[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 15-16

EP 15:
Ru Ge finally finds Yin Xue but his weak state saddens her, “What’s wrong?!”. He tells her that he has to go (meaning death) and of course, she can’t accept that. His last request for her to hug him. She hugs him tightly and then we see him lose consciousness.

Next, we see that his body has disappeared in the air as Ru Ge is left holding only his white outfit. She clutches it tightly, tearing up, due to her sadness over his loss.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.13.31 pm.png

Back to senior brother, he wakes up coughing asking for Ru Ge. He is told that she is in her room. We can see that his health is much better now as he tells his subordinate that he must thank Yin Xue for saving him. After their awkward silence, they soon reveal Yin Xue’s death.

The Emperor is also informed of Yin Xue’s death and sighs deeply. The people at the brothel all pay their respects to Yin Xue at his memorial. Soldiers suddenly barge into the brothel saying that they have information that people from the Pili Sect are here. She gives them permission to search the brothel. Luckily Lei Jing Hong escaped just in time before he got caught.Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.27.32 pm.png

Meanwhile, Dao Liexiang’s situation is still the same – locked in her room. She is visited by a servant who tries to persuade her to eat. She then brings news of Yin Xue’s death which breaks Dao Liexiang out of her frozennes because she’s so shocked.

Senior brother goes to visit Ru Ge but first asks her subordinates about her state. They tell her that she is still in mourning and is currently sleeping. He leaves her alone to sleep peacefully.

Later, Lei Jing Hong goes to see Ru Ge. However, he is refused entry by the soldiers. Nevertheless, he has a plan to get in and he was successful. We then see senior brother remembering his previous conversation with Yin Xue about An Le Palace.

Lei Jing Hong arrives and says that Yin Xue’s death has nothing to do with him and his father. He tells senior brother that he is still suffering from injuries inflicted by his own people and says that Die Yi knows about this. Die Yi is soon summoned to see whether he was telling the truth. He is telling the truth and says that he is suspicious of Madam Yan.

Senior brother then says that he will allow Lei Jing Hong to stay in his estate for his safety mainly because he’s Ru Ge’s friend.Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.33.18 pm.png

Senior brother watches of Ru Ge as she mentions Yin Xue’s name repeatedly while she’s asleep. However, we see her disappointment when she wakes up holding senior brother’s hand and not Yin Xue’s. She still asks about his health, despite her depressed state, and he says that he’s much better now. Then, she becomes agitated to find out that Yin Xue’s outfit is not with her. She frantically looks around for it until Die Yi tells her that she kept it away, afraid that Ru Ge will be too depressed when she looks at it. Ru Ge becomes consoled knowing that it wasn’t lost but safe.

Next, Ru Ge tells senior brother what happened after senior brother left the room. She also tells him that she thinks Madam Yan and Anhe Palace are connected because she couldn’t understand Madam Yan’s conversation with Yin Xue and that Madam Yan talked about An Ye Luo. Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.38.00 pm.png

Next, senior brother gets his pulse checked by a physician in front of the Emperor. The physician informs the Emperor that senior brother is healthy. Senior brother tells his Imperial Father what happened before leaving to find his elder brothers waiting for him. They give him their congratulations for getting better. Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.43.58 pm.png

Later, Ru Ge visits the brother and is shocked to find out that the brothel is no longer running. Renovations are happening and everyone is leaving. Ru Ge walks around the brothel, reminiscing the first time she met Yin Xue at the party. She is soon greeted by Madam Hua who tells her to accompany her to Yin Xue’s room. They walk into his room and Madam Hua tells Ru Ge her fated encounter with Yin Xue.

Ru Ge tells Madam Hua that she will avenge Yin Xue’s death.

Back at senior brother’s estate, Ru Ge smiles to senior brother, “You are finally smiling”. She tells him that she has decided to ensure that the people around her won’t be hurt and that she wants to be stronger. Senior brother then informs her of Zhan Feng’s marriage date which is soon approaching. She then asks him what marriage gift she should bring to congratulate the couple. He tells her to don’t fake her smile, “I care about you”. Then a soldier arrives saying that Feng Huang is here to see Ru Ge.

Feng Huang is brought inside the estate to meet them. She tells them that she’s here for Lei Jing Hong. They soon meet and he gives her all the money he has, “Why do you have to follow me?” She replies saying that the brothel is no longer and that if she doesn’t follow him, she will have nowhere else to go. He tells her that she can marry a good person but she doesn’t want that. He finally agrees for her to accompany him after listening to her explanation.Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 8.51.43 pm.png

Meanwhile, Dao Liexiang orders the maid that if she doesn’t open the door for her, she should get her eldest brother to come. Her eldest brother arrives excitedly because she is agreeing to marry Zhan Feng.

Ep 16
Seems like the wedding preparations are soon complete at the Flaming Hills as Ru Ge arrives with her entourage. Ru Ge goes to meet her father but sees Zhan Feng on the way. She ignores him as she walks past him. She has a happy reunion with her father who compliments her increased martial arts skills. She then asks her father to secretly investigate Duanlei Sect’s case who says that he will do so but she must be careful as she doesn’t have any hard evidence to support her case. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.35.14 pm.png

Later, her father asks her whether she hates him for agreeing to Zhan Feng’s marriage to Dao Lei Xiang, “Do you still love Feng’er?” She tells him that she thinks her father was too rash in agreeing to this marriage as she’s afraid there might be some evil scheme by World Swordless City.

Meanwhile, Zhan Feng is in a daze while other people are telling him rules he needs to follow until his wedding night because of Ru Ge. We get a flashback of them when they were children and find out that Ru Ge always wear red because only brides wear red dresses and hence, they are beautiful, “Do you love being a bride that much?” “Yes!” Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.35.50 pm.png

Next, Ru Ge is back in her room with her friends/maids, “It’s great to be at home”. Brother Ji then comes in to invite her to have dinner at his place with their other sect brothers and sisters. She agrees since she hasn’t seen them for a long time.

They arrive where we see senior brother and Zhan Feng are already seated at the dinner table. Brother Ji tries to bring up the mood by giving a toast but Zhan Feng still remains cold. Ru Ge then takes care of senior brother’s appetite in front of them, which we see a bit of ‘jealousy’ from Zhan Feng. Brother Ji then proposes a game against Ru Ge saying that whoever wins can punish the loser with anything. They compete but Ru Ge loses. He punishes her by asking her one question, “Junior sister, is that pond still in your heart?” Zhan Feng immediately interrupts him, “Don’t say this”. Senior brother also adds that he shouldn’t do this as well since Zhan Feng is about to be married. But brother Ji says that he’s not married yet and everything is possible.Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.36.41 pm.png

Ru Ge then proposes a game with Zhan Feng and they compete outside. He lost because Ru Ge still has a hold of the stick. As the winner she asks him why he is marrying Dao Liexiang as well as his purpose. He replies, “It’s for myself”.

Senior brother catches on and asks Ru Ge if she really believes there is an evil plot behind Zhan Feng’s marriage. She tells him that it is too coincidental and too fast. She feels that there is someone masterminding all of this.

Later, back in her room, Ru Ge struggles to find an outfit for tomorrow as all she has are red clothing (and only the bride can wear it). She asks Die Yi if she can make her a non-red outfit for the wedding but is impossible as her outfits take around half a month to make. Luckily, the matter gets solved as there is an outfit she can wear that is non-red. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.37.28 pm.png

It’s the wedding day but the the bride and groom are not ecstatic, even Lei Jing Hong seems heartbroken. Guests are flocking inside the grand hall of the Flaming Hills to witness the matrimony between the two great sects. Ru Ge jokes with her father who is in a very good mood. The newlyweds soon arrive as everyone gets up from their seats to see them go through the marriage rituals. Just as they were about to do the last bow between husband and wife, Ying Yi interrupts them, “Aren’t I the only person you should love?” She also publicly reveals that she’s pregnant with his baby, shocking everyone with these news, “I already have his child”. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.38.27 pm.png

Brother Yi soon knocks her out cold, shocking the spectators which his harsh action. Ru Ge takes her away to senior brother’s pavilion because its the safest place for her. Meanwhile, Ru Ge’s father laughs off the situation and announces that his daughter Ru Ge will be the next leader of the Flaming Hills. Seems like the World Swordless City sect’s plan failed since they won’t have a chance to be in-laws with the leader of the Flaming Hills.

Back to Ru Ge, Die Yi asks her why she’s trying her best to save Ying Yi who was such a bitch. Ru Ge says nothing but asks Die Yi to go to Qinglong Hall to investigate her background. Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 11.39.16 pm.png

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