Jean’s Chilli Chicken @ Eastwood

This place has been long revered by many KFC (korean fried chicken) fanatics! It was a weeknight when we went during dinner time and already tables (outside and inside) were filled with patrons of all ages. We were lucky that a patron just left and we had a nice table just outside of the counter.

We took a while to order because it was our first time and wanted to ensure that what we did order was fantastic. We had to order at the counter and the owner gave us a few suggestions on what we could try – thank you! We didn’t know that we could order half-half chicken because there were no options for this on the menu but after he told us, we were thankful because I like mixing and trying more.

The chicken and our dishes came with bowls of white rice and rice balls (so addicting)! The staff were helpful and very accomodating for our requests for extra chilli sauce lol.

One thing I have to say is that I found their menu to be quite pricey especially with the amount of chicken that came out. The chicken was not boneless (a bit upset) and it wasn’t that amazing either.

It’s enough that I’ve tried this place. And honestly, once is more than enough.

Jean's Chilli Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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