[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 9-10

Ep 9
Concubine Qin tells her nanny the importance of their success in order to avenge her father and reflects on her recent encounter with the Crown Prince of Bei Ling.

Meanwhile, Long Feiye is taking care of Han Yunxi. This surprises his subordinate and everyone else, but they have tact to not disturb them. The next morning, Long Feiye is still by her bedside and daringly caresses her cheek. But when she wakes up, he is gone and only her nanny is here. The nanny reveals that Long Feiye took care of her all night but she doesn’t believe it as she thought last night was a dream. Jing’er soon arrives as soon as the nanny takes her leave and compliments her greatly. She also tells Han Yunxi about Tang Li and how they in this situation because of him. Han Yunxi then playfully gives Jing’er a strong laxative for her to use against Tang Li if he makes her frustrated again and she is ecstatic about the gift.

Next, Long Feiye and Tang Li talk about the latter’s marriage with Jing’er. Long Feiye tells him that he thinks that they are suitable for each other but Tang Li disagrees and quickly runs away before Long Feiye pushes him to do something he doesn’t want to do.

Little did he know that he would bump into Jing’er. He outright tells her that he won’t marry her while she tells him that they will marry. However, he wouldn’t budge and so their argument intensifies until she slaps him with the laxative powder.

At the palace, Concubine Qin greets the Empress Dowager who praises her for taking care of the Emperor. She uses Concubine Qin to blame the other concubines for being cowards and scared when asked to take care of the Emperor. However, Concubine Qin displays her “kindness” by helping the other concubines. Hearing this, the servants believe that Concubine Qin has no other motives but is kind. But the Empress Dowager is still not convinced.Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 9.02.40 pm.png

Back at the Qin residence, Han Yunxi is told of the arrival of the Empress Dowager’s trusted servant. Han Yunxi tells her nanny to say that she’s too unwell to see her. Long Feiye arrives and asks “Why don’t you want to see the Empress Dowager?” Han Yunxi says that she’s anxious about the many rules and didn’t want to make a mistake, but they know that its not true but he doesn’t pursue it. He then leaves but not before receiving thanks from Han Yunxi for taking care of her last night. Tang Li interrupts their moment and we know that he is suffering from diarrhoea. She helps cure him before leaving them.

The Empress Dowager’s servant reports back to her master who is unhappy that Han Yunxi did not see her. It seems that she is going to target Han Yunxi’s paternal family to get her to come out.

Long Feiye’s subordinate gets a report that Yuzhe still has not revealed anything even after going through torture. He tells his soldier to keep on torturing her but the soldier is afraid that she will not live for very long since she has not eaten a grain of rice.

Back to Han Yunxi, Jing’er brings some special tea for her to try. She tells her that she sneakily stole it from Long Feiye’s room and that he especially loves this tea. Hearing this, Han Yunxi’s mood becomes depleted and she scolds Jing’er for not measuring the correct dosage of the drug she gave her to give to Tang Li. However, Tang Li was eavesdropping on their conversation and after hearing this, he confronts them, “You two poisoned me”. He then leaves angrily while Jing’er chases after him.

Afterwards, the 3rd Madame from Han Yunxi’s family arrive begging her to help her family. She explains that someone said her mother-in-law got killed from their medical centre. She also says that this person was treated by Doctor Li from a common cold so she could not be poisoned. She gathers the details from 3rd Madame and goes to court the next day. Han Yunxi does not interrupt the court and listens until the end. Only when the minister dismisses the case does she step in, “There are many loopholes in this case. How can we close this case?” However, the minister believes that she’s an imposter and quickly leaves. And so, they have no choice but to leave.

Meanwhile, Long Feiye is in a midst of a meeting with his subordinate about political matters. They suddenly stop discussing when they see Han Yunxi walking towards them. She stops before them, not entering the room and the subordinate goes to see what she wants. He invites her in but she says that she is not here to see Long Feiye but him instead. Hearing this, Long Feiye retreats and pours himself some tea, but of course secretly eavesdropping on their conversation. However, he didn’t need to as Han Yunxi purposely speaks very loud for him to hear. She successfully convinces the subordinate to help her in the end.

Back to Qishao, he receives news about Han Yunxi visiting court. His servant informs him that there is a matter involving her family and he is concerned. His servant wants to capture Han Yunxi to use her as bait against Long Feiye but Qishao does not want that, saying that Han Yunxi might be able to lead them to Yuzhe if she stays with Long Feiye.

Later, Han Yunxi beats the drum outside the court which wakes up everyone in the early morning. The minister quickly comes out to find Han Yunxi with 3rd Madame. She tries to get him to open the case again but he refuses. Then, Long Feiye arrives, surprising Han Yunxi and everyone else with his presence. Him coming here and stating that Han Yunxi is his wife already makes the minister quickly asking for forgiveness. And so, he successfully opens the case for Han Yunxi.Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 9.52.56 pm.png

In the palace, Concubine Qin dances in the courtyard. The Emperor arrives and is taken by the sight of her beauty.

Ep 10
This scene continues as Concubine Qin keeps on dancing, not knowing that the Emperor is here. When she notices his presence, she immediately stops to greet him. In response, he gives her an applause for her amazing performance. She tells him how dancing and praying goes hand in hand in Xi Qiu and that she did it to pray for his health. Hearing this, he is pleased and tells her that he would love to see her dancing again but is now busy with political affairs. And so, he left and she smiles as she has gotten his attention.

Back at court, the minister explains his reasoning behind closing the case in front of Han Yunxi and Long Feiye. After listening to his explanation, she investigates the evidence brought forward. She dismisses them and asks to see the doctors who did the autopsy. She questions them and they become uneasy. Meanwhile, the person who claimed her mother-in-law died from poisoning is attacked by assassins who wants to silence her. However, she is saved from Long Feiye’s subordinate and is promptly brought to court. The minister tries to shut her mouth but she pleads Han Yunxi’s forgiveness and explains that she was bribed by someone a few days ago. Hearing this, the minister quickly closes the case by changing the verdict and proclaiming the medical centre innocence. But Han Yunxi knows that someone else is masterminding this whole plot but Long Feiye stops her and brings her home. And she was right because now the minister does not know how to explain this outcome to the Empress Dowager.

Han Yunxi and Long Feiye get into a carriage together as they head back home. He asks her whether her family has wronged someone since the minister was so quick to close the case without investigating further. He concludes that the person behind this is able to control the court and is not afraid of Long Feiye. He believes it is the Empress Dowager but she is not convinced. Then Han Yunxi accidentally bump shoulders with Long Feiye due to the bumpy ride. Due to this, her shoulders become sore and he gives her a special medicine which captures her attention because it is very expensive. Long Feiye’s subordinate cheekily reveals that he got it from the palace especially for her. Hearing this, she smiles, “You are so kind to me”. And in turn, he smiles after hearing her words.

Later at night, Han Yunxi is taking a nap and Tang Li sneaks in. Seeing this, he wants to take revenge and goes to get a pan of water to splash her. However, Long Feiye comes in right on time and uses his powers to splash Tang Li instead. Han Yunxi wakes up from the loud noise of the pan falling to the floor and scares herself when she sees Tang Li soaked with water. She thought that he was a ghost and immediately runs into Long Feiye, clutching him tightly as she shouts “ghosts ghosts ghosts!” Long Feiye tells her to let go but she doesn’t, “There’s an ugly water ghost behind me”. Hearing this, Tang Li argues against her and she slowly lets go of Long Feiye. She realises that he wasn’t a ghost and hides behind Long Feiye’s back when Tang Li goes up to her. Tang Li then quickly leaves when Long Feiye backs Han Yunxi up.

The couple then go inside a room where Long Feiye gets ready to bathe. Seeing this opportunity, Han Yunxi makes the most of it as she tries to get a look at his mark. But she becomes shy when she helps him take off his clothes and runs away at the sight of his naked body. Seems like he did it purposely, “Han Yunxi, I hope you won’t betray me”.

Back in her room, she tells her nanny what happened and that Long Feiye has a lot of scars but only one burn mark. The nanny begins to explain that this mark has been there for a while. We then see scenes of the past where the previous Emperor was talking with the now Empress Dowager who schemed to have Long Feiye dead. Based on the situation and superstitions, the Emperor had no choice but to send the newborn Long Feiye to the suburbs. Then years later when Long Feiye returned to the palace, his residence was set on fire and only he survived. Of course, they all suspect the Empress Dowager to be the one to have set the fire but they have no evidence and so, the case is a dead-end. Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.27.10 pm.png

Han Yunxi gets a sleepless night as she thinks about Long Feiye and the Empress Dowager. She realises that the latter wanted to use her to find hard evidence against Long Feiye because she suspects that he is not the Emperor’s son. But, she knows that she can’t avoid the Empress Dowager any longer or else the latter might use up even worse tricks to harm her family.

The next morning, Han Yunxi greets the Empress Dowager, “You finally can see me”. Han Yunxi explains that she just recently recovered from her illness and got Long Feiye’s trust which is why she could only see her now. She then tells the Empress Dowager that she saw his body and locates the mark for the Empress Dowager. She describes the mark in great detail and the Empress Dowager looks impressed. Seems like Han Yunxi did some research prior to coming here in order to help Long Feiye not gain the suspicion of the Empress Dowager and was successful. And so, Han Yunxi asks about her mother and whether she can see her. But the Empress Dowager does not let her see her mother easily and says that she needs to confirm whether the mark is correct first. She also instructs Han Yunxi to report on Long Feiye’s every move and that her mother’s life is in her hands.

Later, Han Yunxi gets to work as she writes about Long Feiye’s every move. But, she does’t really as she makes up most of it. She then delivers this message to the Empress Dowager via bird. Next, we see that that message is delivered to Long Feiye instead. He reads Han Yunxi’s writing and smiles since she has not betrayed him but made up lies to tell the Empress Dowager about his movements. After reading it, he instructs his subordinate to send it through to the Empress Dowager. He chuckles at her actions in which this surprises his subordinate because he usually has a cold front.

The Empress Dowager reads the message and instructs her servant to inform Han Yunxi that if there is nothing important to report, then she doesn’t need to send her a message. Seems like she is frustrated that she hasn’t told her anything decisive to use against Long Feiye.

Meanwhile, Concubine Qin is praying and is visited by the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager is curious about what she is doing and Concubine Qin explains that she was copying down blessings for the Empress Dowager and praying for her health and longevity, as customary from her country. Seems like Concubine Qin is slowly getting the Empress Dowager’s trust who hopes that she has no motives against Tian Ming. Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.45.19 pm.png

Next, the Imperial Uncle summoned the Crown Prince to his study. He warns him that he must not attract attention to himself and to not make any big moves as Long Feiye has eyes on them.

Meanwhile, Yunxi is still writing messages but finds it hard to be creative. Long Feiye comes in to find the room messy with thrown out papers. He reads the papers and realises that she is still blatantly sending fake messages to the Empress Dowager. He smiles and walks closer to her, peering over her shoulders before snatching her paper. She quickly notices him and tries to get it back but he is having too much fun teasing her.   And so, she jumps onto him to reach for the paper and of course, she gets it in the end since he becomes shock at her actions. Once she realised what she had done, she gets off him and become shy.

This is too damn cute! I’ve been reading the novel (so many chapters!!!!!!!!) and I like how the drama does not stray too far off from the novel’s plot. Their relationship is already blossoming and I am so intrigued about what will happen next! I kind of want to see Gu Qishao more but..I’m satisfied with Han Yunxi and Long Feiye’s relationship for now 🙂

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