[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 17-18

Ep 17
Lei Jing Hong removes Dao Liexiang’s head scarf (which is supposed to be removed by the groom). But she’s happy to see him again. He tells her how he tried to see her back at her city to tell to not marry Zhan Feng but was stopped by her elder brothers. Their reunion is short-lived as drunk guests interrupts them. But brother Ji unknowingly saves them as he drives the guests away. Caring for his safety, she tells him to leave Flaming Hills quickly because its not as safe as he thinks.

Lei Jing Hong then gets on top of her and approaches her slowly for a kiss. She doesn’t refuse but he stops getting closer and smiles. He tells her that he now knows that she doesn’t genuinely likes Zhan Feng which makes him happy. But she tells him that she’s married and went through the rituals but he doesn’t care. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.42.23 pm.png

Meanwhile, Ru Ge is alone on the bridge and drunk Zhan Feng soon approaches. She tells him that he shouldn’t be here as its his wedding night. But he doesn’t listen and asks whether she’s afraid of him since she doesn’t meet his eyes. She doesn’t answer and just says “Dao Lie Xiang is waiting for you”. She questions his actions as it doesn’t make sense that he married Dao Lie Xiang if he wants power because Ru Ge’s status is higher. She then comes to the conclusion that he hates her father. He tells her that its not true and that he’s only here to tell her something, “Give up the sect leader’s position”. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.51.35 pm.png

The next morning, Lei Jing Hong and Dao Liexiang are asleep on the wedding bed. She awakes and admires his physical appearance before getting up to wake him up. She tells him that she will go out to see if its safe for him to leave. He tells her where he will be staying in the Flaming Hills for a few days.

Meanwhile, Madam Yan is holding Pili Sect’s Leader captive in the middle of the lake. She reveals her true identity as An Yejue. He then tells her that she must not kill his son. She says that she will let him keep his life since she fostered him since young, “Don’t kill my son”. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.59.51 pm.png

Later, Die Yi is waiting for the master of the Azure Dragon Hall to come and give her information about Ying Yi’s background. He arrives to tell that he is done with the investigation and tells her to be careful with her actions because people are watching. And so she tells him to touch her hair and then through that method, he secretly hands her a rolled up letter. Die Yi takes it and leaves to give it to Ru Ge. Seems like the news is alarming as she goes to see Ying Yi. She tells Ying Yi that if she wants her help, she must truthfully tell her everything about her and Zhan Feng’s relationship.

Ying Yi remains silent. Ru Ge then tells her that if she does not tell her the truth, no one else except her and her companions will save her. Ru Ge then tells Ying Yi what she knows about her, how she was sold to the brothel by her parents, etc. She goes further to say that she knows about her relationship with Madam Yan and asks about her true purpose for being with Zhan Feng.

Meanwhile, a servant informs Dao Liexiang that Zhan Feng brought soldiers with him to senior brother’s estate. She becomes alarmed thinking that he has found out about Lei Jing Hong.Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 12.19.46 am.png

Senior brother gets informed about Zhan Feng’s appearance and goes to greet him. Zhan Feng comes in to ask about Ying Yi. He tells them to give Ying Yi back to him but senior brother doesn’t budge, “Ru Ge brought her here so I must ask her if she wants to give her back”.

Meanwhile, Ying Yi tells Ru Ge about Madam Yan’s true identity as An Yejue. She tells her about Zhan Feng’s parents and how they died. She insinuates that it was Ru Ge’s father that killed Zhan Feng’s father but Ru Ge does not believe it. Ying Yi says that he’s guilty and this was how she got Zhan Feng to support her – also why he won’t marry Ru Ge.

Die Yi then comes in saying that the soldiers at the entrance and they need to hurry. Senior brother tries to stop Zhan Feng from coming in but he doesn’t budge. Ru Ge comes out with Ying Yi who follows Zhan Feng. Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 12.27.38 am.png

Zhan Feng, with Ying Yi, soon arrive back at his manor and sees Dao Liexiang. She is relieved that he wasn’t there to capture Lei Jing Hong and is glad to know that he is still safe. Zhan Feng informs Ying Yi that he will arrange for someone to take her out of the Flaming Hills tomorrow morning.

Later, senior brother gets informed by Ru Ge about everything Ying Yi told her. She tells him how he must help her get Ying Yi out since she promised her to do that if she told the truth. In the evening, Ru Ge reveals her plan to us on how Ying Yi will escape; her room will burn down. She successfully escapes and tells them that she won’t be involved with An Ye Palace.

Ep 18
It is morning and Ru Ge goes to accompany Lei Jing Hong to drink to avoid the morning meeting at Flaming Hills. He asks her whether she’s scared because of her heavy responsibility as the future leader. She tells him that she’s going to talk to her dad about it.

We then see Ru Ge’s father in the morning meeting with the others who argue that Ru Ge is not suitable to be the leader. The room is divided as some support their leader’s decision but some think that Zhan Feng is more suitable. When senior brother is asked about his opinion, he reveals that he has asked his Imperial father to marry Ru Ge and hence, it will be suitable if she’s the leader.

Zhan Feng tries to dissuade him saying that since she will be the Crown Princess, there’s no point in her staying in Flaming Hills. But senior brother says that he will follow Ru Ge’s decision if she wants to stay here. Ru Ge’s father then ends the conversation saying that although he knows their thoughts and concerns, his decision has been finalised.

Later, Ru Ge goes to meet her father who explains why he must leave the Flaming Hills to her. She tells him that Zhan Feng should be more suitable for this position as she has never been involved in the inner matters of the Flaming Hills. But her father tells her that although she doesn’t have much experience, Zhan Feng is too emotionless and cruel which will lead to a disaster. He comforts her by saying that she will learn the ins and outs of being the leader gradually so she will get comfortable.

Ru Ge soon brings up the rumours about her father and Zhan Feng’s father. Her father asks her whether she thought the rumours were true and she kneels before him saying that she did think about it but will never think of her father as guilty. He helps her up and hugs her for believing in him. He reveals that he knows that Zhan Feng probably believes that he killed in father since his attitude towards him has changed for the worse. Ru Ge asks her father why he didn’t explain himself to clear up the misunderstanding but the father says that Zhan Feng will realise it one day, “We must believe in him ok”.

Later, everyone meets with the sect leader with Ru Ge who tells them that she will do her best with their guidance. She then comes up with a match between the disciples and says that she wants to join as well, surprising everyone. The father agrees and says that the match will be held tomorrow.

Next, we see Ru Ge practising hard for tomorrow’s match. She says that in order to fight against An Yejue, she must find an opportunity to compete against Zhan Feng. Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.00.00 am.png

The next morning, everyone in the Flaming Hills goes to see the match between the disciples. First up is Zhan Feng and senior brother who fights in his wheelchair. I have to say that senior brother is quite mobile despite his disability and is calm against Zhan Feng. However it ends as a draw. Next up is Brother Ji and Ru Ge who fights with her whip. Ru Ge proves to everyone just how much she has grown, impressing the audience.

As the match is finished, the leader dismisses everyone but Ru Ge says that she wants to have a match with Zhan Feng. The match between them soon begins as everyone looks on. It’s an astonishing fight as Zhan Feng finally draws out his blade against her seeing that she’s good. Senior brother then stops them and the leader agrees that their match is over and everyone should leave. Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.05.11 am.png

Later in the evening, everyone gathers for dinner in a happy mood (except for Zhan Feng). The father praises Ru Ge’s martial arts skills and how she has improved so much. He then announces to everyone that he will bring Ru Ge to the Azure Dragon Hall which shocks everyone as he’s basically saying that Ru Ge will definitely be their next leader.

The next day, the father brings Ru Ge to the Azure Dragon Hall where everyone inside greets her and tells them their normal routine and what they do in there. He has given her the right to order anything in the Azure Dragon Hall. In private, she asks the master of the Azure Dragon Hall why her father did not receive her previous letter. He explains that he gave it to brother Yi and Ru Ge does not believe that brother Yi would not pass on her letter to her father.

She then orders him that from now on, all information that comes to the Azure Dragon Hall should only go to her and her father, not anyone else including brother Yi. Also, she asks him to investigate An He Palace and that it is a pressing matter.

Next, they go out to meet her father and they receive an alarming news. They inform them that Pili Sect’s Leader is dead. Ru Ge then informs her father that she must tell senior brother about this news and soon leaves.Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.13.24 am.png

Ru Ge informs the news to senior brother and Lei Jing Hong who is devastated to find out about the death of his father. She also tells him that Madam Yan is Anye Jue and that they are after him. But if he stays here,  he is safe.

Dao Liexiang also gets news of Lei Jing Hong’s father’s death and immediately writes a letter to Ru Ge. Xunyi becomes shocked at the news and Die Yi goes to send the letter from Dao Liexiang to Ru Ge.

Lei Jing Hong then tells Ru Ge that he plans to leave tomorrow to return to Jian Nan but she tells him that its dangerous. But he knows his responsibility as the next master of the Pili Sect and that he needs to go back. Senior brother agrees and so Ru Ge gives him Dao Liexiang’s jade token, “I will help you prepare”. He also tells senior brother to give him time to prove that Pili Sect is not involved with An Ye Palace and that it was all Madam Yan’s doing. Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.27.26 am.png

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