Brisbane Day 3

I love how its always so sunny whenever I wake up as the bright light makes my eyes adjust to the new day. However, I always wake up so early! Anyways, our plan for today is to head east to Wynnum (if its not raining) since both of us have never been there before and have fun at the beach! An alternative plan was to go down to Gold Coast to shop hahas.

Luckily, it was a beautiful day and we were able to set off to Wynnum with a great smile! The train ride took around 40 minutes and once we arrived, we headed straight to this cafe called The Rabbit Hole. When we arrived, we were shocked to see most of the locals have taken up seats but then we realised that they had more seatings at the back which was amazing because they had so much space! I love the decor and their decorations with frames and polaroid pictures which makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Afterwards, we headed straight to the beach to walk. We kept on walking and walking and before you know it, we’ve walked for over 2 hours. I couldn’t believe it as the time flew by. It was a very comfortable walk as we did stop to take photos (so glad we’re both good at taking insta-worthy pics) and had great conversations.

We walked all the way towards Manly and what a surprise! They are having a market! We explored the market and my friend was in love with this stall because they were had clothes she loves which is her boho style.

Later, we walked to the closest train station and headed to Southbank where we decided to watch “I was Pretty” before dinner. The movie was great at the beginning but I started losing interest towards the end as the storyline was just superficial. I know they were trying to put out a message to empower all women but they did not clearly express throughout the film. Nevertheless, a film I will never watch again.

Afterwards, we walked towards the city for dinner at Maru – korean cuisine. So glad we did not have to queue up and had a seat straightaway as the people who came in after us had to take numbers. The food and service was delicious and quick – very nice!

Our night did not end there as we went to meet up with some friends for a late-night dessert at Cowch where this place was bustling with hipsters. The ice-cream and churros happily created another space in my stomach as my mouth savoured its taste. YUM~

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