[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 49-50

Ep 49
Yin Xue starts treating Ru Ge under the watchful eyes of An Yeluo. When he watches Ru Ge drink a cup of tea, he thought she had already become An Yeming. But to his disappointment, Ru Ge tells him that she’s still her and he grabs her by the throat before throwing her on the ground. She then tells Yin Xue to let her drink the drugged tea and starts feeling lightheaded.

Outside of Anhe Palace, Lei Jing Hong shows his companions the bombs from the Pili Sect and they start devising a plan. They decided that Lei Jing Hong, Lie Xiang , Chief of Qinglong Hall and Bi’er will go in and infiltrate the palace using the bombs as a diversion. Meanwhile, Zhan Feng is trying to get to the next level of his martial skills from the Anhe Palace with Yin Xue’s help.

Next, Ru Ge wakes up from her slumber to find An Yeluo next to her. She seems to have gotten An Yeming’s memories as she calls him “Luo’er” and he pretends that they are still in the past. He then leaves her to go back to sleep and goes back to his room. It seems he’s still not convinced on whether Ru Ge is pretending or actually has turned into An Yeming.

The four arrive at the entrance of Anhe Palace and proceed in to find the place empty. They search the place and Lie Xiang got trapped in the prison cell. They also find out that they are locked within the palace and have no means to escape. An Yeluo receives updates from his people about them being trapped and is no hurry to unlock the doors.

Ru Ge/An Yeming goes to see her memorial tablet and An Yeluo watches her every actions from behind. She mentions things that only they talked about in the past and we can see that his doubts are slowly disappearing. She then brings up the name Zhan Fei Tian (her husband), angering him, but she knows that he’s important but doesn’t remember who he is. He knocks her unconscious and lays her back in her bed, “Don’t think about him”. She then wakes up again and is back to being Ru Ge, “Why are you back?”. She asks to see senior brother and is shocked to see him in such a poor state.

Ep 50
Ru Ge drinks the medicine which makes her lose consciousness again, and will most probably never return back to being Ru Ge. An Yeluo waits by her bedside for her to wake up as An Yeming. His wish comes true and things seems sweet until she brings up Zhan Feitian, “My head is so muddled”. She starts to remember what happened in the past but he tries to feed her with lies that she had never left Anhe Palace. He then goes outside to order Yin Xue to help An Yeming forget about Zhan Feitian. However, he says that its impossible due to her deep love for him. But then Yin Xue says that they should get married as that is the only way. And so, An Yeluo goes back to her room to tell her that she should get married to her by playing with their servant’s lives.

The servants then get ready for the wedding ceremony tomorrow as they prepare their wedding outfits. Even the captured Zhan Feng and senior brother are forced out of their cells to witness the ‘happy’ event. Speaking of the couple, An Yeming suddenly feels out of breath and An Yeluo summons Yin Xue. Yin Xue tells them to get out so that he can treat her in peace, and so, An Yeluo leaves in anger as he doesn’t want to risk his lover’s life. Knowing that they’re along, Ru Ge tells Yin Xue that she has been pretending the whole time, shocking Yin Xue who thought his magic worked. She tells him that she pretended because she knows that Zhan Feng and him were planning on killing An Yeluo but its impossible especially since Zhan Feng is weak from being tortured and starved, “I’ve been trying to protect you”. She asks Yin Xue for An Yeluo’s weakness since she will take action in killing him and he tells her to aim for the space between his eyebrows. He tells her how her mother aimed for that area and weakened An Yeluo immensely.

The wedding ceremony begins as An Yeluo takes off Ru Ge’s wedding veil. However, it seems so empty and there is no laughter present at this ‘joyous’ event. He orders his servants to laugh and Ru Ge quickly attempts to soften the mood. An Yeluo then asks Yin Xue to play music in celebration for their marriage and Zhan Feng takes this chance to kill An Yeluo. Just as Zhan Feng was about to deliver a killing blow to An Yeluo, Ru Ge steps in and takes the hit, shocking everyone! In anger, An Yeluo blasts Zhan Feng away and goes to check on Ru Ge who is bleeding profusely. He knows that she will die soon and asks Yin Xue if he has any solutions but there is none. So, he turns his attention towards Zhan Feng, not knowing that Ru Ge is getting ready to stab him between his eyebrows.

She successfully stabs him between the brows and he realises that she was Ru Ge this whole time, “You are not Ming’er”. He is still disillusioned at the fact that Ming’er supposedly loves him and screams out loud. He then fights against Yin Xue who successfully injures him fatally by taking a shot between his eyebrows. However, Yin Xue also got beaten up badly and Ru Ge runs to hold him, “I beg of you, please don’t die”. He then uses this opportunity to confess that she has been the person he loves before dying. Ru Ge cries as his body disappears, leaving his white outfit like last time.

Everyone from the Flaming Hills and Huang Cong arrive to see Zhan Feng injured. He tells them of An Yeluo’s death and orders his men to take care of the others. They then go to rescue Lei Jing Hong and his companions who have been without food and water. Every single one of them come out of Anhe Palace safely but Ru Ge is still in a daze over Yin Xue’s passing. She reads over Yin Xue’s engagement letter while holding onto his clothes, still sad that he’s no longer here with her.

Meanwhile, Zhan Feng takes charge, while Ru Ge is grieving. He also reveals the news of the old Sect Leader being his biological dad which shocks everyone. He then goes to kneel in front of his dad’s memorial tablet as his son, “Father, I’ll accompany you from today onwards”.


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