[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 51-52 (end)

Ep 51
Ru Ge is alone and quietly grieving in her empty room while thinking of Yin Xue. Zhan Feng walks in to find her sobbing and informs her that senior brother is awake. They go to visit him and leave shortly after for him to get some rest. She then asks Zhan Feng about what he and Yin Xue talked about when they were imprisoned together so that she can find clues about Yin Xue if he’s still alive or not. She tries to find leads in the study room about Yin Xue’s sect in hopes that she can go and see him. Later, senior brother seems to have regained his ability to hear again, making everyone excited.

Meanwhile, Xun Yi looks at Brother Ji secretly as he is looked after by Bi’er. She overhears their conversation and could tell that he likes Bi’er and she also reciprocate that feeling. She then gets caught by Bi’er and she says that she came to tell them that senior brother’s ears are back to normal as he can hear again. However, its obvious that she’s not here just for that.

Chief of Qinglong Hall meets with Ru Ge to tell her that he is leaving and is handing over the Chief title to Bi’er. Ru Ge tries to persuade him to stay but he is adamant in leaving since the situation with An Yeluo is over and their sect is in no great danger. He then leaves Flaming Hills and Ru Ge orders that their disciples outside to protect him.

Two years later, the Flaming Hills is prosperous again and is welcoming the new year. Ru Ge is cooking sweet buns and gives some to senior brother to taste. Huang Cong also comes in with sweet buns for Ru Ge which senior brother asked her to buy from town as they were supposedly the best. They then taste each other’s sweet buns and once Ru Ge takes a bite, she welcomes the familiar taste. She looks at the bun and recognises the sign Yin Xue created many years ago when they opened up a stall back at Ping’an Town. She looks at senior brother and he orders Huang Cong to tell Ru Ge where she got the bun from. She explains that senior brother has ordered them these past two years to find these buns but it does not mean that they have found Yin Xue. She tells her that this bun was from Ping’an Town and Ru Ge immediately heads towards there.

Next, we see Lei Jing Hong in World Swordless City, ready to beg for Lie Xiang’s forgiveness. He kneels outside of her estate bringing her gifts while her guards inform him that she’s not here. This does not deter him as he says that he will kneel until she comes back. Hearing this, she chuckles and goes to see him.

Later, Ru Ge heads to an unknown town and spots someone, “Miss, how did you arrive here”. He tells her that this place is not Ping’an Town and strangers never venture here. She asks about his master, Yin Xue, and he tells her that he’s not here. He then lead her to a place to stay which she gratefully accepts. Then, it is nighttime, and she goes out to see Yin Xue’s disciples laughing and having fun. They allow her to join them in drinking while she observes them.

A few days later, she makes a move to leave this town but is delayed due to the heavy rain. She agrees to stay one more night.

Ep 52
Ru Ge goes back to her room to sleep. We then see Yin Xue walking outside past her room and she becomes suspicious at the movement. She walks out to find Yin Xue and he is also surprised to see her here, “You are still alive”. They have a tearful reunion and he explains what happened to him in the past two years. Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.00.58 pm.png

The next morning, Ru Ge prepares a meal while Yin Xue collects medicine. We can see that his body is not in tip top shape but he doesn’t share this with Ru Ge as he doesn’t want to worry her. He compliments her homemade meal and they begin eating. Yin Xue then tells Ru Ge to stay inside while he goes out to take care of the assassins. Seems like they’re from Anhe Palace and they’re here to kill him. Ru Ge joins in their fight and saves Yin Xue from getting stabbed by getting stabbed herself. He holds her as she tells him to promise her that from now on he should be kind and save people. He then carries her through the wintry forest towards his sect, saying that they will save her.

I guess this is all of his past memories as the current Ru Ge is overlooking these scenes. She runs towards Yin Xue to tell him that she’s still alive and is not dead and tries to run towards him but he disappeared. She cries out his name and suddenly we see Yin Xue being awaken inside his sect. His master tells him that it was Ru Ge who saved him to come out from the Anhe darkness. His master then tell him that he can freely leave since there is no danger from Anhe Palace and Yin Xue kneels before him in gratefulness.

Ru Ge wakes up and is surprised to find out that she’s not injured from the stab wound. She looks around to find that the town is bustling with people and Huang Cong is with her who tells her that they are in Ping’an Town. A soldier arrives to tell them that the brothel’s big boss is here and Ru Ge quickly goes to see him. Seems like Feng Huang is in charge of the brothel now and informs their customers that they will not open their doors for them. She sees Ru Ge to tell her that it is Yin Xue who is waiting for her inside.

And so, Ru Ge walks inside the brothel to find Yin Xue playing the gangqin. Ru Ge prays that its not a dream and he teases her again. They have a sweet reunion as Ru Ge lay in his arms.Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.20.07 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.22.22 pm.pngSuch a beautiful end to the drama. I love how they got the rose petals to swirl around the room.Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.22.35 pm.png

It is finally the end of this beautiful series! A very long journey and was it worth it? I don’t know. I’m glad they had a happy ending but what about Zhan Feng? He deserves it after all he has been through! I also wish we could’ve seen more of Lei Jing Hong and Lie Xiang as they’re so cute! 

Overall, not a complete flop but not that amazing either.


13 thoughts on “[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 51-52 (end)

  1. Thank you for the recap… But i confused for the the final episod… So when ru ge meet yin xue in beggining episode 52 it just dream? She really meet yin xue just in brothel? Thank you


    1. Gadon
      Me too – silly. I thought, “ Not again!!” And why at the wedding did they not have a few archers hidden about? And at a few other occasions. Other Chinese series make use of rings with deadly poison in. I could have helped out on a few occasions. Concubines normally can dispose of rivals pretty efficiently they could have employed a few. 😂


  2. I had to give up – it was like a tangled ball of wool the cat played with. Some parts were too sickening for me. Funny how they can do horrific suffering but no true love or passion. Everyone using chopsticks in the same food bowl makes me squirm – 🤦‍♀️ Lei Jing Hong stole the show for me.


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