[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 9-10

Die Yi questions Ru Ge why Yin Xue is not coming out to eat. Lei Jinghong butts in subtly saying that its Ru Ge’s fault for always siding with Zhan Feng. Then bells started ringing, grabbing their attention. They find out from the villagers that justice has been served because World Swordless City found out that Duanlei Sect has been threatening and illegally collecting the tax from the villagers all this time. Also, they find out that Flaming Hills have solved the murder case as they found out that Xiao Feng’s father had murdered the leader.Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.37.24 pm.png

Lei Jing Hong does not believe it and questions Ru Ge whether she really believes in Zhan Feng’s decision. Ru Ge also feels that something is off as it was too coincidental that the tax matter was also revealed at the same time.

Next, Zhan Feng manages to get a written confession from Xiao Feng’s father. His subordinate also reports that Ru Ge is waiting for him outside the gates. However, he does not let her enter. While she is waiting, Uncle Murong comes outside to inform her of Xiao Feng’s father’s confession. He also advises her that since she’s from the Flaming Hills, it is inappropriate for her to openly doubt Zhan Feng’s decision. However, she tells him that although she understands, she still doubts the case. Hearing this, Uncle Murong invites her inside.

Meanwhile, Xiao Feng tries to help his father escape as he unties the ropes. We realise that Ying Yi is involved in this as Xiao Feng tells his father that she said Zhan Feng has purposely framed him for the murder. Later, we see Ying Yi giving a nod to Zhan Feng – OH! He’s in this too!Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.38.03 pm.png

Zhan Feng then enters the room Ru Ge is in. She asks to see the evidence and Zhan Feng gets the ministers to exclaim that they’ve been checked by the coroner so it is the truth. He even shows her the “murderer’s” confession. However, Ru Ge asserts that she wants to see the body and Xiao Feng’s father. Zhan Feng says that its impossible as his minister says that Xiao Feng’s father purposely went to destroy the body secretly last night.

They try to stop her from seeing Xiao Feng’s father but she then pulls out her token, shocking them speechless as they have no choice but to follow to her requests. A soldier then comes in saying that Xiao Feng’s father has escaped.

Afterwards, Ru Ge leaves the place and meets up with Lei Jing Hong. He believes that Xiao Feng and his father had fallen into a trap set up by Zhan Feng as it is impossible for them to escape from the Flaming Hills soldiers as they are skilled in martial arts, “He wants to silence him”. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.38.37 pm.png

Meanwhile, Xiao Feng and his father are running away as fast as they can. However, Zhan Feng has caught up to them. He takes Xiao Feng away as he leaves his men to punish his father with death for escaping. Just as Zhan Feng was about to stop walking and console the child, a voice haunts him, “You’re getting soft again Feng’er”.

Then a man (the haunting voice) quickly takes Xiao Feng, who becomes unconscious,  away from him. He suddenly lets go of Xiao Feng and we realise that he’s dead! Zhan Feng questions the man’s actions, “Why won’t you even spare a child?” The guys replies: “Did you want him to continue living with grudges?”Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.39.19 pm.png

Later, Zhan Feng walks back to his men and Ying Yi carrying Xiao Feng’s lifeless body. He tells his men that Xiao Feng’s father committed suicide by lighting a bomb, killing some of their men in the process. Ru Ge soon arrives and sees that Xiao Feng has passed away. She runs to Xiao Feng, not believing her eyes, taking him away from Zhan Feng and laying him softly on the ground before facing Zhan Feng with vengeance. She takes out her whip and orders him to take out his sword. He tells her that she should not do this as she’s obviously weaker than him but she does not budge.

Ru Ge immediately attacks him as he dodges her whip without pulling out his sword. However, she was able to throw in a punch to his chest. But not before long, he also throws her a punch, sending her to the ground. Her companions goes to support her as she admits that she has lost. They leave and Lei Jing Hong carries Xiao Feng with him. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.40.16 pm.png

They arrive back at their place, telling Yin Xue what happened. Yin Xue immediately treats Ru Ge for her injuries. Meanwhile, Zhan Feng seems to also be injured from Ru Ge’s punch as he questions how did her internal energy become this strong. One of the ministers comes in to inform Zhan Feng that World Swordless City will take over the village and that everything is settled. Hearing this, Zhan Feng says that they will leave for Flaming Hills tomorrow.

Back to Ru Ge, Yin Xue heals her. She apologises to him and feels stupid for losing so easily, “Why am I so useless?…I want to be stronger. Yin Xue can you help me?”. Yin Xue tries to console her and says that since he’s by her side, she doesn’t need to become stronger. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.40.50 pm.png

Meanwhile, Dao Liexiang sees one of the soldiers acting suspicious as he hid a letter behind him. She follows him to see the letter being handed to her elder brothers as its content reveals to be a message informing them of senior brother’s poor health. Luckily, the brothers did not spot her eavesdropping as a servant girl comes in just in time delivering snacks.

Later, Zhan Feng, riding a horse with Ying Yi, is on his way back to the Flaming Hills. Night falls and we see a group of women, dressed in red, walking along the streets. They reveal that they are from the Dark River Palace to the two villagers who asked them about the lanterns. They arrive at Ru Ge’s and Yin Xue’s shop. They greet Yin Xue who asks them whether Anye Luo has come out of seclusion yet. They affirm the news and give Yin Xue medicine to help cure Ru Ge. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.41.23 pm.png

When alone, Lei Jing Hong talk to the others, sharing their horridness about the return of the Dark River Palace. Seems like that place is trouble.

Ru Ge is awake but still feeling down. She tells him that she wants to go back to the Flaming Hills to reinvestigate the case. However, Yin Xue says that the corpse (key evidence) has been destroyed and the killer is dead and so, there’s no one to testify. Hence, she won’t be able to convince her father. Yin Xue advises her to patiently wait for a chance for her to strike as she will lose now. He then asks her to go to the Ethereal Sect with him, revealing that he is the leader of that sect. She doesn’t believe him as she knows he’s the owner of a brothel but he tells her that he did that to wait for her. She still does not believe him as she believes that she never met him before.

She then goes outside to see her companions and tell them that she will be going to the Ethereal Sect. They then bury Xiao Feng near the sea as they watch his body be cremated, Flaming Hills style – all unmarried people are cremated. They then go to bring Xiao Feng’s ashes home but were unable to. Dao Liexiang comes out to also stop them as this is now the property of the World Swordless City’s territory. She says that she can allow one person in if only they beat her to a match. Lei Jinghong volunteers to fight with her but gets defeated. She then tells them to give her the ashes for her to bury and leave.Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.42.33 pm.png

Ep 10
Lei Jing Hong writes a magical seal on Die Yi’s palm telling her to show his men this seal whenever she’s in trouble for her. Die Yi knows that he’s doing this because of her brother and so, asks for more information about him. All he tells her is that her brother is from the same clan as his and has a higher status so once both of their clans are in a better relationship, they can meet.

Later, Lei Jing Hong asks Ru Ge if she trusts Dao Liexiang and she says yes. He then says that he must tell her something even though he’s not sure whether its true or not. He tells her that during their earlier fight, she told him to tell Ru Ge that her senior brother is near death. Ru Ge becomes worried and makes a decision to go to Luoyang to see him. However, Yin Xue says that she can’t go, making him seem suspicious as he is hiding something. Nevertheless, Ru Ge is resolute in her decision to see senior brother and so, he lets go of her wrist, “Even if you die if you go, do you still want to go?”.

Soon, we see her riding on horseback to Luoyang while Yin Xue’s words continues in her mind saying that she could wait for at least three years for him to make the world peaceful – then she can go anywhere she wants to go. But she doesn’t care. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.15.20 pm.png

Lei Jing Hong tells Yin Xue his worries about their situation as the snow is getting heavy. However, he ignores him and walks away. The girls have found a place to rest inside a cave but Ru Ge is agitated and wants to leave straightaway.

Meanwhile, senior brother although deadly sick is concerned about the matter Zhan Feng just resolved at Ping’an town. They also feel that there is something weird about the situation but his subordinates are more concerned about his ailing health. However, senior brother wants to investigate this case more for his master and his Imperial father even though he knows that he won’t be living for much longer. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.21.05 pm.png

Back to Yin Xue who is drinking alone, there is someone sinister approaching him – he’s the guy who is tormenting Zhan Feng! The fight begins between them after they exchange ‘pleasant’ greetings. And now we finally have a name to call him – Anye Luo!

Their fight shows how highly skilled they both are in martial arts and magic although it was a draw in the end. Knowing that there’s no winner, Anye Luo retreats and goes to meet Dao Wu Xia after killing his guards. They greet him and congratulate him for coming out of seclusion. However, he reprimands them for letting out their secret of collecting illegal taxes. Dao Wu Xia defends himself saying that it was because of Ru Ge and that he had to give them a decent explanation.

While they are having their conversation, Dao Liexiang coincidently comes across the dead bodies and asks the soldiers for an explanation. They tell her that they died suddenly and she finds out that it must have to do something with her elder brothers. She figures that they are up to no good after what happened to Duanlie Sect and now their own soldiers.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.26.53 pm.png

Back to the girls, they are surprised that there is a clear road for them to walk on. Lei Jing Hong comes out to greet them and tells them that he did this for them. Seems like he did it for his younger sister but the other girls misunderstand, thinking that he likes Die Yi. In the background, we see that Yin Xue is also concerned for them as he follows them secretly.

Senior brother reminisces his childhood. He talks about how he was sent to the Flaming Hills by his Imperial Father when he was 5 years old. We see how him and Ru Ge met when they were young – they’re both so cute! He tells his subordinate how he learnt the word ‘sour’ from Ru Ge and it was the first word he heard in his life.

His subordinate asks senior brother to write a letter to Ru Ge to ask her to come since he misses her so much but he refuses as it is dangerous, “She shouldn’t come”. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.42.48 pm.png

Ru Ge and her companions finally arrive in Luoyang. She hurries to meet with senior brother who is ecstatic to see her. She becomes concerned with his health but all he wants is for her to speak. He reveals that he is no longer deaf and she is so happy for him.

Alone, he tells his subordinate that he doesn’t want to let her know about his illness but for her to be happy while she’s here so that she can leave in peace.

However, Ru Ge knows that something is up even when she tried to secretly diagnose him by feeling his pulse but he avoided it. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.52.07 pm.png

The next day, senior brother tastes Ru Ge’s sesame seed cake. She tries to make him eat more even though we know that he has no appetite but wants to appease her so she thinks there’s nothing wrong.
Ru Ge thinks that since senior brother ate quite a bit, there’s nothing wrong with his health. She also plans to spend New Years with him and next year’s with her father. She brings up Yin Xue saying that she wants to see whether he arrived or not.

Then suddenly, she gets news that senior brother has been throwing up blood! His servant blames Ru Ge for making senior brother eat so many sesame seed cakes when he doesn’t eat that much nowadays. Ru Ge apologies and asks how she should be punished. Of course his servant can’t punish her and so she grabs a knife and slits her palm, “Can I use my blood to repay back senior brother’s blood?”.

Everyone is then ordered out as Ru Ge is left alone with senior brother. Even though he’s clearly in pain, he still looks after her by stopping her bleeding. As they converse more, she gets him to promise her to tell her the truth. She then asks him whether he thinks this is just a sickness or if someone has poisoned him.Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.57.08 pm.png

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