Brisbane Day 1

I never thought that I would travel to this city this year. But at the last minute I bought tickets to go and visit my friend & relax during these school holidays while I have the time. I wouldn’t say it’s the shortest plane ride I’ve been on but it is the first time I’m travelling by domestic in Australia. I also realised that there was no point in bring along my passport! They don’t even check it!

I did not check in any luggage as I wanted to travel light – only had one carry on with four wheels and my small backpack. Luckily I upgraded my cabin baggage to 12kg as 7kg is too little!

Going through security was very lax and I love how there is no restrictions on liquids. 😀

Although the flight is only 1.5hrs, I ate lunch at the airport prior to boarding since my flight was at 1:25pm and I have to meet my friend later to out my stuff at her place.

The plane ride from Sydney to Brisbane was quite fast and before j knew it, I arrived at the Sunny State. Funny thing happened, it wasn’t sunny but cloudy with a bit of rain.

I went straight to the air train to purchase my go card and topped it for $50 which includes the $10 deposit fee.

I then caught the train to meet with my friend near Brisbane City and went to put my stuff at her place.We hung around and caught up with each other before heading out to dinner at Eat Street.

This place was so cool and I love the vibe. Luckily it wasn’t too crowded despite being a Friday night because I think the earlier rain blew many away. We chat, walked, ate and listened to local music throughout the night and it has crab immensely enjoyable!

However, our night didn’t end there as we went to Sonders for more dessert! This small joint was quaint and quite aesthetic. However, we had to wait for seats since it was so popular with the locals. This place is known for matcha and they did not disappoint. Below is one of the dishes we ordered.

Matcha Ichigo Parfait $15.8

After eating and laughing, we headed straight home as we have an early start to the day tomorrow!

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