[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 43-44

Ep 43
The aftermath of Dao Wu Xia’s death rocked the martial arts world as well as the revelation of his evil deeds by Ru Ge. While Zhan Feng reverses his testimony and verdict for the Duanlei situation, Ru Ge also reveals how he saved her life last night from discovering Dao Wu Xia’s plan to bomb them to death. They fake their death to buy time so that Dao Wu Xia would not suspect anything until the final moment. Ru Ge also tells them that she will deal with Anhe Palace and the other leaders support her.

Dao Lie Xiang is in shock after everything as her newlywed husband has killed both of her elder brothers. Lei Jing Hong is heartbroken as despite avenging his clan, he broke his wife’s heart by killing her beloved brother. Seeing him upset and drunk, Feng Huang gets angry at him and tells him that he will bring him to see her. He sees her and she treats him with coldness. She tells him that she is going to return to her sect and bear the responsibilities since she’s the only one left. He tells her that if she goes back, they will become enemies since their clans are at odds with each other.

Meanwhile, An Yeluo is updated on the situation. He is upset that Zhan Feng did not kill Lei Jing Hong and he gives an excuse that he’s Ru Ge’s good friend. They then ask An Yejue to kill him since she’s the best person for the job but she states that they should not worry about the Pili Sect since they won’t be a threat to them. However, An Yeluo wants to test her loyalty to him and orders her to bring Lei Jing Hong’s head to him as her last chance to survive. And so, she leaves with Xun Yi.

Lei Jing Hong goes to Jiangnan to return to his sect with Feng Huang but not before announcing his loyalty to Ru Ge to help her whenever she needs him. Dao Lie Xiang heads back to her home to mourn for her brother. However, there are some men who are dissatisfied with her since her husband killed their leader. Nevertheless, she becomes strong and tells them that their sect is still alive, despite doing evil deeds, is because of Ru Ge and Zhan Feng. She announces that their sect will not seek revenge but promote goodwill to make up for the sins they did in the past.

Later, Ru Ge and Yin Xue goes out for lunch. They bicker playfully and Ru Ge surprises him by saying that the day they defeat Anhe Palace will be the day she marries him. This is the first time she’s proposing to him and he loves it.

Meanwhile, Lei Jing Hong and his people get ambushed by An Yejue and her ladies. She orders her ladies to fight him and while they’re all distracted, she instructs Xun Yi to hurt her in order to rescue Lei Jing Hong. But then, Chief of Qinglong Hall and its disciples come to his rescue. Ru Ge then arrives at the scene pretending that she’s her mother and surprises An Yejue who orders her people to retreat. She is confused that An Yeming (actually Ru Ge) is still alive and kills her people so that no one will tell An Yeluo about her existence.

She then goes to see Ru Ge who has been waiting for her. They engage in a fight and Yin Xue intervenes, convincing her that Ru Ge is An Yeming. An Yeming hates that she’s alive and tells her that An Yeluo must not know about it since he’s crazy for her. She then leaves, leaving her sword behind. Later, Xun Yi arrives looking for Ru Ge and her mother. She seeks forgiveness and confesses why she had to hurt her. But Ru Ge does not react as she is still pretending to be her mother, “You are kneeling to the wrong person”. However, Xun Yi knows that she’s Ru Ge. She asks her to be put to death since she betrayed her but Ru Ge tells her that she should leave this place because the fight between their clans in inevitable. Yin Xue then says that if she wants to repay her sin, she can help them to defeat An Yeluo. He tells her to lure An Yeluo out so that they can kill him.

Ep 44
Lei Jing Hong gets told by the soldiers from World Swordless City of Dao Lie Xiang’s orders that they’re clans are now even and that they won’t kill him now. Feng Huang ask him whether he will see his wife but he tells her no. This is the time to reorganise his sect in order to help Ru Ge defeat An Yeluo. He has a flashback of his conversation with Ru Ge who hands his the Flaming Hills token so that he can use it to convince other sect leaders to help them with their plan. She explains that he’s the best choice as her people are being monitored by An Yeluo who will know her plan if she gives this responsibility to them.

Meanwhile, An Yejue is still in shock after seeing Ru Ge. She is then ordered to see An Yeluo and before she goes, she tells Xun Yi that if she’s killed by him, she should quickly escape. As soon as she arrives at his place, he grabs her throat and she explains that Yin Xue saved Lei Jing Hong. He doesn’t believe her lies and she gets ready for her death. But then, Xun Yi comes in and says that it was because of An Yeming. Hearing that name shocks him, “She didn’t die…”. He asks Xun Yi where she is and she quickly says Ping’an Town. Zhan Feng subtlety smiles as this is going to plan and he accompanies Anye Luo to see his ‘mother’. Both men arrive at Ping’an Town and Anye Luo excitingly goes to find her. However, she is not there and he instructs Zhan Feng to find her or else he will bring a battle to the Flaming Hills.

Next, Ru Ge secretly meets up with senior brother at the brothel. He praises her for exposing Dao Wu Xia in public before telling her the next step of their plan. The next morning, An Yeluo and Zhan Feng arrive at the brothel to find Yin Xue. He uses force to get information out of Madam Hua before Zhan Feng interferes to stop him from hurting her. She tells them that Anye Ming has already left because its his father’s death anniversary. Hearing this, An Yeluo leaves quickly as he knows where she will be.

Ru Ge goes to see her parents’ graves, only to find that their clothes are buried there. Yin Xue explains that they were afraid that An Yeluo would steal her mother’s body and so, they burnt their ashes and freed it on top of the mountains. The men arrive and Ru Ge becomes An Yeming again. She performs her mother’s sword dance in front of her ‘husband’s grave’ in order to get rid of any doubts An Yeluo might have of her identity as her mother. Seeing this brings back his memories from young and we can see that he truly believes that Ru Ge is An Yeming. He quickly announces his arrival as soon as she finishes her dance and Yin Xue immediately battles him. However, Yin Xue could not overpower him even when Ru Ge comes in to fight as well. Zhan Feng even jumps in to help but even he got pushed aside.

An Yeluo then goes to hug An Yeming who reveals her true identity as her daughter, Ru Ge. He is shocked, and taking a chance, Zhan Feng grabs his sword to try to defeat him but failed. He then knocks Ru Ge unconscious and brings her back to Anhe Palace. He instructs An Yejue to capture Zhan Feng and Yin Xue who are badly injured. Ru Ge soon awakes in the carriage and An Yeluo tells her how someone betrayed her since he knew about their plan beforehand. He tries to pique her curiosity but she doesn’t give in. He publicly introduces her to everyone as Anye Ru Ge, his long lost relative and she is to be referred to as Eldest Miss.

Meanwhile, senior brother is updated on Ru Ge’s decisions by Chief of Qinglong Hall. An Yejue then announces her arrival and the Chief quickly leaves. Senior brother speaks to her in private and she says that he must go with her to Anhe Palace alone without his men because Ru Ge’s assassination attempt has failed.


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