Brisbane Day 2

For some reason I just woke up early despite sleeping around 2am because we were having late night chats. Maybe my body clock is still used to waking up early for work?

Anyways, we quickly got ready before 10am as our friends were picking us up to go to Davie’s Park Market together for breakfast and explore. It was a fun market with cool trinkets and lots of appetising food! My stomach was growling so much that I was satisfied fully after being fed 🙂

Beef Gozleme $12 – the amount of oil that goes into this frightens me! But its so good!
Our makeshift tables – I don’t know how the boys found them but luckily they did!
Hungarian dish – the pastry tastes a lot like Youtiao (Chinese Fried Dough)

One of the stalls was eve selling curry puffs which was so good and reminded us of Singapore! If only we were not so full, we would’ve dived in for seconds!!

I bought some fresh ingredients from the market as they were selling big boxes of strawberries and figs for $10/box, salad leaves, tomatoes and capsicums! Great deal and I was just happy to have gotten the fruits because I love having them!

By this time, the rain started drizzling down and we had to change out plans 😦 We were going to go to South Bank but then because of the poor weather, we decided to head home to grab out stuff to work at the library. This was good for me, in particularly, as I still have not prepared anything for Term 2 and surprisingly, I got a lot of things done!

After spending a while (many hours) at the library, we walked home to prepare for dinner as the girls have a concert to go to! There was a spare ticket for me but I don’t even know The Script so there’s no point. Plus, I needed to prepare more activities for my students. So, I’m spending the rest of my night eating the fresh fruits from the market while working 🙂

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