[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 23-24

Ep 23
Brother Yi and Brother Ji engage in a fight but the latter loses as Brother Yi has the upper hand. Soon, we see the ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall sitting outside on a rock by himself as Die Yi goes out to see him. He plays the flute sorrowfully by himself as Die Yi tries to talk to him. She tells him to stay at the Flaming Hills with her, inviting him to Ru Ge’s place and he agrees since he has nowhere else to go.

Brother Ji seems to be suffering from the aftermath of being hit by Brother Yi as he coughs out blood. He is gravely wounded and his maid promptly treats him. They talk about how Brother Yi’s martial power has improved so much in such a short amount of time because he used to be inferior to Brother Ji. His maid advises him to recuperate and not fight for half a month in order to heal since he’s an important ally to Ru Ge and will need to help her when the time comes.

Ru Ge is still unwell from her father’s death. Xun Yi decides to see Brother Ji for help who tells her that its best to not do anything since all of these events seems to have been pre-arranged. He advises her to lay low as they plan strategies. The next morning, Zhan Feng places soldiers outside Brother Ji’s residence, forbidding him and his people to go out without permission. While it seems he is restricting Brother Ji, in actual fact, he is protecting him as discovered by Brother Yi. Zhan Feng warns Brother Yi to not hurt anyone in the Flaming Hills especially Ru Ge, Brother Ji and their people, “I want the sect leader’s position. I also want to protect [them]”.

Ru Ge awakes and is told by the doctor that she will be fine if she continues to take medications. Die Yi updates Ru Ge on what has happened while she was sick and she insists on seeing the ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall. Just as she was about to go out of her door, Zhan Feng arrives to check on her health. However, she acts cold towards him and so, he leaves.

Ru Ge then sees the ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall and asks him to prescribe her a medicine to slow down her recovery. She tells him that they are currently powerless and don’t have a lot of people to trust here, “We can only act weak and observe what they want to do”. Seems like Ru Ge has matured and knows how to act smart now.

Meanwhile, senior brother gets regular updates on the situation at Flaming Hills. Although Zhan Feng is the Deputy Sect Leader, he seems to be holding a lot of power and is able to get his people on his side because the consequences would be deadly if they’re not. Then, we see Brother Yi addressing the court saying that the bomb which killed their Old Sect Leader was created by the Pili Sect, more specifically by Lei Jing Hong. They become suspicious at how Lei Jing Hong was able to go inside the training grounds, they put the blame on Ru Ge and senior brother. However, some people don’t believe his words but Brother Yi would not have it.

Senior brother tells his men that he is going to go back to the Flaming Hills to see Ru Ge  and this is the best time to go since the Wo Kingdom has suffered a heavy lost and will not fight back so soon. Zhan Feng goes to see Ru Ge who is still coughing and grieving for her deceased father. Zhan Feng witnesses this and goes in to cover Ru Ge with her cape to keep her warm. He updates her on the bomb situation and she tells him that it can’t be the doing of the Pili Sect. She asks about his plan and he tells her that is going to stop the Pili Sect from existing. She subtly tells him that no matter who the murderer is, she will never let go and forgive the person who murdered her father.

Later, we see Brother Yi taking charge of the interrogation against some ex-members from the Pili Sect. He outrightly bribes them to say that the bombs were from the Pili Sect in order to frame them. Ru Ge arrives in the middle of the interrogation to question the witness. Her questions leaves the witness no room to lie and she was able to turn his testimonies from truth to fake, stopping her people from believing him. However, Zhan Feng steps in and changes the game, implicating Lei Jing Hong in the process. Knowing there is nothing else she can do, she agrees to the arrest of Lei Jing Hong.

Senior brother hears about the news and deduces that Zhan Feng is basically eliminating all those people against him in order to up his power in the martial arts society. He continues his journey towards Flaming Hills with his men. They finally arrive and Ru Ge goes to see him.

Ep 24
Senior brother comforts Ru Ge and urges her to recover from her illness. Ru Ge tells the truth to him that she’s pretending to be sick in order to figure out what has happened to her father and why Pili Sect is being framed. Senior brother puts in his two cents and Ru Ge tells him about Zhan Feng’s hatred against her father. Hearing this, he thinks Ru Ge’s life will be in danger as she can get framed any moment especially because she is the Sect Leader. However, Ru Ge tells him to not be too worried as she can protect herself.

Senior brother then pays his respect to the Old Sect Leader with Ru Ge. Zhan Feng and Brother Yi arrives to greet them as well as Brother Ji.

Later, Zhan Feng goes to his room to find Dao Lie Xiang who confronts him about framing Lei Jing Hong. However, he shuts her up by saying that she was also involved in the Duanlei Sect’s misfortune and her brother was the mastermind.

He then goes to see Brother Ji to tell him that he wants him to be in charge or their disciples to search for Lei Jing Hong. Brother Ji refuses as he knows that Zhan Feng wants to get rid of Ru Ge’s allies. However, Zhan Feng is adamant to send Brother Ji off. Later, Ru Ge tells Brother Ji that he should go as he can secretly arrange a meeting between Lei Jing Hong and her when he finds him.

Later, Brother Ji realised that his maid was actually a secret Chief of Qinglong Hall whom the Old Sect Leader placed by his side. This gives him hope that they can fight back against Brother Yi. He then sets off his journey.

Zhan Feng goes to inspect Ru Ge’s medicine since her health is still not better. He tells Die Yi that he will bring in another doctor to prescribe a new medication. The new doctor comes in to diagnose her illness while Zhan Feng is watching. We then see him personally preparing her medicine instead of letting the maids do it. He passes on the medicine to Die Yi to give it to Ru Ge as well as her favourite sweets to help combat the bitterness of the medicine. Inside her room, the girls are doubting his sudden kindness and Die Yi even checks whether there is poison.

Meanwhile, Brother Yi goes to praise Zhan Feng for his quick thinking in brewing medicine for Ru Ge to dispel their bad rumours. However, Zhan Feng becomes suspicious of Brother Yi, as he asks whether he is involved in her “ill” health. He denies it but Zhan Feng threatens him that he won’t be safe if he is involved.

Next, Yin Xue is being healed by his disciple at an unknown location.

Later, Ru Ge secretly meets up with Dao Lie Xiang. Ru Ge asks her to tell her the truth about the Pili Sect.


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