[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 45-46

Ep 45
Senior brother leaves his estate to go to Anhe Palace and dismisses his guards. Hi soldiers are worried about his safety but Huang Cong convinces him that they must believe in senior brother because he must have his own plan when he entered Anhe Palace.

Meanwhile, An Yeluo reveals that the traitor is senior brother despite her doubts, “I won’t believe it unless he tells me personally”. Hearing this, he tells her that senior brother is here and she can go to see him. She immediately goes and couldn’t believe her eyes to see him here in Anhe Palace. He is cold in front of her and she promptly hands back his mother’s ring which he gave her back in the palace, “You are no longer my senior brother”.

Later, An Yeluo secretly gave Ru Ge a medicine which made her believe that she loves senior brother for a short time. He brings her to his room which surprised senior brother by her change of attitude as she’s suddenly forthcoming towards him. He tries to be rational and gets up to get an antidote for her but then falls for her charms. The scene immediately ends.

Next, An Yeluo is torturing Zhan Feng for lying to him all this time. He then goes to see Yin Xue to tell him that Ru Ge is now with senior brother doing something sexual. We can see that he’s trying to rile him up and laughs away.

Back to senior brother, he’s up while Ru Ge is sleeping soundly. He then goes to see An Yeluo who congratulates him. Senior brother promptly says that after he helps him obtain the world, he should let all of them go. He then says that since he slept with Ru Ge, Yin Xue can’t take her anymore and she’s his. He also requests that from today onwards, he wants to be able to enter and leave Anhe Palace freely. An Yeluo does not object and asks senior brother about his plan. He tells him that he will ask get the disciples of the Flaming Hills ready for battle and collude with the spies from other sects to take leadership and be in charge of the whole world.

Senior brother leaves the palace and goes to Flaming Hills whereby immediately discusses the sect’s political matters. However, Uncle Murong wants to wait for Ru Ge to come back since she’s the sect leader to discuss these matters. He brings with him the Flaming Hills token and uses it to order the sect to prepare for war.

Ep 46
An Yeluo is informed about senior brother’s actions after he left the palace. He then orders Xun Yi to let Ru Ge take this medicine called “forget” everyday to forget her memories from the day before. She plans to help Yin Xue meet with Ru Ge and creates a clever plan. She then meets with Ru Ge who doesn’t know who Xun Yi is as well as her past memories. Xun Yi tells Ru Ge about Zhan Feng and Yin Xue but brings up no familiarity. She then brings her to see them while An Yeluo watches her as she doesn’t recognise them.

Back in her room, Ru Ge secretly writes on Xun Yi’s hand saying that she’s conscious and knows everything. Xun Yi does not act surprised as there is also someone watching them on behalf of An Yeluo. She tells her that Yin Xue helped her cure the poison when he bit her ear earlier and changed the drug.

Meanwhile, senior brother tells Brother Ji that he’s leaving and gives his the Flaming Hills token to take care of. He returns to Anhe Palace and reminds his guard to remember his words before he goes in. He immediately goes to see Ru Ge who hugs him, and tells him that they should continue to act. And so, he carries her while Yin Xue watches everything. She asks senior brother what happened that night because she has no memories of it and he tells that that nothing happened.

Yin Xue heads back to his cell and his eyes changed to red after having the scene between Ru Ge in senior brother’s arms engraved in his head. He tries to control his inner energy while An Yeluo watches him. He calms down and his eyes goes back to normal. He is reminded of Ru Ge in her past life begging him not to turn to a demon and his promise to be kind-hearted and save people. Yin Xue also realises that his death is soon coming.

The next morning, senior brother goes to see An Yeluo and tells him of the plan. He writes two letters for Xun Yi to pass along to his guards outside but not before being check day An Yeluo. Senior brother says that he will be staying here until good news arrive before leaving the room.

Huang Cong immediately brings the two letters to the Flaming Hills for everyone to read. Chief of Qinglong Hall deduce that one of the letter is fake. Huang Cong says that he’s correct because senior brother had to pen these letters in front of An Yeluo. The second letter is the real one because it tells them exactly what they are to do in order to defeat Anhe Palace and get rid of his spies from the other sects.

All sects soon battle the soldiers from Anhe Palace as Flaming Hills send men to help World Swordless City. While Lie Xiang is fighting against the enemies, she spots Lei Jing Hong who has come to help her!

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