Seige in Fog/Colour of night 人生若如初相见 – 2018 Cdrama

Another drama series adapted from the novel 迷雾围城 which was published in 2011. This 50-ep drama (which has already finished) is about:

The third son of the Yi Family, Yi Lian Kai has feelings for a pretty maiden, Qin Sang. To marry Qin Sang, Yi Lian Kai goes through painstaking efforts, and in the end, Qin Sang is forced to marry into the Yi Family to help her father recover his position as an officer. As they go through obstacles in times of war and chaos, Qin Sang slowly falls for Yi Liankai. However, things get complicated when her old flame, Pan Jian Chi, returns to become her husband’s lieutenant. The meeting of the enemies, great changes in identity, a new love, old friends, a country’s grief. This is the siege of fog.








From the first episode, I was hooked. The storyline and the set atmosphere appealed to me and the love story between Qin Sang and Yi Liankai also pulled at my heartstrings. I love how she is strong and fights him off because she thinks that he never truly married her for love. Oh boy..she was wrong. He fought to marry her because he feel heads over heels in love with her. And Qin Sang slowly realises that after they go through so many obstacles together, including dealing with Pan Jianchi who has broken her heart numerous times.

Currently, I’m up to ep 31 and honestly, I’m getting bored. I find myself skipping a lot of the discussion scenes between the oldies as I just want to see our favourite couple! And even when I see the couple..I’m also disengaged. They’re too lovey dovey now as he’s always caressing her and she’s always leaning towards him. This is too different from the beginning. Plus, it doesn’t help that she invites trouble and he has to fix the problems.

I also dislike how the 2nd brother’s wife always cry. And now, Qin Sang cries! She never used to! Are they seriously altering her character from a strong woman who can defend herself to a woman who has to cry for attention?

I don’t know. But since I only have less than 20 eps to go…I might just take my time to finish it slowly.

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