[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 33-34

Ep 33
At the brothel, they meet with Madam Hua who is happy to see Yin Xue alive again. Later, Ying Yi is spotted by You Qin Hong who brings her to see Ru Ge. She tells Ru Ge why she’s in Luoyang and updates her on Zhan Feng. She brings her to see Zhan Feng who is intoxicated and begging for death. Seeing Zhan Feng like that kind of breaks her heart and she reminisces their childhood memories of when they were happier. Zhan Feng soon gets up from the ground when he sees Ru Ge and tries to go towards her but falls down again. He begs her for her forgiveness, thinking that she’s a spirit because he still thinks she’s dead.

Zhan Feng is soon brought back to the brothel and is sleeping on the bed. Yin Xue talks to Ru Ge and feeds her medicine to improve her health. While she’s drinking, Zhan Feng regains consciousness and gets out of the bed to find both Yin Xue and Ru Ge together. He couldn’t believe his eyes to find Ru Ge still alive. She immediately asks him whether he killed her father and he replies, “If it was me, would you kill me?”.

She replies “yes” and questions why he had to kill her father. He doesn’t give her an answer but tells her to kill him, “Because living is painful than being dead”. He gives her his sword and she gladly takes it to point at his chest. He closes his eyes and she aims for his heart but is quickly stopped by Yin Xue. While his bare hands closed around the sword to stop her, he orders his disciple to take away Zhan Feng. You Qin Hong tells them to leave Luoyang asap or else even Yin Xue might not be able to save them.

Next, Ying Yi leaves Zhan Feng outside to find a place to stay. Brother Yi arrives, “I’ve waited for you for too long…I’ve come to get you to return to the sect”.

Soon, we see Feng Huang with the Third Chief of Qinglong Hall who suspects that she likes Brother Ji. The Third Chief also teases Feng Huang about Lei Jing Hong. However, both ladies don’t know that the guys are outside listening to their conversation. But, the girls caught on and Feng Huang opens the door to catch them in their act although they pretend that they were doing something else. Then they hear loud noises which startled them but Feng Huang reassures them that it means good news. Lei Jing Hong tells them that they should go to Luoyang tomorrow and Third Chief goes to make preparations.

When they’re alone, Lei Jing Hong asks Feng Huang if she has any requests for him besides marrying him. She teases him and then says that she wants to be a second in-command of the Pili Sect which he says that he can fulfil it.

Senior brother looks over at the vast ocean and removes his boots and socks to place his feet on the sand. He slowly gets up, much to his soldier’s surprise, and is able to stand on his own two feet! He walks along the sand as he gets used to the ground and soon runs towards the water.

Later, Huang Cong meets senior brother at his tent and is happy to see him able to walk around, “I couldn’t believe it!”. She then gives him a letter from Ru Ge and tells him that You Qin Hong gave him that letter. The letter asks him to meet them at Luoyang. He then goes to finish his mission here and asks the Wo soldier who masterminded this plan besides An Yeluo. He asks whether his elder brother is involved but he didn’t reveal anything.

Meanwhile, You Qin Hong tells Yin Xue what Anhe Palace is up to and they discuss what An Yeluo did to senior brother. Senior brother arrives at the brothel and the citizens are surprised to see him without a wheelchair. He is brought into a room to see Ru Ge who hugs him tightly. He brings up their marriage but Ru Ge tells him that they can’t marry. This breaks his heart and she explains that she’s with Yin Xue.

Ep 34
Senior brother plays a good guy though we know that he is disappointed. He soon leaves and heads back to his residence. The next morning, senior brother is still sleeping after drinking a lot last night.

Huang Cong reports to Ru Ge about senior brother’s health saying that his ‘sickness’ is his plan. She then asks to speak with Yin Xue alone and tells him that senior brother wishes him to write a letter for him.

Later, senior brother bumps into the 2nd Prince who seems happy to see him again. He tells him that he has a present he wants to gift him, surprising his elder brother. His present is the Wo Lord. This gift surprises the elder brother and senior brother explains that the Wo Lord is the 3rd Prince’s ally.

Meanwhile, Yin Xue finishes writing the letter and passes it on to Huang Cong who thanks him before leaving.

The next day, senior brother along with the 2nd Prince are on their way to see the Emperor and 3rd Prince comes along. The Emperor arrives to express his happiness at seeing senior brother’s ability to walk and stand on his own two feet. They then get to business and 2nd Prince brings up the Wo. 2nd Prince explains that he received a tip that the Wo has to be working for someone in their kingdom. He hands the Emperor the evidence  and 3rd Prince becomes a bit anxious though he tries not to show it. After reading the letter, the Emperor designates senior brother to be in charge of this case. However, 2nd Prince does not stop there and says that he has solved the person who cursed senior brother with the winter curse. He passes along the letter written by Yin Xue and the Emperor quickly reads it. After reading the contents, he glares at his third son. 3rd Prince quickly begs for forgiveness and says that he didn’t know that the vase was poisonous. He blames this on the Pili Sect but the Emperor also designates this case to senior brother to solve.

Soon afterwards, 3rd Prince gets surrounded by Huang Cong and her men on senior brother’s orders. Huang Cong then goes through 3rd Prince’s residence and tells senior brother what she has found. He then tells them that he has a request for them and that they should keep it between them three, not even Ru Ge should know about it. He hands them a letter and tells them to send it to Dao Wu Xia, surprising them, “From today onwards, I will do things that you will not understand…Trust me”.

Later, Senior brother visits his 3rd brother who is in prison. He tells him that 2nd Prince is also calculative and is eyeing the throne. Senior brother tells him that he doesn’t want the throne but the 3rd Prince doesn’t believe him. He begs him that he can give him anything he wants as long as he helps him out of prison, “Forgive me just this once”. But senior brother tells him that he has killed so many people. He then informs him that their Imperial Father has set his execution date for tomorrow but he doesn’t believe him, “I’m his biological son!”.

Next, Brother Ji with the others arrive outside of senior brother’s residence. They go in except Lei Jing Hong and Feng Huang, “We will wait for you outside”.

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