Brisbane Day 4

Banh Mi + Ice Coffee $8.5

This was primarily a ‘me’ day as I got to explore the city (when dry) by myself since my friends have uni classes. It was alright because there was this exhibition I wanted to go to (and I know it will not interest them) and this was the opportune time to go!
I woke up early as usual and got up to do some extra preparation for my classes (can never be too prepared). After a few hours, I went down to a local Vietnamese bakery shop to buy some brekkie/lunch. It was cheap, affordable and delicious. Perfect for uni students on a budget (though I’m technically no longer one XD).

After having my brekkie/lunch, I took a bus straight to the Cultural Centre which is located in the heart of Brisbane City. It was a beautiful day with the sun out and so, I whipped up my sunnies and strutted around the city. Compared to Sydney CBD, this city was small but had all the necessities. I had to go to Priceline to get some products and then off I went towards the Museum of Brisbane for Mao’s Last Dancer exhibition.

I was able to get a concession rate ($9) instead of paying the adult $12 because I had my student ID card with me – YAY! The exhibition was lovely as they included never seen before photographs, detailed information and even showcasing some of his costumes and old ballet shoes he wore when he was younger. It was worth seeing how his life has panned out from being born in a poor family in China and now being a Director of the Queensland Ballet. I first heard about him from reading his autobiography “Mao’s Last Dancer” many years ago in primary school and when I found out he was holding an exhibition here in Brisbane, I just had to go!


After spending a few hours here watching his videos and pursuing through his life that has been laid out in the exhibition, I walked out of the museum to find it raining…HARD. This was upsetting because I had planned to explore the outside of the city but had no choice but to seek shelter in the shopping centre (which was boring). So, I headed to another museum called GoMA at South Bank. I guess I was not the only one seeking shelter there because suddenly there was a lot of people looking at art lol.

I spent time here while waiting for the rain to stop before meeting my friend since her class has ended. We planned to have hot pot tonight and it was great that her friend could also come along and feast with us!

There was this instance when I forgot to get satay sauce and luckily Woolworths was just downstairs so I bought a whole can 🙂 They couldn’t believe it when I said that I can finish it all lol. Now they know something else about me XDD

It was a great night as we ate, talked, drank and played fun games! Great company indeed!

Also, I can’t believe that the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her third child on this very day! Congratulations to the British Monarchy and I can’t wait to know the name of their son!

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