[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 7-8

Ep 7
The doctor, Gu Beiyue, greets Han Yunxi after she recovers from shock and apologise on behalf of his pet bird for scaring her so suddenly. He reveals that he is here to investigate the case because the poisons are strange. When questioned about the reason why she is here, she lies that Doctor Han (her father) sent her here. And so, they both investigate the bodies find traces of mosquito bites which were poisonous. She deduces how they got poisoned and impresses Gu Beiyue.Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 5.52.12 pm.png

Meanwhile, Qishao gives his servant a new bottle of poisonous mosquito powder since she ran out of it.

Han Yunxi walks back home while thinking about the case of poisonous mosquitoes. Qishao and her coincidently meet again while donating money to the poor. He tries to get her to have a meal with him (as promised earlier) and little do they know, Qishao’s servant is watching this scene unfold with jealousy.

Long Feiye is greeted by his nanny, “You are home so early”. He asks about his wife’s whereabouts and she is supposedly in her room. He walks into her room to find it empty. Of course, she’s currently having noodles with Qishao. They have a good banter while Qishao’s servant watches them.

Long Feiye finds the drawing of his body in Han Yunxi’s room and deduces that she is definitely working for the Empress Dowager. He and his subordinate realises that the Empress Dowager has suspicions about his identity and that they are trying to find the mark on his body. He looks back on all the time Han Yunxi tried to take a look around his body and seems disappointed.

Meanwhile, Han Yunxi bids Qishao goodbye as she returns home, not knowing that something bad is brewing.Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 9.29.07 pm.png

The Princess of Xi Qiu (Concubine Qin) is getting ready for bed as she asks her nanny to bring the thousand blood jade which was her father’s birthday gift for her mother. She instructs her nanny to present this precious gift to the Empress Dowager and to ensure that everyone, especially the concubines, know of this. Seems like she is desperate to get the Emperor’s attention since he has not visited her for days and she needs to get her ultimate plan working.

And so, the Empress Dowager receives the gift but is suspicious with her actions. The Emperor soon arrives and notices the gift. He later visits Concubine Qin and finds her painting in her room. She quickly gets up to greet him and he compliments her drawing.

Han Yunxi returns to her manor and is caught by Long Feiye. He reveals that he found her mask and realised that she was the girl he was searching for. She quickly tells him the truth, “I know you won’t believe me…”. He is still suspicious of her and she then tells him how she went to investigate the dead bodies today and tells him of her findings. Her claims are soon supported by Long Feiye’s subordinate who explains what the other poison doctor found. However, he still doubts her and she says “What if I can find the person who framed you?” She reveals that she bumped into a girl who had the poison mosquito powder and went to investigate her. Long Feiye says that having a bottle is not enough proof but she should still have a stab wound on her shoulder when he stabbed her earlier.

And so, Long Feiye instructs his subordinate to investigate this person. Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 9.42.56 pm.png

The next morning, Long Feiye personally goes to greet Tang Li. We find out that Tang Li was actually betrothed to the daughter (Jing’er) of the master of Yun Kong Academy of martial arts but ran away because she kept on bullying him. We also find out that Long Feiye was also a disciple of Yun Kong Academy and that Tang Li has gone to seek refuge there. And so, Jing’er becomes resolute in getting him back asap.

Back to Concubine Qin, she receives news of the Emperor’s illness. She immediately goes to see him, joining the Empress Dowager and the other concubines. Physician Han reveals that the Emperor has contracted smallpox. I have a funny feeling that Concubine Qin was behind this as she doesn’t look surprised. He tells them that this disease is contagious and so, everyone gets scared. Only Concubine Qin is willing to stay behind and take care of the Emperor which impresses the Empress Dowager.

Later, Concubine Qin reveals to her nanny in secret that there is something funny going on. She says that the Empress Dowager must be in on it since she didn’t look to sad although very angry. She reveals that there is only rashes on his face and not on his body, as well as no infection. Also, that fact that only him contracted smallpox is unordinary.

Ep 8
Long Feiye discovers that Tang Li is here because he is escaping from his marriage. Anyways, Long Feiye makes use of Tang Li to help him find out the true identity of the girl Han Yunxi bumped into yesterday. They only know her name, Yuzhe, but can’t go into the brothel because their faces are well known. Luckily, Tang Li is here so he can do the job for them.

Tang Li goes inside the brothel, not knowing that Jing’er was stalking him. He goes inside and after a few tries, was able to bribe the Madam to let him see Yuzhe. He goes inside the room she is in but does not know that it is Jing’er who is under the mask. She asks him questions about whether he is single and he deflects them quickly in order to get to bed so that he can check on whether she has the sword wound on her shoulder or not. Jing’er soon reveals her true identity, shocking him. She accuses him of escaping on their wedding day to bed another woman and continues to scold him. He quickly looks around the room and finds Yuzhe unconscious. He runs towards her to see if she has the wound and she does!

But before he can capture her, Jing’er grabs him by the ear and Yuzhe escapes during the commotion. Tang Li becomes frustrated and tells Jing’er that she just ruined their plan of capturing Long Feiye’s assassin.

Next, we see Yuzhe escaping and is closely followed by Long Feiye’s subordinate and their soldiers. Han Yunxi watches them run after her and promptly joins the chase. They chased after her until she runs inside the valley. They couldn’t go in because there are too many poisonous mosquitoes inside. Long Feiye asks Han Yunxi if she has a way for them to get in and she says that she only has two antidote pills. He promptly eats one and agrees to let Han Yunxi have the other one as she will be able to deflect what other poisons the assassin may throw at them.

And so, they both walk inside the valley and meet with Yuzhe who does not surrender. She releases more poisonous mosquitoes towards them and Long Feiye calmly fights them off. However, a surprise weapon comes towards him and Han Yunxi quickly goes to block it for him, injuring herself in the process. Due to the force, they both fall in the lake but not before seeing his surprised look because she risked her life for him. The managed to escape from Yuzhe as Long Feiye supports Han Yunxi who is deeply wounded.

They found a cave to rest in and Han Yunxi dreams of her mother. She then wakes up to find Long Feiye crouched on the floor sniffing her medicine bottles, “What are you doing?” Seems like he is trying to find out the bottle to heal her wound. He applies the medicine on her wound before leaving her by herself to find other exits in case the assassin escapes from his men. She then goes to clean her dirty bag in the creek and while trying to wring out the water, she accidentally used too much force and threw her bag into the water. She immediately runs in to save her bag but slips on the rock. Before falling face flat onto the rocks, she is saved by Long Feiye, “Don’t you want your life?” She tells him that that bag is her mother’s and so it is precious to her. After hearing this, he retrieves the bag for her.Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.10.30 pm.png

Later, he catches fish for them to eat and she cooks it for them. They make small talk and she starts revealing information about herself and how she was neglected by her father since she was young. They then look at the stars and she says how her mother told her that people who passed away will become a star, guarding their loved ones. After mentioning her mother, he reminisces the last memory he has of his mother being killed by the enemy.

Seeing that he makes no move to eat the fish, she goes to find some other food for him to eat. However, he tells her not to do so since her injury is not healed yet but she doesn’t mind. So, he gets up and carries her into his arms.

Next, we see her lying asleep on his lap as he gazes upon her sleeping face. Seems like he is conflicted because he knows she wants to see his mark but doesn’t know why she saved him from getting hurt.

The next morning, Long Feiye’s people are inside the valley and finds Han Yunxi’s blood. Yuzhe reveals herself and surrounds them with the poisonous mosquitoes. Jing’er saves them by playing her flute which drives the mosquitoes away. Seizing this chance, they run towards Yuzhe to fight. Yuzhe immediately sends out a distress beacon, alerting Qishao, because she needs help. She gets surrounded by them who question her for Long Feiye’s whereabouts. Qishao and his maids arrive to find Yuzhe injured but hid behind the bushes. Long Feiye and Han Yunxi also arrive and Qishao is shocked to find her here.

Next, Qishao is back in his valley with his maids as they talk about Han Yunxi as the girl who came to their valley before. They are surprised that she is the Princess Consort Qin. He quickly instructs one of his servant to gather some of their men to retrieve information but to be careful that they’re identity remain hidden or else they will be in danger. However, he is sad about discovering Han Yunxi’s real identity as they are now technically enemies.

Back in the palace, the Empress Dowager meets with the Emperor who is getting better. He asks his mother about whether there are any suspicious movements made by Concubine Qin. She denies it and the Emperor is relieved since it means that Concubine Qin won’t do any harm to him (yet). Seems like he is slowly trusting her since she was the only one who would take care of him when he “contracted” the contagious small pox. But his mother warns him to not be too careless in front of Concubine Qin.

Meanwhile, Concubine Qin reveals that the Emperor did not suffer from small pox but from chicken pox instead. She explains to her maid how she came to this understanding by saying how she saw the prescription Physician Han gave to the eunuch and that it was the prescription for chicken pox. Hearing this, they realise that the Emperor purposely conducted this plan to see whether she has any ulterior motive against him.

Later, Han Yunxi and Long Feiye are back at their manor. Doctor Gu Beiyue arrives check on Han Yunxi’s health and is shocked to find out that she is Long Feiye’s wife. She checks her pulse and informs Long Feiye that she is unconscious because of the wound and that she has a cold. He then leaves and Long Feiye holds Han Yunxi’s hand.  Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.43.46 pm.png


AWWWWW he is caring for her!!!!!

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