Eat Street Northshore @ Brisbane

This place is literally build on shipping containers on shipping containers. The eclectic atmosphere with the live performances makes this place quite enjoyable as there is so much to eat and drink, and even watch! Anyone who goes in has to pay an entry fee of $2.50 and so that already ate up $10 altogether.

We came here on a Friday night and were lucky that it was fully crowded (still a lot of people) due to the afternoon rain which probably scared most of them away. Well, a lot of the outdoor seating were wet and we had to try to find some dry seats and tables to eat comfortably.

Mouthwatering DELICIOUS!

There were so many foods from different parts of the world and we tried to get most of it although we ended up getting full.

The oysters were a fun surprise as I did not expect to see them here and at such a good price!


BTW, the nutella puffs was another surprise! I thought it would be sickly sweet because the puffs were honey-coated, but it wasn’t! I enjoyed this dessert especially with the added nuts and ice-cream which gave it a crunchy yet creamy texture 🙂 Sex in the mouth.

Nutella honey-coated puffs! $14.80

We ended our night at Eat Street with drinks and golly were they strict! I’m not sure whether I should take a compliment but then again, they probably check everyone’s ID! I mean, I definitely look over 18.

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