[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 35-36

Ep 35
Senior brother sees Brother Ji for the first time in a while and is shocked to find out that he has lost his eyes. Brother Ji tells him that he’s here with Lei Jing Hong and swears that the Pili Sect did not harm Ru Ge.

Later, Ru Ge leaves to see senior brother and Brother Ji when she heard about his arrival from You Qin Hong. They have a tearful reunion knowing that they are both alive. They talk about Xun Yi before Ru Ge changes the subject because Brother Ji was getting agitated. He then tells her about Qinglong Hall’s allegiance to their ex-Chief and that if she reveals that she’s alive, then they will have hope as well as Pili Sect will be revived. She tells him that she can’t tell them yet as she’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell them. She goes to explain her plan for Brother Ji to return to the Flaming Hills to work with Brother Yi who still believes she’s dead.

Next, Ru Ge tells Yin Xue about Brother Ji because she was in a happy mood. He becomes comforted at the fact that the people close to her are alive and he can leave with no worries. She becomes disappointed at knowing that Yin Xue will be leaving for his sect soon and the fact that she can’t follow him since she’s the leader of her sect. She then tells him of her plan for Brother Ji.

Afterwards, she says her goodbye to Brother Ji, “Be careful”. Yin Xue is also there and asks to speak with senior brother alone. He tells him that he’s going to tell him how to fight against Anhe Palace.

Meanwhile, Brother Yi seems ambitious to take over Zhan Feng’s residence and orders his soldier to make preparations. Then, he gets news of Brother Ji’s arrival and he quickly goes to see him. Brother Ji makes a pitiful entrance, garnering concern from Brother Yi. The Third-Chief then tells Brother Yi about “what happened” as she blames Lei Jing Hong and Anhe Palace for Brother Ji’s current state. She also tells them that she doesn’t know about anything else as she doesn’t dare to ask for more information from Brother Ji.

Later at night, knowing Brother Yi is watching from afar, Third-Chief and Brother Ji continue on their act. She tells him how Brother Yi recommended him to become the Sect Leader but Brother Ji does not seem to be in the mood. Brother Yi then goes into the room and tells him that he should become the Sect Leader. Brother Ji becomes agitated because he feels he’s not fit especially since he can’t see anymore. Brother Yi then leaves knowing that he can’t be persuaded.

Soon, he goes to see Zhan Feng who was captured by him in the previous episode. Zhan Feng seems to have been tortured and hims arms are chained up. Brother Yi tells Zhan Feng that he’s soon to become the Sect Leader but Zhan Feng says that he’s not suitable for the position. Brother Yi knows that he’s not suitable and then says that Ying Yi will be sent to Anhe Palace. He then brings her in and she runs straight to Zhan Feng and hugs him. He then quietly asks her whether she told Brother Yi about Ru Ge yet and she shakes her head, “I didn’t say that she is still alive”. Hearing this, Zhan Feng smiles and they both say their final goodbyes, “Look after yourself”.

Night falls and Xun Yi with her people goes to meet Brother Yi and Ying Yi at a forest. They then escort Ying Yi back to Anhe Palace but before they get there, Xun Yi tells Ying Yi that since she’s a pitiful person, she doesn’t need to be brought to Anhe Palace. She gives her a chance to leave and escape. However, Ying Yi just walk straight towards the lake and drowns herself.

The next day at the Flaming Hills, Brother Yi goes to meet the ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall to tell him that he’s about to become the Sect Leader. While he’s talking and trying to make himself seem like a good person, the ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall remains quiet but then opens his mouth saying that he shouldn’t take what isn’t his and shouldn’t hurt other people.

Meanwhile, Dao Wu Xia gets a message that Brother Yi will be the Sect Leader and sends his congratulations. He then says that it is a pity about Zhan Feng but Dao Lie Xiang will have plenty of opportunities to marry well again because of their high status. She tells him that she’s not interested. He then tells her that she must accompany him to congratulate Brother Ji for his new position later.

Later, Lei Jing Hong and Ru Ge sees Ying Yi’s dead body which was washed up at the lake. She becomes worried about Zhan Feng because he was with Ying Yi but Lei Jing Hong tells her that they must leave. However, Ru Ge goes back to the dead body to untie the ropes holding her wrists and pays some money to one of the villagers to help bury her body, “I find this woman pitiful. Can you take some of these money and help with her funeral”.

Afterwards, Ru Ge tells them that she believes that Ying Yi’s death is to do with Anhe Palace. She becomes worried for Zhan Feng and Yin Xue tells them that they don’t know An Yeluo’s character as he can be unpredictable.

Ep 36
Other Sect leaders arrive at the Flaming Hills to congratulate Brother Yi. The ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall goes to see Zhan Feng and releases his chains that were holding him captive. Zhan Feng tells him that he shouldn’t save him but he replies that this is ordered by their Sect Leader. Hearing this, Zhan Feng asks whether Ru Ge is back and gets an affirmative. Although the ex-Chief is here to heal Zhan Feng, he stops him saying that Ru Ge should leave because its too dangerous for her, “Bring her away!”. However, ex-Chief says that she is not in danger as she has all the disciples from the Qinglong Hall behind her.

Brother Yi, dressed in his chiefly clothes, goes to receive his new title. Everyone congratulates him and even Anhe Palace has sent in congratulatory gifts. Huang Cong arrives at the entrance with Ru Ge and Lei Jing Hong disguised as her men. She brings them in after sending out the maids from Anhe Palace. Brother Yi tries to put her in her place by saying that he’s the Sect Leader and she’s in his territory. However, she openly opposes him and brings out the Flaming Hills token to his surprise. Ru Ge then uses this chance to come out and face him, “Aren’t you happy to see that your Sect Leader is alive?”. He quickly congratulate her for coming back safely and she tells him that he needs to be punished for harming the Old Sect Leader, harming her and framing the Pili Sect. However, he tells her that she has no evidence but then Zhan Feng comes in as the evidence.

Dao Wu Xia then says that since its their Sect’s affair, he has no business and proceeds to leave. However, Ru Ge stops him saying that he needs to be here while she proves that the Pili Sect is innocent, “Hence, everyone needs to be here”. Lei Jing Hong then reveals himself saying that his sect is innocent.

Ru Ge then brings the attention back to Brother Yi who admits his guilt. She then tells him that since he admits it, it is a death sentence. Before the guards takes him away he says that he has something to say, “What if the person I killed was an evil person?” This angers Ru Ge as he is clearly framing her father as a villain but he does not stop. He uses the rumours of her father killing Zhan Feng’s father to help his case and to make Zhan Feng think twice about helping Ru Ge.

Yin Xue, covering his face, then arrives, “You spoke wrong”. He continues to clear up the misunderstanding surrounding Ru Ge’s father and Zhan Feng’s father and brings out his Eternal Sect token so that they can believe him as witness. As he cleared up the rumours, Ru Ge then publicly states that Brother Yi is therefore her father’s murderer and the Pili Sect is hereby declared innocent to the crimes that were framed against them. She then dismisses everyone because now she has to deal with the internal affairs of her sect. Even Dao Wu Xia leaves Brother Yi to himself, “This if your family sect’s affair and is inappropriate for me to help you”.

Brother Yi immediately kneels and admits his fault in front of Ru Ge, “Do you think I will forgive you for killing my father?”. He then tries to run away but is caught by Ru Ge’s rope. Zhan Feng even joins in to break his knee, stopping Brother Yi from running away. Ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall then throws him into prison and Brother Yi taunts him by saying “Do you know who killed Die Yi?”. He points to himself saying that it was him, and says that he hates the Old Leader for giving him Qinglong Hall and him nothing. Also, the fact that Die Yi doesn’t like him but the ex-Chief pushed his buttons even further.

Later, he tells Ru Ge that he plans to leave and asks for her blessing. Uncle Murong then comes back to Flaming Hills and tries to persuade ex-Chief to stay but he remains adamant on leaving. He is persuaded and Ru Ge says that she will bring up Flaming Hill’s prestige within three years and become number 1 again.

Next, Brother Ji goes to congratulate Ru Ge with Lei Jing Hong and Feng Huang. Altogether with Yin Xue, they go to drink as they talk about happy matters. Zhan Feng arrives but doesn’t dare to get closer. Feng Huang spots him and everyone else sees him. Ru Ge immediately says “Don’t let him in” and explains that she doesn’t want to see him at her courtyard before leaving and Yin Xue follows her closely behind. He tries to bring up her mood and says that she should give him a chance to say something to her for her dad’s sake. Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 12.16.40 pm.png

Afterwards, Dao Wu Xia informs An Yeluo about what happened at the Flaming Hills. He becomes confused that Yin Xue’s master came and helped Ru Ge but he doesn’t pay much heed to it. Dao Wu Xia then says that he’s trying to find an opportunity to help Brother Yi saying that if he’s still alive, there’s a chance for them to take over the Flaming Hills.

Later, Lei Jing Hong with Feng Huang goes to see Brother Ji to say goodbye. Brother Ji tells him to not leave as its safe here and that there will be no protection when he leaves the Flaming Hills. We see that their relationship has become close and so, Brother Ji toasts wine to him to wish for his safety and for a chance to see each other again.

Ru Ge goes to wish him goodbye and is worried that they will be in danger since its late at night. However, he says that they’re fine. Huang Cong then comes in saying that she’s also leaving for the palace and can escort Lei Jing Hong for some parts of his journey. Then, they bid their goodbyes for next time.

One thought on “[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 35-36

  1. Without these recaps I would never know what is going on. The subtitles are a complete mess and bear no relation to what is happening on the screen.

    Characters – if Zhan Feng had potential and was the son of the leader why was he such a weak character ? He believed gossip from a prostitute!!! His treatment of Lie Ruge was appalling, she was an innocent in all this. His behaviour would warrant him being given a good kicking in any honourable society.
    Lie Ruge – I know people think she is beautiful but having watched her in a few series I find her without passion, fire and her range of expression limited.

    The actor I have come to admire tremendously is Zheng He. I just finished watching him portraying an evil character, his narrow eyes and high cheekbones made him perfect for the part. In The Flames daughter he is a brave, honourable and passionate character unafraid to love. The change from evil to good is so remarkable – he is a consummate actor and so attractive. His eyes and features are perfect. I don’t think Chinese people understand that we find almond shapes eyes beautiful, which is why we spent a fortune using eyeliner to make our eyes more almond shape.

    Over all I compliment pink-klover for getting me through this series as it is the worst I have watched in some time. So convoluted. As for the costumes – Lie Ruge and her hideous blood red rags compare unfavourably with those of some maids who were as beautiful.

    Kissing – pathetic! They don’t mind swapping saliva sharing food – yuk! But hugging and kissing – hopeless. The makers of Chinese TV series have no understanding of human love or passion. I can only imagine they reproduce by remote control.


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