Jiangnan Kitchen @ CBD

This restaurant has 2 levels and is quite popular with many Chinese people! I was surprised, literally. And this means that the food should be delicious and authentic since its a favorite for them.

We didn’t shy away from ordering dishes we craved including: dumplings, eggplants and fried noodles!

Don’t they look yum?!

The dumplings have quite a kick to them and trust me…if your weak with chilli, take plenty of water to cool yourself down! This definitely warmed me up on this cold chilly night and I was warm enough to explore Vivid at night!

This beef noodles was said to be ‘special’ but I see nothing special about this dish. Yes, it did taste nice but I hated the oiliness. However, this dish was perfect to tone down the spiciness of the eggplants.

Again, the eggplants were oily but I still loved it nonetheless because the flavour was spot on!

Overall, lovely place to come and dine. Service was breezy and dishes was adequately priced.

It’s a big place and there’s plenty of seats. I noticed that there was a queue when we went down to pay our bill. Luckily we avoided that when we came.

Jiangnan Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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