[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 31-32

Ep 31
Dao Lie Xiang helps Lei Jing Hong and his companions to escape safely but they get stopped by Dao Wu Han and his men. He ask his younger sister to give up Lei Jing Hong to them but she begs him to let him go. Dao Wu Han tells her that if he lets him go, they will die by An Yeluo’s hands. Lei Jing Hong proceeds to fight against Dao Wu Han and a mysterious person (who reveals herself as Xun Yi) changes the game by throwing a pebble at Dao Wu Han, causing him to lose his balance and hit his head on a rock. He dies on the spot as Lie Xiang watches in shock.

She runs towards him, cradling his dead body as she grieves for her elder brother. Lei Jing Hong gets blamed by her, “Why did you kill him? You could’ve just escaped”. Lei Jing Hong asks her to escape with him but she refuses. Xun Yi tries to get Lei Jing Hong to hurriedly escape, leaving Lie Xiang with her dead brother.

Xun Yi and Brother Ji have a heartfelt reunion as she tells him that she will find the best doctor to cure his eyes. However, he tells her that there is no use because he doesn’t have his eyes anymore. Then someone outside calls out “Miss”, confusing Brother Ji as he doesn’t know who they’re calling for. Xun Yi tells him to don’t pay any heed to it and goes out to kill them in order to not leave any witness from Anhe Palace.

Lei Jing Hong becomes suspicious of Xun Yi’s identity and questions whether she has sided with Brother Yi. She tells him that she truly did want to save them because she’s his younger sister. This shocks him and she explains that she did purposely confuse him to think that Die Yi was his sister at first. Xun Yi tells Lei Jing Hong that not only her but also An Yejue does not want him to die. She leaves and Brother Ji follows her. She tells him to take care as Brother Yi will definitely kill him if he finds him. She tells him that her feelings for him was true but he’s hurt because his family was killed by An Yejue.

Later, Dao Wu Xia arrives to see his sister still cradling their dead brother. He questions her how he died and she replies “It was me”, not revealing any information about Lei Jing Hong. He pushes her away because he feels betrayed that she will protect Lei Jing Hong in front of him at the expense of their brother’s life. He then orders all of his men that they need to exterminate the Pili Sect.

Soon, we see scenes of fighting between World Swordless Sect and the Pili Sect, creating chaos in the streets. Then, An Yeluo slaps his sister for saving Lei Jing Hong. She pretends that she has no maternal feelings for him but he doesn’t believe her.

Uncle Murong tells Brother Yi that they should not be doing this to the Pili Sect but the rest disagree saying that since the World Swordless Sect is doing it, they’re not doing a bad thing. Brother Yi orders them to capture Lei Jing Hong for a huge reward.

Brother Ji’s maid who revealed herself to be the Third Chief of the Qinglong Hall arrives just as he was telling Lei Jing Hong about her. She is shocked to find him blind and begs for his forgiveness for not protecting him. She updates them on what happened when he was captured by the Pili Sect. She tells them that Qinglong Hall is keeping information from Brother Yi and hence, that was why she could find his this quickly. Brother Yi asks about Ru Ge and senior brother. She tells her that there is no information on Ru Ge yet and that senior brother has not left camp.

Huang Cong arrives at senior brother’s camp to tell her associates that she doesn’t have news bout senior brother. They’re afraid that he got captured by the Anhe Palace. Soon, we see senior brother alone in his cell as An Yeluo comes in to pay him a visit. He remains silent while An Yeluo tries to taunt him by talking about his family and how he is disabled because his mother was poisoned when she was pregnant with him. However, An Yeluo does not stop and smirks to see that his words has gotten to him. He then makes a request for senior brother to help with something so that he can leave to go and find Ru Ge since she might be alive because her dead body was not found. And he says that he won’t hurt her.

Speaking of Ru Ge, she is brewing medicine for Yin Xue. A local auntie arrives to give Ru Ge some clothes for her to wear since its the New Year. She then brings the medicine to Yin Xue to drink as she tries on her new clothes. Yin Xue helps her tie up her outfit, “In this world, you are the only person who can be pretty in red”.

Ep 32
Yin Xue catches Ru Ge shedding a few tears and tries to bring her mood up. She is sad because she can’t remember her past memories. Yin Xue talks about his past involving her previous life (not revealing that it was her).

Later, senior brother’s trusted soldier is impersonating him as to not arouse suspicions that the real senior brother has left the camp. Two soldiers goes to his tent carrying a big case saying that it was a present from the Flaming Hills that must be given personally to senior brother. When the soldiers left, they open it to find senior brother locked inside the case. His soldiers meet up with Huang Cong and tells her that senior brother did not tell them anything yet.

Meanwhile, Ru Ge and Yin Xue are getting close as she feels comfortable in his hugs. You Qin Hong arrives but pretends to be a stranger. Yin Xue talks to his disciple privately that her memories will come back soon before You Qin Hong leaves them alone. An auntie comes by to bring them vegetables and Ru Ge gets out her money pouch to pay her. The auntie tells her that she recognises the symbol on the pouch and reveals that it was from the Flaming Hills. The name rings a bell to Ru Ge as she gets flashbacks of her home. Yin Xue tries distracting the auntie by changing the subject, revealing that they are newlyweds – surprising Ru Ge. They send the auntie off who’s going to prepare for their matrimony ceremony (as they told her they did not finish it) and Ru Ge goes to prepare their meals. However, Yin Xue suddenly feels weird, scaring Ru Ge because his skin is becoming icy. You Qin Hong comes back who tells her that Yin Xue needs her Flaming Hills martial art skills to save him. He begs her to remember her martial art skills or else he will die. She struggles to remember and after looking at the symbol from the pouch, she regains some her memories. Yin Xue tries to stop her, telling her to don’t remember in order to save him. And so, she listens to him.

The auntie comes back to tell them that she has made preparations for their wedding. Their place is decorated in red and well wishes for the couple. However, Yin Xue is still weak but still goes through with the ceremony to marry Ru Ge. While this is happening, Ru Ge is slowly recollecting all of her memories and how Yin Xue saved her from being killed in the fire. She asks him why he had to trick her into pretending to be an elderly, “You shouldn’t have tricked me”. Yin Xue then loses consciousness and You Qin Hong tells Ru Ge that his health is this poor because he saved senior brother by taking his winter curse for Ru Ge. Then, Ru Ge uses her powers to help Yin Xue recover.

Yin Xue wakes up and tells her that they will go leave this place and go to Luoyang. The next morning, they get updates on the Pili Sect and of Brother Yi. On their way to Luoyang, they find the people from the Anhe Palace is publicly roaming the streets and doing business there. Ru Ge gets off the carriage to see what is all about and find out that the citizens are complimenting the Anhe Palace for doing good for the people. They then tell them to be careful of the Flaming Hills as they are now dangerous and they have to be careful.

Meanwhile, the Flaming Hills look empty and Uncle Murong tells Brother Yi that he’s also going to leave. Brother Yi is anxious because people are leaving. Ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall escorts Uncle Murong out of the Flaming Hills and asks him to take care.

Ru Ge and her companions arrive at Luoyang and talk about the last time they were here. We then see Zhan Feng drunk and messy as he lies down against a pillar on the ground. He spots Ru Ge and tries to run after her but couldn’t because of his intoxicated state. Ying Yi comes, looking at Zhan Feng pitifully. He pushes her away and cries for Ru Ge. Madam Yan welcomes Yin Xue and Ru Ge at the brothel.

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