Brisbane Day 6

The day has come. It’s my final day at Brisbane and it feels weird. I can’t believe I spent the past few days away from home…and away from my bed! It feels like I left for such a long time when in actual fact it has only been less than a week.

It feels surreal that I met so many good friends thanks to Amanda whom I came to Brisbane for. Check out her insta here.

insta: youredaonlyone

She’s the amazing one who brought me to so many places here in Brisbane. And even cooked me a delicious homemade dinner! Nothing really beats homemade food cooked with love! It was good because we had so many heavy meals the past few days and this simple dish really just settled my stomach well.

Last meal at Brissy – beautiful home cooked udon ❤

I’m currently on route to Sydney and luckily, I got the window seat by chance since no one seems to have bought that seat. Lucky me for more space and view (although it was dark)! Definitely a great end to my trip!

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