[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 19-20

Ep 19
The funeral was held for the deceased Pili sect leader and we can see how the rest of the sect clan are on Madam Yan’s side as they want her to be the next sect leader instead of Lei Jing Hong.

Meanwhile, Lei Jing Hong is leaving the Flaming Hills with Feng Huang as he says goodbye to ‘his little sister’. Soon, we see Anye Luo basking in his happiness because he has acquired the power of the Pili Sect through Madam Yan. He tells this news to Zhan Feng who is shocked because now Anye Luo is counting on him to take hold of the Flaming Hills and give it to him.

Anye Luo tells Zhan Feng his plan to help him acquire the leadership of the Flaming Hills and enlists the help of Dao Wu Xia to move the plan forward. They plan to trap senior brother away from the Flaming Hills as he is the only one besides Ru Ge’s father who is support Ru Ge to be the next leader.

Later, Lei Jing Hong finally arrives to his father’s funeral, “Father, I’m back!”. He then tries to change his people’s opinion of Madam Yan but she’s not an easy target. She manages to twist his words around and frame the Flaming Hills at the same time. He is asked to leave and to not cause a disturbance by his sect. Luckily, there were a few men who swears their allegiance to him, bringing his hopes up.

Meanwhile You Qinhong is looking for the Ethereal Sect and news of this has reached the sect. We find out that Yin Xue will be sleeping for 100 years in order to be cured from the winter curse.

Back to Ru Ge, she’s busy with managing the sect in preparation for her new role. She goes to Ping’an Town and reminisces her memories with Yin Xue when they were managing the shop. She sees the homeless refugees starving and begging for food; Huang Zhong ends the scene saying that she doesn’t know why there are a lot of them this time.

Later, she visits senior brother who is tired after a long day of listening to his minister about government matters. She tells him her worries about him being in danger because of the royal throne. He tells her that he does not wish for the throne which relieves her because she’s scared he will get dragged into the war for the throne. She also tells him about the refugees due to the war with the Wo Kingdom. Senior brother tells her about the marriage alliance between him and the Eldest Princess from the Wo Kingdom.

Next, senior brother writes a letter to his Imperial Father about his thoughts regarding this marriage alliance. We know that this is the second Prince’s plan to send senior brother out of town as he knows that senior brother would not agree to this marriage but now has the responsibility to personally resolve the problem in the coastal villages.

Ep 20
The Emperor receives senior brother’s letter saying that he is willing to lead an army against Wo Kingdom. He shares this news to his other sons and says that he thinks this marriage alliance is fake.

Meanwhile, Ru Ge’s father is informed of the news by senior brother who tells him that he can leave at ease. He also says that when he comes back, him and Ru Ge should marry because he believes he’s the best for his daughter, especially since he knows senior brother loves her.

Next, Die Yi tells Ru Ge about the Emperor’s decree to make senior brother lead an army against the Wo Kingdom. She is surprised to find her father with senior brother and tells them her worries. But her father says that its senior brother’s duty as the Prince and that it is his responsibility. He then leaves them alone and Ru Ge bids senior brother goodbye but not before telling him to be careful since they suspect this is a plot by his elder brother.

Later, Zhan Feng and his master engage in a practice fight using fists. In the middle of their fight, Zhan Feng’s eyes becomes red as he charges towards his master and punches him. He then gets interrupted by Brother Yi who tells him that the master was only testing his martial arts skills. They then go to his room and the master tells him to go to World Swordless City as it is customary for the new bride to visit her maiden family.

Ru Ge comes in to tell her father that she wants to go and help senior brother. The father already knows that she had this idea and gives her his permission to go to the Wo Kingdom. However, she hesitates but her father tells her not to worry about the Flaming Hills.

Next, Brother Yi tells Zhan Feng that he wants to help him become the next Sect Leader so that he can become the Deputy Sect Leader. However, Zhan Feng does not trust him easily.

The next day, Flaming Hill’s leader meets up with Brother Yi and the Chief of the Qinglong Hall. Brother Yi tells him that both his daughter and Zhan Feng left for their destinations before leaving. Immediately, the leader orders the Chief to mobilise all of their elite forces from Qinglong Hall to return to the Flaming Hills, “This must not be leaked”.

At World Swordless City, the men hang out but not before receiving news that Lei Jing Hong is here. They meet with him to find out his motive for coming here after being kicked out of Pili Sect. Dao Wu Xia tries to get Feng Huang on his side, “I can help you kill him”. She pretends to be interested and he continues to say that he will come for her soon.

Back to senior brother,  he is in a meeting with his soldiers on strategising a plan to defeat Wo. They then see thousands of red lanterns flying their way which explodes when touched – it is Madam Yan’s doing. Ru Ge soon arrives while she flew besides the lanterns and was lucky that she was not hurt. They figure out that these lanterns avoid her whenever she tries to get close to them.

2 thoughts on “[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 19-20

  1. Thank you for the recap- I have to read these before seeing the episode as the sub titles are useless. The worst that I have come across! I am so grateful for these recaps as without them the series would be impossible to watch. I hope you write these for many other series as I really find some Chinese dramas can be gems.

    I find there is too much time wasting in this series to drag out the episodes and the characters are emotionless, one dimensional figures. So reading recaps is the only way to follow the story.
    Chinese people in this are depicted as passionless and distant, one can only imagine they have sex and reproduce by some means remotely. No kissing , no hugging, no warmth , no natural animal /human response and no passion. Only rejection should someone even attempt to kiss another.

    Yet they want grandchildren !? How does this work. I would love to see someone have a natural response for once. If you think someone has killed your father you ask a few questions from those around at the time of the event and confront the culprit -NOT go into a massive sulk like a spoiled child.

    It’s all too sanitary.


    1. Hi Jan, thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoy Chinese dramas.

      In response to that, I have to say there is great chemistry between the actors and actresses in this drama. Their facial expressions, body language and the nuances within their dialogue does definitely highlight the tension.
      Might not be to your liking because what you want to see is more flesh and explicit sexual action on them reproducing which you can find by searching up on particular websites.

      But generalising that Chinese people “as passionless and distant” is wrong. As educated human beings, we can already infer what is happening and understand that this is reflective of the conservative culture in China, especially back in the historical period. I think it’s just lack of cultural understanding on this part.

      But I can agree there are some scenes which are dragged out for too long but they’re only fillers so we can see how the characters learn some truths. I usually skip them because we know this dramatic irony.

      I hope you understand and can take your time to perhaps learn about the historical period – might be easier to watch and engage with other historical dramas ☺️


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