[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 29-30

Ep 29
Senior brother has successfully captured all of the Wo Kingdom warriors and hence, completed his mission for his country. He is happy because now that he’s finished here, he can finally go back and marry Ru Ge.

Ru Ge is sleeping against a tree while Yin Xue walks up to her and covers her with his cape. A while later, she wakes up trying to find Yin Xue. He smiles as he watches her trying to find him, reminding him of what happened when they were in the forest together alone.

Meanwhile, You Qin Hong arrives at senior brother’s camp. However, senior brother is not there and is told that he is gone but will return in 3 days.

Later, Zhan Feng gets scolded by An Yeluo for not finding Ru Ge. He is still adamant in killing Ru Ge although Zhan Feng pleads with him. Brother Yi then steps up to the challenge to say that he can find Ru Ge by using senior brother. An Yeluo knows his intention and that he wants to become the Sect Leader of the Flaming Hills. And so, he tells him that if he’s successful in killing Ru Ge, he will become the leader. Brother Yi leaves with his new task. An Yejue also says that she can kill Ru Ge and won’t bring him disappointment.

The next day, Lei Jing Hong meets with the rest of his sect who tell him their regrets about how they treated him in the past. Lei Jing Hong tells them that the past is the past and it doesn’t matter to him now. He also tells the rest of his sect that Ru Ge is his life saver and that the Pili Sect can never be at odds with the Flaming Hills again but work together with them to defeat Anhe Palace. The men then tell Lei Jing Hong that An Yejue left behind Brother Ji when she left the Pili Sect. Lei Jing Hong goes to find Brother Ji who’s eyes has been taken out by An Yejue, rendering him blind. He updates Brother Ji on their situation and about Ru Ge. Brother Yi tells him that he’s worried about Xun Yi who’s left alone in the Flaming Hills, “It’s too dangerous”.

Then we see Xun Yi leaving the Flaming Hills to meet with her mother, An Yejue, “Are you my mother?”. She doesn’t answer her question but asks her why she didn’t reveal her identity when Lei Jing Hong was looking for her. She replies saying that she’s from the Flaming Hills so she couldn’t reveal her identity to him. An Yejue asks her to do a task for her: bait Ru Ge to come out. Xun Yi adamantly refuses to help her but then An Yejue says that she has captured Brother Ji and he will die if she doesn’t complete this task.

Later, senior brother arrives back at his camp and is greeted by You Qin Hong. He brings with him Ru Ge’s message and so, senior brother makes preparations to go and meet her. Ru Ge and Yin Xue walk into town to find posters of Xun Yi’s treasured token pasted on walls. Ru Ge becomes worried for Xun Yi but Yin Xue tries to make her think rationally by saying that there’s no point in risking her life for Xun Yi, a maid. But Ru Ge says that she just needs half a day to find Xun Yi but he refuses to let her go. He scolds her for not thinking rationally and for the lives of others especially senior brother who will be waiting for her if she delays her trip just to find Xun Yi. However, she does not listen and secretly escapes while he’s “sleeping” but not before writing a note to explain why she needs to leave.

Meanwhile, the Emperor is happy that senior brother is going to get married. However, his elder brother is plotting something to get senior brother in trouble.

Ep 30
Ru Ge finds out where An Yejue is keeping Xun Yi and disguises herself as one of their people. Senior brother changes his course after seeing a poster baiting Ru Ge in order to meet with Ru Ge a day earlier than scheduled. We see Xun Yi being hung up the tree as Ru Ge watches by the sideline.

Meanwhile, senior brother gets ambushed by assassins and his soldiers fight them off. We realise that it wasn’t senior brother in the carriage but his soldiers using his carriage as bait to throw them off their tail. Senior brother then orders his men to quickly find Ru Ge.

Back to Ru Ge, she watches An Yejue baiting her to come out and save Xun Yi. She then orders her people to get rid of Xun Yi’s eyes but no one dares to come forward except Ru Ge. Ru Ge gets close to Xun Yi who recognised her. Ru Ge then detonates bombs to distract them and stop them from following as she escapes with Xun Yi. When they get to a safe place, Xun Yi surprising stabs Ru Ge with a dagger as senior brother watches that scene unfold. Xun Yi tells Ru Ge that she’s An Yejue’s daughter and that she shouldn’t have come. She then throws Ru Ge off the tree and into the bomb fire. Senior brother tries to get to Ru Ge but is stopped by Brother Yi and knocked unconscious.

An Yejue tells Xun Yi that she will return to Anhe Palace with her and Xun Yi asks her to release Brother Ji. However, she doesn’t get a reply.

Later, senior brother is captured and chained in Anhe Palace. An Yeluo goes to meet him and informs Brother Yi that no one else should know about his capture. Zhan Feng arrives at Anhe Palace and An Yeluo tells him of Ru Ge’s death. Zhan Feng tries to attack him in anger and but is emotionally unstable.

An Yeluo then holds a meeting with Brother Yi, An Yujue and Dao Wu Xia. An Yeluo promotes Brother Yi to Sect Leader. Soon, Xun Yi delivers food to An Yujue who instructs her to address her as “Third Princess” instead of mother. She tells Xun Yi that she doesn’t have Brother Ji anymore as he’s with the Pili Sect and will die soon because they will get rid of the Pili Sect.

Back at the Flaming Hills, Brother Yi assumes the position of Sect Leader with the support of the two elders. However, Uncle Murong seems uncomfortable with the idea but there is no other choice. He then goes to see the ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall and tell him that he can beg him to become the Chief again. However, the ex-Chief tells him that he has no interest and leaves.

The next day, ex-Chief makes preparations with his men from the Qinglong Hall while Brother Yi tasks his men with the extermination of the Pili Sect to avenge their Old Sect Leader and Ru Ge. Dao Lie Xiang gets news of Ru Ge’s death and becomes worried for Lei Jing Hong. She goes to make her escape to see him but not before ordering her maid to not open the doors for anyone and to pretend that she’s sick.

BUT! We see that Ru Ge is indeed alive as Yin Xue (has black hair again) saved her from the fall. Ru Ge wakes up to find Yin Xue lighting a fire. She becomes confused at who he is and Yin Xue explains that she had taken a medicine which made her forget a lot of things. He explains to her that they are escaping from someone and will need to leave soon.

Meanwhile, Lei Jing Hong gets news of his men being killed by World Swordless City. This angers him and Feng Huang tells him that he should escape. However, he refuses, “I will wait for them to come”. She tells him that if he escapes, he can save his life and there will be an opportunity in the future. Dao Lie Xiang then arrives to also tell him to escape with Feng Huang. Knowing that he has no choice, he hugs her as she tells him that she will wait for him to come back.

Ru Ge’s memory still has not returned but she’s lucky to have Yin Xue looking after her. He brings her to an empty house and she immediately uses her powers to light candles. Yin Xue suddenly feels weak and chilly as he loses strength to sit up straight and lies on the bed. Ru Ge realises that he’s freezing as ice forms on his body.

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    1. Honestly, I have no idea. It’s either I might have accidentally skipped that part or they did not mention how he got captured.


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