their knees for her help.

Later, Long Feiye goes to comfort to Yunxi. She lets out her inner feelings about her father and he listens to her. They continue to talk and she reveals that although she is disappointed with her father and wants no relationship with him, she still wants to help him. Hearing this, Long Feiye tells her that he has already made arrangements for an Imperial physician to help her create an antidote for the Crown Prince.Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.54.17 pm.png

In the palace, the Empress Dowager tells the Emperor of Concubine Qin’s idea of enlisting Yunxi’s help. She says that this is a great opportunity for the Emperor to get rid of Long Feiye as if she fails to save the Crown Prince, he has an excuse to get rid of that family. However, the Crown Prince has been listening to their every word and we can feel him getting angry towards the Emperor who does not even care to risk his son’s life.

Meanwhile, Long Feiye visits Dr Han in prison. He tells him of his promise to Yunxi to help him out of prison. Dr Han, however, tells him that he doesn’t wish for that but for him to stop Yunxi from involving herself into this mess. Dr Han reveals to Long Feiye more about Yunxi’s mother and her wish for Yunxi to live a very simple life. However, Long Feiye tells him that Yunxi has the right to choose how to live her life and that he will be with her forever.

Later, Yunxi is brewing some medicine with the help of Gu Beiyue. They are trying to find out more about the Crown Prince’s poison based on her father’s notes. Qishao soon arrives to bring her plants she has been needed for the antidote. He joins them to create the antidote.

Next, Long Feiye brings Yunxi to see her father in prison. He leaves the father-daughter alone in which the former gets straight to the point and tells her that she is not his biological daughter. She doesn’t believe him and he explains how her mother was already pregnant with her when he married her. Hearing this, Yunxi misunderstands that this is why he hates her. In fact, Dr Han is only being harsh because he doesn’t want her to be involved with the Crown Prince’s matter. Yunxi then asks him who is her biological father but he doesn’t know. We can see how much this is hurting him as he cries alone.

Afterwards, Yunxi tells Long Feiye what her father told her. He then tells her about the Emperor’s motive of getting Yunxi involved. Long Feiye also tells her of his plans and motive behind saving the Crown Prince, “Trust me”. Later, they get news of Yunxi’s family getting arrested and she asks Long Feiye for help. He tells her that he has already investigated her father’s case and that there is nothing he can do. Long Feiye then tells Yunxi that he can ensure the rest of her maiden family’s safety except for Dr Han. Yunxi also realises that the only way she can save her father is to save the Crown Prince’s life.


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