[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 27-28

Ep 27
Ru Ge smirks and chuckles at the maid’s words by saying that Brother Yi is just acting a drama in front of them. She then calls upon Uncle Murong to ask him who are her two maids. He immediately replies that they are Die Yi and Xun Yi. She then proceeds to ask him whether he has seen that maid by her side before and he says no. She belittles Brother Yi in front of everyone and brings out Huang Cong, who’s a palace guard, to tell them what happened last night. After sorting that mess out, she asks him the same question again, “Are you sure you saw Lei Jing Hong last night?”. Of course, he replies no because of the evidence stacked against him.

Ru Ge then proceeds to show everyone the bomb and scares everyone by throwing it on the ground. She uses this to explain that the bomb can only be detonated when the thread is pulled. However, the rest of the people still believe that it is the doing of the Pili Sect and Zhan Feng asks to personally oversee this case as he asks them to hand Lei Jing Hong over to him.

Later, Lei Jing Hong has his arms tied up to a tree, badly injured. Dao Lie Xiang wants to go out to help him but is stopped by her maid saying that they will both lose their lives in the process if she helps him escape. Xun Yi then arrives to see Dao Lie Xiang to inform her that Ru Ge wishes to see her.

They meet up and Dao Lie Xiang updates Ru Ge on Lei Jing Hong’s status. Ru Ge tells her to help her prepare a horse carriage so that she can personally accompany him outside to save his life. She says that she will find her senior brother whom she can trust. Ru Ge goes back to her room to find Xun Yi packing stuff for her journey. Ru Ge asks Xun Yi to escape with her but she refuses saying that she is going to wait for Brother Ji.

Later, Zhan Feng eats and drinks in front of the starving Lei Jing Hong. He dismisses the guards and cuts of Lei Jing Hong’s rope. Zhan Feng questions why he came here as now Ru Ge is in this situation because of him. He then leaves him alone and shuts himself in his room. Ru Ge soon arrives and knocks on his door asking to come in. She comes in talking about him and Brother Ji and their love for wine. She talks about how Brother Ji and her would pretend to lose so that he can win because he’s seriously a poor loser. She talks about how he would always strive to be the best in everything and talks about when Brother Ji got the master’s praise when he did well, Zhan Feng would be upset for three months.

She then thanks him for not killing her but he should have or else he would not be in this situation. She asks him whether he really wants to become the sect leader. He replies that she should not have been the leader. She said that she didn’t want to but its not his not Brother Yi’s. Then she asks him why target the Pili Sect. He replies saying that she shouldn’t know about these things. He then tries to get up but feels weak. She tells him that she added something to his wine. She uses this moment to take his pass which will enable her to exit Flaming Hills and he tries to stop her by saying that its dangerous outside. She leaves when he falls unconscious and with Lie Xiang’s help, Ru Ge leaves the Flaming Hills with Lei Jing Hong.

Outside, Lei Jing Hong and Dao Lie Xiang say they goodbyes because it will be hard for them to meet. He tells her to escape with him but she refuses because she knows that if she does, her brothers will stop at nothing to kill him and she doesn’t want to risk his life. She promises that the next time they meet, she will leave with him. Then, Lei Jing Hong gets told about Die Yi’s death and he reveals that she’s his sister.

Next, we see a carriage being stopped by Dao Wu Xia and his men. He expected to see Ru Ge with Lei Jing Hong inside the carriage but is surprised to see his younger sister instead. She makes up an excuse involving Zhan Feng and he says that he will return with her to Flaming Hills to have a talk with Zhan Feng. He asks if he can go inside the carriage with her and is shocked to find it empty. They arrive back to the Flaming Hills to find Zhan Feng unconscious. They move him to his bed and wait for him to wake up. Brother Yi informs him that his wine was drugged and Dao Wu Xia questions who the person might be.

Zhan Feng does not tell them anything and they leave the husband and wife alone. Lie Xiang is confused about why Zhan Feng did not tell them anything because he obviously knows. She tells him that she left the Flaming Hills and Zhan Feng tells her that she can’t hide anything from her elder brother because he will not let her off. Knowing that Dao Wu Xia is waiting outside, they send a maid outside to tell him that Lie Xiang is resting so that he will leave.

The next day, they talk about how Ru Ge helped Lei Jing Hong escape. Brother Yi calls her their enemy which the elders tell him off but he does not stop there. However, Zhan Feng shuts him up, “Don’t let me hear this again”.

Meanwhile, Ru Ge and her party are resting and see a soldier reporting senior brother’s success. They become excited at the news and soon see a young child who’s carrying the Flaming Hills token running after the soldier.  She goes after the kid who explains that he got it from a white-haired man. They go after the white-haired man who goes to greet them. Ru Ge is surprised to find out he’s You Qin Hong and he tells her that his master is waiting for her. She goes in to meet the master who is Yin Xue in disguise again. You Qin Hong gives them tea and Ru Ge uses this chance to diagnose his pulse. He stops her to explain that he doesn’t have martial skills anymore because he used up all of his power to save his master.

You Qin Hong continues to say that he and his master will accompany her to a safe place where Anhe Palace will not go to.

Ep 28
Ru Ge refuses to go with them but You Qin Hong tries to persuade her saying that they will lose if they face Anye Luo. Ru Ge tells them of her plan and Yin Xue (disguised) agrees that it will work but they should modify it by not going straight to meet with senior brother but having him go to meet them at a specified place.

The next morning, You Qin Hong asks Yin Xue why doesn’t he just let Ru Ge see the truth. He replies that there’s no point in letting her go through the same experience of seeing him die again. He tells his disciple to be careful on his journey.

Meanwhile, ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall is still depressed over Die Yi’s and the Old Sect Leader’s passing. He goes back to Qinglong Hall whereby all of his men greet him. He tells them that he wants them to betray the Deputy Sect Leader and Brother Yi in order to help him support Ru Ge as their Sect Leader as well as the Flaming Hills. All the soldiers promise to follow him and he proceeds to instruct them to not reveal news of Ru GE and the Pili Sect to the Deputy Sect Leader and Brother Yi as they might harm Ru Ge.

Later, Ru Ge travels back to Ping’an Town where she meets the old aunties who greet her happily. The news of their arrival goes to Dao Wu Xia and he informs his younger brother to try to persuade her to leave politely. And then, we see assassins on the rooftop of where Ru Ge and her companions are staying. The auntie then comes in to give them food and informs them that the people from the World Swordless Sect are here for something. Ru Ge goes out to to see meet with that younger brother who tries to persuade her to leave. She then goes back inside to eat telling them that if they might not have this chance to have such a full meal later.

Zhan Feng receives a guest and is surprised to find Anye Luo is here. Brother Yi meets with Anye Luo for the first time and he assigns a task to Brother Yi to kill Ru Ge. Zhan Feng abruptly tells him no and to let her go. But Anye Luo refuses to listen to him and orders Brother Yi to kill her in order to become the Deputy Sect Leader.

Then, Ru Ge and her companions are on the road again as they leave Ping’an Town. Assassins quickly arrive and Huang Cong fights them off. However, more assassins arrive but they reveal themselves as the disciples of Qinglong Hall and are on orders from their ex-Chief to protect them. They then arrive at a beach waiting for Feng Huang to pick them up. However, she’s late and Ru Ge suspects that there is a misunderstanding on the time. But Lei Jing Hong is afraid that something bad has happened to her and his men.

Meanwhile, Zhan Feng is angry that there is no news about Ru Ge and Lei Jing Hong. He orders Uncle Murong and the other minister to get their men to find out information since Qinglong Hall has not been successful.

Next, we see Feng Huang begging the other chiefs of Pili Sect to help rescue Lei Jing Hong. They agree to help and we soon see her be reunited with Lei Jing Hong and the others. She tells them what happened and that they are saved!

Soon, Madam Yan holds a meeting with the other chiefs about Lei Jing Hong. They tell her that they will save Lei Jing Hong and beg for her permission. However, she refuses but they still beg her to reconsider. She attacks them in response and reveals her real identity: Anye Jue.

Meanwhile, Lei Jing Hong is in his own carriage walking through the forest with Huang Cong (disguised a Ru Ge) leading the way. She then stops them from moving forward as people start coming in to attack then along with Zhan Feng who tries to drag her away. Lei Jing Hong’s men appears as back up, stopping Zhan Feng in his tracks. Huang Cong before they abruptly stopped. Attackers suddenly come from all directions and Zhan Feng appears. Huang Cong then reveals her true identity shocking Zhan Feng as its not Ru Ge. Clearly outnumbered, Lei Jing Hong’s men wants to use this chance to capture him but Lei Jing Hong refuses and allows Zhan Feng to go freely.

Zhan Feng arrives at Ping’an Town to look for Ru Ge but gets nothing.


I seriously hate that he’s so caring now! Zhan Feng! I know that you couldn’t bring yourself to continue to love her because you think her father killed yours but still! AND YIN XUE! He’s really grown on me and I miss him. I just want him to reveal his identity to Ru Ge so she can stop regretting about the past.

One thought on “[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 27-28

  1. Zhan Feng, no matter what happens, youre still my bet for Lie Ruge. I know that you canceled your wedding because you misunderstand that your godfather killed your parents. But somehow, you must not be cold towards Lie Ruge. I know you love her and she loves you too. But now, I dont think Lie Ruge’s love will still be the same. Time has passed. You lost the opportunity to win her back. I hate that you have to be caring in these series of episodes. Dont lose her again and make sure you win her back. Go Zhan Feng!!!!


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