Brisbane Day 5

Another early start to a very long day and night! I woke up early and got ready to go out to Sandgate and Shorncliffe. Both are coastal suburbs and it was such a perfect day to go out to the ocean as it did not rain one bit!

We got off at Sandgate and walked towards Matthew Thomas for a late lunch. It was nearly 3pm when we ate and we sat next to the big windows which was overlooking the ocean (and also allowed us to people watch). It’s quite a large space but the decorations and atmosphere felt very homey.

Afterwards, we walked towards Lovers Lane and the pier, taking bounteous amounts of photographs. It was great that we both can take good photos because they were so perfect for profile pics! There were a lot of people and students (because school just finished) along the pier fishing, walking and riding bikes. A very calm, relaxing and enjoyable day as we just sat there watching the sky and the sunset.

Then we took a train back to Brisbane Central to walk through the Botanic Gardens where we found a big tree decorated with fairy lights. Another perfect spot for photos. But then, we became hungry and walked towards Dandy’s for pizza since we were going to meet up with our other friends at that rooftop bar. But damn! It wasn’t opened and so we decided to have ramen for dinner and go to The Charming Squire for drinks.

It was a very exciting evening as we all gathered for a huge chat and laughs. I found myself to be very comfortable with them as we shared our life experiences and talked shit about anything. So glad to have had the opportunity to have met them.

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