[Recaps] 芸汐传 Legend of Yun Xi: Ep 1-4

I think I’m going to start recapping this drama now that my holidays are soon approaching. I’ve already watched eps 1-4 and I’m liking it a lot! I’m so happy that there is finally a GOOD C-drama for me to watch since the recent ones (I won’t name them) were a bit of a flop to me.

The main cast all look familiar to me especially the girl (Ju Jing Yu) who was from another fave drama of mine which was Novaland. Zhang Zhe Han who plays the Duke of Qin is well known as Ming Xia from Demon Girl and I was surprised to see him here!

Anyways, I’m going to quickly recap these four eps and will hopefully continue this over the next few weeks 🙂

Ep 1
This episode begins with Han Yunxi who is making her grand entrance into her future husband’s estate. It is her wedding day but unfortunately her groom was absent. To make matters worse, her mother-in-law looks displeased by Han Yunxi but she can’t do anything about it since the Emperor was the one who ordered this wedding. The fact that Han Yunxi got out of her carriage by herself, when traditionally her husband should kick the door down, shows GIRL POWER!

Later, we see Han Yunxi waiting patiently for her husband to arrive to their wedding room. She soon hears groans and is shocked to find an injured man (actually her husband). She recognises this man  and is afraid that he is here because he followed her to kill her. However, it seems that he does not recognise her and she breathes a sigh of relief. She tells him that he needs to be careful since they are in the Duke of Qin (Long Feiye)’s room and she is his wife (meaning that he shouldn’t do anything to her if he doesn’t wish for a death sentence). However, the man seems to be very weak which worries her as she doesn’t want to see a dead man on her wedding night! And so, she goes off to find the medicine and then the flash back begins.

*One month ago

We see Han Yunxi climbing up the cliff in attempt to find a particular plant. Meanwhile, men dressed in black who are being led by Long Feiye are fighting to get inside the temple. They kill the men who have poisoned the young boy. Long Feiye gets flashbacks of another young boy dressed in red and white and was also being chained and screaming in a similar situation. (Might or might not be Long Feiye when he was young, guess we will find out)

Long Feiye cuts the young boy free from the chains despite begging Long Feiye to kill him. They find a secret book on poisonous plants and realised that this secret room was under the control of the Crown Prince. Long Feiye’s subordinate tells him that they have found no signs of the Poison Sect here and so they leave with the young boy.

Back to Han Yunxi , she finally finds the plant she was looking for. However, her rope loosens and she falls. Luckily Long Feiye, who was escaping from the enemy’s reinforcements, catches her and they both fall to the ground. When they both regain consciousness, he questions her and she replies that she was only here to find the plant to cure her poisoned scar. She then blindsides him and attacks him, as well as stealing his book of poisoned plants before escaping.

Long Feiye’s subordinate soon arrives and Long Feiye tells him to take care of the young boy before chasing after her. She quickly runs straight into the toxic fog to get away from him only to be confronted by Gu Qishao. Han Yunxi gains his interest as she is able to be immune to the poison fog since she took a pill. She tells him that she made it herself and that she’s only here to escape from the man in black. He gives her permission to hide in his valley until the man in black is gone and off she goes. Gu Qishao then goes to his estate where his two maids are harvesting plants. He tells them that his guest is here which surprises them since he usually kills people who goes inside his valley without permission.

Then we see Han Yunxi in a cave and she develops a relationship with a rabbit. Seeing this, Gu Qishao seems to be developing feelings for her as her kindness towards the rabbit brings up past memories of when he was young.

Later, Han Yunxi sneaks back home after being told that the man in black is not longer after her. She gets caught by her father and punishes her for being out without permission. She goes back to her room and gives her aunt the plant she found last night, saying that it is the last ingredient for the cure for her poisoned scar.

Next, we see Han Yunxi’s father reading her prescription for her poisoned scar. He is amazed that she is able to develop a cure without his help. However, it seems that he does not want her to be cured of it as he secretly adds white powder into the brew.

Back to Long Feiye, he goes back to the valley to find the girl who stole his book.

Ep 2-3
Long Feiye manages to convince Gu Qishao to let him and his men into his valley by bribing him with a rare plant which is capable of curing hundreds of poisons. Knowing that Han Yunxi is no longer here, he accepts the rare gift and allows Long Feiye to search his valley. Of course, Han Yunxi cannot be found and Long Feiye leaves.

We then see him greeting the Empress Dowager – notice their ill relationship? He quickly leaves after greeting her and she is surprised that he is still healthy after drinking the wind dew tea. Her servant tells her that Long Fei Ye used to develop rashes after drinking this tea but this time he was able to ride his horse will no ill effects. They then think back to the fire she orchestrated many years ago with Long Fei Ye being the only survivor. However, she can’t investigate Long Fei Ye’s identity without arousing the Emperor’s suspicions on the fire as she will implicate herself. But, she does not give up and decides to set a spy to his quarters.

This spy is basically Han Yunxi as the Emperess Dowager brings up Long Fei Ye’s marriage and suggests Han Yunxi whose mother saved her life. The Emperor approves of the marriage since Han Yunxi’s family has no real power in court and won’t be of harm to him.

Back to Han Yunxi, she is disappointed that her prescription did not work. Suddenly, the Emperor’s decree arrives and everyone is informed about her upcoming marriage to Long Feiye. Her step-mother and step-sister are infuriated as she will be of a higher status than them. Even Long Feiye’s mother is angry because she could not even choose her son’s wife.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince informs his Imperial Uncle of the missing young boy (in ep 1).  This surprises the uncle as he thought that the boy had died. The Crown Prince also admits his guilt in lying to his uncle and father because he also stole the book of poisoned plants. The uncle scolds him but the Crown Prince says that he had no choice but to do this in order to protect his position since his father is favouring his brother who is in charge of the poison sect. However, if he gets caught by his father, his position will be in danger. The uncle agrees to help out the Crown Prince.

Meanwhile, Long Feiye is off to see the Emperor but is stopped by the eunuchs who tell him that he must remove his armour. He removes it, much to his dismay, but it is the only way he can see the Emperor. He walks inside the hall and manages to talk to the Emperor and save his name. As a result, the minister who tries to slander Long Feiye gets in trouble instead and is soon dragged out to be executed.

Next, Han Yunxi meets with the Empress Dowager to prepare for her wedding. The Empress Dowager tells Han Yunxi her plan by making a deal to let her see her mother once she is successful. Of course Han Yunxi would do anything to meet with her mother and accepts the deal.

The day of the wedding arrives and Han Yunxi gets ready to leave her home for her husband’s. She is sad that her health is still poor and that she might die today since she coughed out blood. Even her aunt is surprised that the medicine did not work and reveals that it was her father who brewed it. Hearing this, Han Yunxi realises that her father tried to kill her but her aunt tells her that she’s misunderstanding this. However, she is adamant that her father really wants her dead and soon tells him that they will no longer have a father-daughter relationship from now on.

Meanwhile, Long Feiye is waiting for his bride although he is not dressed in his wedding outfit. A woman in black (who is masked with Han Yunxi’s face) soon arouses his attention and makes him chase after her. He gets seen by soldiers and is implicated in the murder of the Minister of Judicial Review. She leads him towards Gu Qishao who says that he wants to be his friend. But of course it is bullshit and they soon fight. Gu Qishao manages to inflict poison onto Long Feiye before running away.

Then, we get back to the present time when Han Yunxi sees Long Feiye injured in his room. He reveals his identity to her, shocking that she helped saved her husband.

Ep 4
Remembering the Empress Dowager’s orders, she tries to find the mark on his body. She uses the excuse of the venom in his body to try to search for it but was still unable to locate the mark. He then instructs her to write a prescription for him and he gives it to his subordinate to check it with the poison doctor.

The subordinate goes to check it and realises that Han Yunxi is quite reliable and is skilled in getting rid of poison. Meanwhile, Han Yunxi is still surprised that he does not recognise her as she sleeps on a separate bed. However, she feels like she needs to change her hairstyle or brows so that he won’t be able to recognise her in case he does. She then has a nightmare of him recognising her and killing her as a result.

She wakes up in shock to find Long Feiye’s nanny serving her. She is instructed to get ready in 30mins to greet the Empress Dowager with him. They soon then greet the Empress Dowager and Long Feiye tells her what happened last night. She becomes “angry” that someone will threaten and try to frame the Duke of Qin. He reassures her that he will find out the mastermind. He then goes to meet with the Emperor while Han Yunxi informs the Empress Dowager of their status. The Empress Dowager tells her that she must hurry so that she can see her mother and that she has a month deadline.

Later, Han Yunxi is standing by herself on the bridge as she goes over the Empress Dowager’s words. A lady passes by and questions her identity she she did not bow before her, the Princess. Han Yunxi introduces herself and the Princess makes nasty comments about her. However, Han Yunxi does not back down and the Princess tries to punish her. Little does she know, she’s no match and accidentally falls into the pond. Her servants jump in after her to save her while Han Yunxi laughs at the situation. But the Princess’ nanny pushes her into the pond but luckily, Long Feiye saves her from being wet. Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.29.29 pm.png

The Princess complains about Han Yunxi to Long Feiye, her Imperial Uncle, and calls her names. However, she gets scolded instead and so she addresses Han Yunxi as Imperial Aunt and asks for her forgiveness. The Emperor was watching this situation in the background and is angry that his Princess got scolded by Long Feiye. However, the Head Eunuch tells the Emperor that it is natural for Long Feiye as an elder to lecture the Princess but is also in the wrong.

They return home and he immediately informs her that she will be living in another room. She is disappointed as she needs to try her best to find his mark in order to see her mother again. She makes excuses by saying that she can cure his wounds but he replies that he already has a poison doctor. But she does not give up. He then tells her that if she wants to stay, she should go to the bed now or else she can leave.

And so, she makes her decision to leave but not before giving him herbs to help with his wounds. Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.35.00 pm.png

Next, Long Feiye talks military with his subordinate. He asks whether he has found any clues about the man who poisoned him and the woman who led him away. Unfortunately no but he will continue to investigate. He then gives him the herbs Han Yunxi gave him and asks him to check for poison. His subordinate asks: “Are you suspecting that Han Yunxi is the Empress’ spy?”

Back to Han Yunxi, she is disappointed that she is not close to finding the mark on his body. She is bored and tries to help the servants clean her room although they try to stop her. She then asks the nanny about Long Feiye’s hobbies and when he usually takes a bath. She manages to get the information she needs and leaves to do her planning.

Meanwhile, the Emperor is standing and thinking about something. The Empress Dowager comes in and they talk politics. He tells his mother that he should marry the Princess of Xi Qin who is now orphaned as the Crown Prince is too young and not mature enough.

Next, we see Long Feiye studying Han Yunxi’s medicine. He is told that her herbs have no problem and even the doctors praise her as this will definitely cure his wounds. And so, he throws it in the bath.

Han Yunxi soon comes in and is spotted by his subordinate who is on the roof monitoring everything. He does not stop her and even tells his men to stay still, “The Princess Consort wants to take a bath with His Highness. Why are you stopping her?”


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