[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 25-26

Ep 25
The scene continues from the last episode as Ru Ge tries to get Dao Lie Xiang to spill the beans about the truth behind the Pili Sect as well as the Duanlei Sect. However, she says that she can’t tell the truth as she doesn’t have any choice because she can’t betray her family.

Meanwhile, You Qin Hong gets mistaken as an old man due to his white hair and when he went back to his residence, he is anxious about the fact that Yin Xue has already left. But Yin Xue did not and You Qin Hong immediately goes to get some food and wine for Yin Xue.

Ru Ge goes back to her residence and is visited by Uncle Murong. They have a chat privately about the Anhe Palace and his suspicions about their part in Ru Ge’s death. He also tells her how he can’t seem to trust Zhan Feng after her father’s death. He tells her how her father knew everything Zhan Feng did and wanted to give him a chance which is why he did not expose Zhan Feng’s crimes.

Back to Yin Xue, he is worried about You Qin Hong who used up all of his inner energy to heal him. He tells him that since he used up all of his energy and Yin Xue only has 30% of his energy left, they will surely die when faced with Anhe Palace.

Next, Zhan Feng continues to brew medicine for Ru Ge. He delivers the medicine to Die Yi and asks about Ru Ge’s health. She replies saying that this medicine is working but her spirits are still low.

Seems like senior brother’s fight against the Wo is successful as the Emperor is praising him in front of his other sons. They decide that the best prize and gift for senior brother is a wedding banquet for him and Ru Ge since they know he loves her. But then, the Fifth Prince uses this to tell the Emperor that senior brother had left the military camp one time to visit Ru Ge secretly, displeasing him. But luckily, the Second Prince reminded the Emperor that senior brother went to pay his respects to the late Sect Leader which was his responsibility as the disciple.

Meanwhile, senior brother receives a letter saying that Ru Ge has completely recovered from her illness but gets news that his late master is now being publicly slandered by the citizens. Senior brother quickly makes plans to get rid of the Wo Pirates for once and for all so he can go back and help Ru Ge.

Then, we see Zhan Feng giving a status report to Anye Luo: 33 sects supports them, 19 sects supports Pili Sect and 20 sects are on the sidelines. Anye Luo praises him and then turns the topic to his ‘mother’ (but in actual fact is Ru Ge’s mother). He then reminisces his childhood with Ru Ge’s mother, seems like he’s been in love with her since he was young. He continues his story saying that the mother was the 2nd in command of the Anhe Palace and that her life became tragic because she married into the Flaming Hills. He then tells Zhan Feng that he should not love Ru Ge as she’s the daughter of his father’s killer, “Kill Ru Ge and take Flaming Hills from her hands”. Zhan Feng immediately kneels and begs him to let go of Ru Ge.

Meanwhile, Brother Ji meets up with Lei Jing Hong and shows him the secret sign he gave to Die Yi to ask him to meet with Ru Ge. However, Lei Jing Hong is not convinced as he will be walking into a trap. But Brother Ji tells him his plan for him to get in undetected and to prove his innocence. But Feng Huang tries to persuade him not to go as he will be in danger but Lei Jing Hong says that this is his only chance to prove his innocence.

Ep 26
Ru Ge is in Yin Xue’s pavilion thinking of him. She is then informed that Lei Jing Hong has arrived and gets ready to leave. Zhan Feng comes by again to deliver the medicine and Xun Yi takes it. Die Yi then comes out to inform them that Ru Ge wants to go out to eat the wantons at Miaohe Town. Knowing that its best to be eaten fresh, Xun Yi asks Die Yi to prepare a horse carriage to take Ru Ge into town. Zhan Feng immediately says that he will get some men to escort them.

Ru Ge arrives at Miaohe Town and goes to eat the wantons. Lei Jing Hong inconspicuously arrive and sits at her table, but Ru Ge dismisses him as to not arouse suspicions. Later at night, Ru Ge waits patiently for Lei Jing Hong in her hotel. He arrives to tell her that he has material evidence to prove his innocence but they need to leave.

Meanwhile, Brother Yi makes plans to capture Lei Jing Hong as he believes he might be at Miaohe Town since Ru Ge is there. He also instructs his soldier to bomb Miaohe Town. He also instructs his maid to tell Die Yi that Ru Ge is sick and needs them to deliver the medicine to the town on behalf of Zhan Feng.

Later, Lei Jing Hong digs up a hole to get the bombs and shows Ru Ge. He tells her that while these bombs are dangerous, they need someone to pull out the thread in order to detonate them. They discover that someone used the bomb to get rid of the evidence on her father’s body. She thanks him for coming this far and tells him that she now knows how to prove his innocence.

Next, we see Die Yi captured and tied to a chair. She wakes up alone in a dark room and suddenly Brother Yi arrives. He questions her why Ru Ge went to Miaohe Town and tries to get the truth out of her. He shows her the bomb which she deduces that he used that bomb to kill the old Sect Leader. Brother Yi admits it and uses the bomb to threaten her life. He proceeds to put the bomb on her shirt and slowly walks out with the thread.

Meanwhile, Lei Jing Hong shows Ru Ge how to detonate the bomb but before he does it, they hear a huge bomb at Miaohe Town. Ru Ge suspects that its Brother Yi’s doing and then hears another bomb at the Flaming Hills. Then we see people running from the fire and some people dead at Miaohe Town. Ru Ge bids Lei Jing Hong goodbye as she makes her way back to Flaming Hills.

Back at Flaming Hills, ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall gets informed of Die Yi’s disappearance and he fights the guards to go and find Die Yi with Xun Yi’s help. Then, we see Lei Jing Hong and his two men surrounded by the people of World Swordless City. Brother Yi’s face is filled with triumph as his plan is working but then Zhan Feng comes in to tell him off, “Who told you to decide on your own?!” He tells her that she went to town to meet up with Lei Jing Hong but Zhan Feng says that even if she did, that gives him no right to kill Die Yi. However, Brother Yi frames Lei Jing Hong but Zhan Feng does not believe him.

Just then, the ex-Chief of Qinglong comes in and they verify Die Yi’s death. Brother Yi frames Lei Jing Hong but they all know that he’s lying. The ex-Chief then quickly goes to retrieve her ashes, but is unable to because its raining too hard. Ru Ge arrives and the soldiers tell her that the guesthouse got bombed by Lei Jing Hong. She quickly arrives at her residence and Xun Yi tells her everything. Ru Ge then goes to the guesthouse to find out that Die Yi died.

Ru Ge then goes to see Zhan Feng and the other members who are holding a meeting. She immediately slaps him in anger, “Why must you kill her?”. The others don’t believe her but she can’t openly say that Brother Yi is lying about Lei Jing Hong since she can’t let their secret meeting get out. She then leaves saying that she will have a meeting with everyone.

The next morning, Xun Yi informs Ru Ge that the World Swordless Sect and other sects have arrived on Brother Yi’s invitation to intentionally scare her. Ru Ge says that she’s not afraid and proceeds to the meeting place. Brother Yi opens the meeting by stating what happened and framing Lei Jing Hong. Ru Ge questions his statements. He says that he has hard evidence and proceeds to bring out Lei Jing Hong in flesh. Everyone gets mad at seeing him and shouts to kill him. However, Ru Ge states that its not his doing, shocking everyone. She proceeds to say that it can’t be him because she was with him last night to teach her how to use the bomb.

Brother Yi then brings out a maid who looks after Ru Ge to stack evidence against her. He uses the maid to make the rest of the people believe that Ru Ge has romantic feelings for Lei Jing Hong in order to make her seem like a liar.

I love how Ru Ge smirks at the end because she knows that the maid is lying on behalf of Brother Yi. Even Zhan Feng knows this but he, of course, is not doing anything to refute the maid’s words nor going against Brother Yi.

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