[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 39-40

Ep 39
Lei Jing Hong is drinking alone when Dao Lie Xiang comes in and throws the bottle away. She cries angrily at him saying that she has been begging her elder brother to save his life and that he needs to choose her, “I want to marry you.” Seems like his decision is made as they spend the night together.

The next morning, we realise that Feng Huang has become Dao Wu Xia’s woman and is already receiving gifts from him. Lei Jing Hong wakes up from his slumber and roams around the residence to find Feng Huang. She immediately asks whether they’ve harmed him but he flinches away from her, telling her that since she’s with Dao Wu Xia she shouldn’t act like this with him. He tells her to leave World Swordless City but she questions him about his stay here. She tells him that she didn’t leave the city because she was so worried that they’ve killed him and hence, she’s here to exact her revenge. However, he begs her to leave for her own safety as she won’t be able to trick Dao Wu Xia. But she tells him that she will do as she pleases and walks away, not knowing that Dao Lie Xiang has heard their conversation.

Later, Dao Lie Xiang asks her elder brother if she can leave to find Zhan Feng. He agrees and also tells her that they can hold their wedding in World Swordless City.

Meanwhile, Zhan Feng is fostering his inner energy while Yin Xue observes him. When Zhan Feng loses focus and harnesses the Ante Palace’s energy, Yin Xue immediately stops him and calms him down. Ru Ge comes in and Yin Xue tells her that its best for her to not be here while they’re practising. But she came here to inform Zhan Feng of Dao Liexiang’s arrival.

And so, he meets her at the hall and Ru Ge goes to greet her as well. Dao Lie Xiang gets straight to business to request a divorce from Zhan Feng. Once she received the letter from Zhan Feng, she proceeds to leave but not before Ru Ge stopping her to ask her about Lei Jing Hong. She tells Ru Ge that she’s going to marry Lei Jing Hong, surprising Ru Ge. Ru Ge congratulates her and bid her goodbye.

Dao Lie Xiang arrives back home and goes to see Lei Jing Hong straightaway, “I’m back”. She brings him the letter from Zhan Feng and tells him of her elder brother’s plan. He becomes angry knowing that the elder brother wants them to marry so publicly and becomes upset that she decided that. He tells her that her brother’s plan is just to show the world how the Pili Sect has bowed before them, and Dao Lie Xiang doesn’t refute his thoughts. Brother Yi then arrives and limps towards them when instructed by Lei Jing Hong to go to him. Lei Jing Hong slaps his face and shows his place by ordering his to kneel before him. Brother Yi at first puts up a fight but then kneels when Dao Lie Xiang wouldn’t help him.

Lei Jing Hong and Dao Lie Xiang then goes out to roam around the town. He buys jewellery for her only to find that his purse is gone. Dao Lie Xiang offers to pay but he says that he thought of a solution. He then addresses everyone and draws a crowd, saying that he wants to buy an engagement gift for his fiancee but got his money stolen. However, some people from the crowd recognises him, saying that he’s now with World Swordless City. They make fun of him and one of Pili Sect’s people tries to beg him to return back to Pili Sect with him saying that they still have hope. However, Lei Jing Hong refuses and pays the shopkeeper the money he got from the other people.

They arrive back to their residence to find Feng Huang with Dao Wu Xia. Dao Wu Xia warns him that he better treat his younger sister well. They leave and Dao Wu Xia become informed that one of his men has arrived. He goes to see him and we realise it was the old man from earlier who was supposedly from the Pili Sect. He tells Dao Wu Xia how Lei Jing Hong refuses to leave World Swordless City and is then immediately killed. Feng Huang arrives at the scene and is shocked to see a dead body. Dao Wu Xia instructs Brother Yi to gift this dead body to Lei Jing Hong saying that its from him.

Later, Lei Jing Hong is asked to write wedding invitations with Dao Lie Xiang. Her servant arrives to tell them of Brother Yi’s arrival. They walk out to find the dead body of the old man, angering Lei Jing Hong. He tries to fight against the soldiers who are stopping him from leaving to find Dao Wu Xia. Dao Wu Xia soon arrives with Feng Huang and stops his soldiers from beating him up before leaving.

Then, Dao Wu Xia and Feng Huang are alone in his bedroom as she plays hard to get. Thinking that she got him, she slowly brings up her dagger to stab him but then we see his smirk. He grabs her wrist and throws the dagger away. However, she tries again with her hair accessory but he stops her again. He tells her how he knew of her purpose of getting close to him since she started trying to seduce him, “I’ve waited for so long for you to try to kill me”, while choking her with one hand and then kissing her.

Ep 40
Ru Ge goes to see Yin Xue to hear the story about her father and mother as promised by him. He brings her to the place her parents died which is Zhan Feng’s current residence. Yin Xue walks around his residence to tell Ru Ge about the items her parents used and she becomes sentimental. He even gifts her her mother’s hair pin which she used to harm An Yeluo. She then asks whether she is like her mother and he tells her that she’s exactly like her mother in appearance. They then talk about An Yeluo and his weakness – her mother. Yin Xue reveals that his weakness is her in a playful manner. She then says that she can act like her mother to kill An Yeluo but Yin Xue dismisses her idea. She however continues along this train of thought but he tells her that it will be dangerous for her. However, she’s adamant to do this.

Later, Feng Huang is chained up to a tree and is in a bloody mess. Lei Jing Hong quickly runs towards her while Dao Lie Xiang questions the maid, “Who hurt her?”. Brother Yi arrives to tell them that it was on Dao Wu Xia’s orders and she goes to find him. However, he stops her saying that there’s no point. However, Lei Jing Hong gets up and says that he will go and rushes to find Dao Wu Xia as Dao Lie Xiang runs after him.

Lei Jing Hong tells Dao Wu Xia to release Feng Huang but he tells her that this is none of his business. Lie Xiang even asks her brother to release her but he is angry that she’s helping Lei Jing Hong who is helping a woman other than his sister. He uses this situation to tell Lei Jing Hong that he can’t be at ease at handing over his little sister to him for life. And so, Lei Jing Hong pleads for him to release Feng Huang. Smirking, he asks him to repeat his sentence, knowing that he has the upper hand. But he doesn’t stop there and asks him to kneel before him. Lei Jing Hong meets his wishes and kneels before him.

Later, Dao Lie Xiang treats Feng Huang’s wounds, telling her what Lei Jing Hong did for her. Feng Huang asks her whether she feels bad about it and Dao Lie Xiang says yes. Feng Huang then tells her that she has no romantic relationship with him, pleasing Dao Lie Xiang who thought otherwise.

The next day, Chief of Qinglong Hall brings an old auntie to meet Ru Ge. The auntie tells her that her mother saved her many years ago and that she lost her chance to repay her gratefulness to her mother. Seems like she’s here to tell Ru Ge about her mother. She starts by doing Ru Ge’s hair to replicate her mother’s favourite hairstyle. Seeing the results, Ru Ge is happy and is even happier to find out that her mother loves wearing red as well.

Ru Ge then skips happily to see Yin Xue in her new hairstyle. He makes fun of her by making romantic advances and even You Qin Hong joins in, “I won’t disturb you two”.

Later, Ru Ge returns to her room to find Zhan Feng waiting for her and compliments him for advancing his skills. She tells him to be careful as they execute their plan and tells him to take care. He then gives her the witness statements for Duanlei Sect’s Leader’s death which will be helpful in taking down Dao Wu Xia. He then leaves and passes by Yin Xue with a stony face.

Yin Xue walks in on Ru Ge trying to laugh like her mother as taught by the old auntie. The old auntie tells her old stories of her mother and about An Yeluo who is not afraid of death. We then see Yin Xue and Zhan Feng battle each other. You Qin Hong rushes to tell Ru Ge of their battle, alarming the other ministers as well. Ru Ge rushes to them and stops them. Yin Xue tells Zhan Feng that he won’t kill him but he can’t stay here either. Seems like they are acting in front of the others as to fool An Yeluo so that Zhan Feng will be able to stay with him and get close to him. And so, Ru Ge orders Zhan Feng to leave Flaming Hills and he goes, remembering her words to take care and Yin Xue’s words to be careful.

Later, Ru Ge tells Yin Xue, who’s treating her wounds, that she’s worried for him. Yin Xue tells her that he will be find since An Yeluo believes Zhan Feng is the son of An Yeming.

Next, Zhan Feng arrives at Anhe Palace and is greeted by his “uncle”. His uncle takes comfort in seeing Zhan Feng coming to him as he tells him that he wants Ru Ge. An Yeluo tells him that he will help him get what he wants since he’s An Yeming’s son, “If you listen to me, Ru Ge is yours”. Just as he leaves, Zhan Feng announces that Yin Xue is currently at the Flaming Hills.

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  1. Waiting for episode 49-50 recap please. Thanks for doing this… sometimes I can’t help but to do my chores and cooking while watching this. Reading your recap save my time from rewatching it 🙂


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