[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 41-42

Ep 41
Seeing Zhan Feng upset pleases An Yeluo as he will be able to control “Zhan Feng” by giving him what he wants: Ru Ge. He becomes disappointed to find out that Yin Xue is still alive. Zhan Feng uses this opportunity to implicate Dao Wu Xia and tells his “uncle” that Brother Yi is now with Dao Wu Xia, “This is interesting”. Going along to plan, An Yeluo becomes frustrated that Dao Wu Xia is helping Lei Jing Hong and Zhan Feng fires up his anger.

And so, An Yeluo orders An Yejue to investigate Dao Wu Xia’s matter but tells her to send someone else while she is to help him bring some items to senior brother. She promptly gives the items to senior brother who was expecting these items. He opens the case to find one small black pill and swallows it in front of her.

Later, senior brother’s trusted soldier asks him why he swallowed that unknown pill from Anhe Palace but senior brother does not explain anything. He soon falls down coughing and Huang Cong and her men goes to find An Yejue who is missing from her assigned room. Senior brother’s health is poor and is still unconscious.

An Yejue returns to the palace and Huang Cong promptly arrests her. Senior brother then regains consciousness and realises that he can’t hear anything again. He quickly goes to see An Yejue but is unable to walk as he goes back to his previous state. Since he can’t move by himself, he orders An Yejue to be brought to him. With his men outside, he questions An Yejue privately. She smiles as she asks him how she feels about going back to his previous state and he bluntly tells her that its horrible. They talk political matters and she provides him a list of names before giving him the cure, in order to be released.

Meanwhile, Ru Ge who is still adorning her mother’s hairstyle goes to see Yin Xue who was writing on red paper. He tells her that its a letter to marry her and she becomes embarrassed and leaves to her room. The auntie arrives and she excitingly asks the auntie to tell her more about her parents. The auntie tells her how her mother wrote the engagement letter to her father which was unusual as it was customary for men to write it. We then get a glimpse of the past of Ru Ge’s parents first meeting.

The next day at the morning meeting, they are surprised to see Ru Ge’s changed appearance as she is becoming more like her mother. She tells them that she needs to go to World Swordless City to celebrate the marriage between Dao Lei Xiang and Lei Jing Hong but one of them doesn’t want her to go as it will be dangerous. However, she tells them that it is her responsibility and for the martial arts world. She then makes preparations to leave and leaves with Yin Xue and Chief of Qinglong Hall.

They soon arrive at Ping’an Town and head straight to a restaurant where Dao Wu Xia is dining at. He suddenly spots Yin Xue and rushes downstairs to see him, “You are still alive?!”. He invites them to his residence since they’re here.

Lei Jing Hong and Dao Lie Xiang also arrive to see them and Ru Ge immediately gifts them a wedding present. Dao Wu Xia then asks her to stay longer to discuss the wedding day but she tells him that there’s no need since she only came here to give the wedding gift. However, he does not give up and tells them that he will set up rooms for them and she takes up his offer. On their way to their rooms, they spot Brother Yi who stood still like a mouse caught in a trap. But they walked past him, not without giving him a stony look. Brother Yi then goes to see Dao Wu Xia to ask him to get rid of her but he’s hesitant because its risky for her to die in his estate. However, Brother Yi does not give up and brings up the Duanlei Sect and how he got rid of the leader without raising suspicions on his hand in that matter. Dao Lie Xiang butts in and says that he shouldn’t do it. But, he dismisses her and tells her to go to her room to prepare for her wedding tomorrow.

But of course she doesn’t listen and follows Brother Yi and his men late at night.

Ep 42
She finds out that other soldiers are also following him in secret (Dao Wu Xia’s orders). But while she is following him, someone knocks her unconscious.

Meanwhile, Ru Ge and Yin Xue are alone in a room who tells him that she’s impatient with waiting, “Relax, he will come”. Bored with waiting, she asks Yin Xue questions and he answers them in his playful manner. She then asks him whether he likes someone and he begins listing many women, alarming her. But he tells her that he’s just making fun of her.

Then, Brother Yi arrives to see them, prompting Ru Ge to praise Yin Xue for knowing that he will come. Outside, the men that were following Brother Yi in secret make plans to prepare a fire to burn them all inside the house. Using the Qilin bombs, they slowly prepare to kill them. Dao Lie Xiang awakes and hears a bomb go off. She quickly rushes to the scene and sees a building on fire. Before rushing in, she is stopped by Dao Wu Xia who forces her to go back with him. She tells them why he has to do this and he feigns ignorance but not before telling her to remember that he’s his only biological brother left on this earth. Lei Jing Hong comes in and Dao Lie Xiang tells him what happened.

Later, we see that Brother Yi has survived the bomb attack but is promptly attacked by assassins. He sees his mother one last time before dying. The assassins takes his body away before anyone else notices. Zhan Feng arrives to see Brother Yi’s mother and orders noodles. He then thinks about his earlier conversation with Ru Ge who told him about Brother Yi’s family. After finishing his bowl of noodles, he pays for his food and leaves to see Brother Yi’s dead body. His men informs him how he died and he orders his men on what to do next.

The next morning, Dao Wu Xia gets informed that the assassins he sent out last night have disappeared. And so, he orders that without his permission, no one can enter nor exit the city.

The couple adorn their wedding outfits as they dress beautifully in red. Dao Lie Xiang informs Lei Jing Hong how she has arranged for them to secretly escape after their wedding ceremony. However, he has doubts since Ru Ge wasn’t able to survive against Dao Wu Xia. But she persuades him to try with her. They then leave their room holding hands as the servants congratulate them. Dao Lie Xiang then publicly brings up Feng Huang as to help her secretly escape as well. However, her servant informs her that the city gates are closed by her elder brother’s orders, which means that they won’t be able to escape.

Meanwhile, Dao Wu Xia is greeting the guests for the big meeting between different sects. He uses this opportunity to inform them that Ru Ge has passed away last night because of the bomb. He assures them that he will find the perpetrator. He also tells them that he has good news: his younger sister’s marriage. This confuses everyone as they know that Dao Lie Xiang was married to Zhan Feng and he tells them that they’ve divorced and she’s marrying Lei Jing Hong. This shocks everyone as they know the reputation of Lei Jing Hong and his sect but he says that he’s giving him a second chance. And so, everyone goes to witness the matrimony between the happy couple.

Just then, a soldier arrives to shout that Zhan Feng has arrived. This shocks everyone as he was her ex-husband. Zhan Feng comes in and questions why Dao Wu Xia closed the city gates. He gives an excuse and Zhan Feng gives his congratulations to the married couple. They then resume the wedding ceremony and complete the customary bows. Zhan Feng then interrupts to fight against Dao Wu Xia who takes hold of this opportunity to fight him. They unsheathe their swords as they fight aggressively while everyone watches. Zhan Feng overpowers him as he knocks his sword away and injures him.

Ru Ge then arrives, shocking everyone with the fact that she’s still alive. She talks about his crimes in front of everyone beginning with the Duanlei Sect. She takes out her whip and injures him further. He proclaims his innocence but she says that she has evidence and brings out one of his men who has admitted to the guilt. Lei Jing Hong then uses this chance to get the soldier’s sword and kill Dao Wu Xia. Lie Xiang kicks him away as she cradles her brother who dies in her arms.

Lei Jing Hong tries to comfort her but she tells him to get lost, “You killed both of my brothers”. He tries to explain that he did this for his sect which her brothers killed many of his brothers from the Pili Sect but she does not respond. She gets her coat off and covers her brother’s dead body before picking up his sword to slice her throat. Luckily, Lei Jing Hong uses his bare hands to stop her by grasping on the sword. We see his hand is bleeding profusely and Lei Xiang suddenly faints.

Then, we see Dao Wu Xia’s men arriving in a big group as they use Feng Huang as a bait for Lei Jing Hong. Yin Xue makes his grand appearance and saves Feng Huang from them, telling everyone to quickly leave while Zhan Feng, Yin Xue and her fight against them.

Later, Lei Jing Hong looks after Lei Xiang in a room. She wakes up and tries to run away, “Let go of me”. He tells her to forget about World Swordless City since she is now the Madam of the Pili Sect since she married him. She then looks at him in his eyes and says that she can’t. He begs her to leave with him, “I can treat you well for the rest of my life”. She tells him that he probably planned this for a while since she brought him to her manor. She then says how his love and their relationship is probably fake but he tells her that they are all real. She tells him to let go of her but he refuses, “If I let go, you will leave”. But she does not give up and pushes him away, “The worst mistake I did in my whole life was meeting you”.

WOW! What a rollercoaster ride! From Ru Ge’s plan and her happiness from discovering more about her mother to Lie Xiang’s heartbreak. I feel for her as it is horrible to be married to a man who killed your family (even if they’re evil). 

But can I say….I truly love seeing Zhan Feng so much because he’s smiling a lot more now!

One thought on “[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 41-42

  1. To me the one person who is a real hero is Lei Jing Hong. He is the most handsome character, true to himself no matter what but willing to swallow his pride and sacrifice all for the one he loves. He is the one capable of deep and sincere, unwavering devotion. His ‘love’ is utterly unworthy of him preferring her depraved, sadistic and thoroughly evil brothers who have literally sold themselves to a devil. Biology means nothing if you are related to animals! Lie Ruge and Yin Xue are a bland couple – Vic Chou seems not to take his role too seriously and the whole relationship is a dead end with him being a malingerer fainting all the time like a Princess in a fairy story. Zhan Feng has woken up rather late in the day after wallowing in self pity for long enough, hopefully he will end a hero but what for? The trouble is with this series is you have to see the villains pay their price or it’s not worth while. But I have to say I skip a lot and thanks to pink- klover I read the recaps and move on. So thank you so much for making this series tolerable.


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