[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 5-6

Ep 5
Han Yunxi gets caught by Long Feiye and comes out of hiding. He questions her motive and she tries to beg him to be nicer to her. However, he remains cold and she realises that he is using the herbs she gave him for his bath. She tries to appeal to him more in order to get closer to him but it does not work. Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 3.38.14 pm.png

Meanwhile, Gu Qishao is informed of Long Feiye’s miraculous recovery from his poison. He believes that Long Feiye has a really skilled poison doctor next to him as his other doctors couldn’t cure his poisons.

Next, we see a Princess in a carriage. Someone lights a firework and she stops the procession, “Everyone lets take a break”. Looks like it was Gu Qishao since they soon meet each other in secret. She reveals that Gu Qishao is actually a spy from Bei Ling and that he will help her while she is here in Tian Ning. He agrees to help her and in turn, she will help him with news from the palace. He also gift her a poison for her to use as self-defence. Seems like they are planning on bringing down Long Feiye together for revenge.Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 3.42.09 pm.png

Meanwhile, the Empress of Bei Ling is scolding her Crown Prince for being close to Xi Qiu as they are still enemies despite having an alliance together. But he tells her that he went there to persuade Chu Qing Ge to get married to the Emperor of Tian Ning. He also says that she has no choice but to agree to this arranged marriage in order to protect the Crown Prince of Xi Qiu. The Empress is delighted with the news but it doesn’t seem that they are going to stop there.

Next, Han Yunxi is by herself in her room. She gets mentally transported to another realm and gathers new information about poisons. She then gets back to reality and writes up a new prescription to develop a new medicine. News of her playing around with her medicine reaches Long Feiye as he gets updated on her day-day life. He suspects that she’s conniving against him with the Crown Prince. He also gets news about Gu Qishao on the night he was injured and that the woman he was searching for never appeared in that valley.

Han Yunxi is anxious about the deadline given to her by the Empress Dowager. She then takes a short nap but has nightmares of her mother being killed by the Empress Dowager because she did not find the mark on Long Feiye’s body. And so, she gets the courage to quicken up her plan to see Long Feiye’s body.

And so, she goes to sprinkle rash poison on his bed before he comes back home. However, he catches her walking out of his room and questions her. She lies saying that she was looking for her mother’s medicine bottle and is asked to take it out to let him see it. She brings out the bottle to show that she was not “lying” and tells her to not go into his room without his permission again. He walks into his room but finds something suspicious and immediately instructs the servant to change the bed. Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 3.55.14 pm.png

Later, Han Yunxi is scolded by his mother and is instructed to serve her son well as a daughter-in-law. And of course, she is glad for this opportunity as she can get closer to him and is one step closer to finding the mark on his body. However, he does not make it easy for her and bathes himself.

Han Yunxi goes back to her room and ponders on where his mark could be since its not on his chest, legs and feet. Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 4.08.12 pm.png

The next day, Long Feiye is instructed by the Emperor to personally go and fetch the Emperor’s future wife back to the capital. He remembers how he had battled the Emperor of Xi Qiu. He remembers awakening his poisonous power as his hair changes to white, killing off the enemies and the Emperor of Xi Qiu.

Ep 6
Long Feiye goes to escort the Princess of Xi Qiu back to Tian Ning. She meets with the Emperor who is happy with the gifts she brought with her as it will strengthen their military power.

Later, the Emperor and Long Feiye went to enjoy the hot springs as per his orders. They still talk about political matters and suddenly Long Feiye’s red burn mark is revealed. The Emperor and the servants see this but makes no mention of it, if only Han Yunxi sees it to ease the Empress Dowager of her suspicions. The Emperor soon visit his new wife as per the marriage custom but it was only a quick visit as he soon has to manage his state affairs. Seems like the dislike for each other is mutual but they would not show it head on.

Also, the trouble brewing against Long Feiye is dwindling down as another murder happened and it looks like the Crown Prince and Gu Qishao are going to frame it on him again! It doesn’t help that the Emperor is paying a close attention to this case and Long Feiye is busy proving his innocence.

Han Yunxi hears all of this from her nanny and makes plan of her own. She instructs the nanny to brew chicken soup so that she has an excuse to see him. And so, she personally brings the soup but he tells her to give it to his subordinate. However, she tries to not give in but was unsuccessful.

The next day, a court meeting is held for Long Feiye and his “crimes”. The ministers tries to persuade the Emperor to dismiss Long Feiye of his position and military power and Long Feiye obediently agrees. Of course, this is going to the Crown Prince’s and his uncle’s plan, but it is going too smoothly.

Later, Long Feiye investigates the murders with his subordinate. They look at the bodies and discovered a similarity to the previous case as they were all poisoned in the same way.

Meanwhile, Han Yunxi is out in town and spots Qishao. She goes up to him but he didn’t recognise her at first because her poisoned scar was gone, “You’ve become very beautiful”. They have a friendly conversation and promised to see each other soon. She then asks him why he is in a make-up shop and he reveals that he owns it. She is surprised because its a famous shop and so, he gives her some beauty products for free before she leaves.

Later, she sneakily makes her way into Dali Siqing’s (one of the murdered minister) manor to investigate the case for her husband. But she gets shocked instead by one of the doctors and a chirping bird who was flying around the room.

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