[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 7-8

Before I begin, can I just say how amazing is the opening theme? Its on repeat whenever I’m commuting to work right now.

Ep 7
Ru Ge and Yin Xue go somewhere to eat noodles, scaring away other customers when they realised that Yin Xue is dangerous. The noodle seller advises them to go somewhere else besides Ping’an Town as it is very expensive due to some martial group collecting tax from citizens, “heavier than government taxes”. Seems like they will go to Ping’an Town as they both agreed to investigate this matter as it is against the rule for any martial group/sects to secretly collect tax from citizens.Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.41.01 pm.png

They arrive to Ping’an Town to find work but gets rejected immediately as most businesses are struggling financially. It doesn’t matter anyways as Yin Xue soon uses his money to buy a shop for Ru Ge to make sesame seed cakes in the kitchen while his responsibility is to sell them.

In the Flaming Hills, the master receives news that Ru Ge is currently in Ping’an Town. He tells his subordinate to make plans to ensure that Ru Ge is safely looked after there by the Duanlei Sect. The Duanlei Sect leader soon make arrangements for his grandson (a young boy) to observe Ru Ge and look after her.

Back to Ru Ge, Yin Xue makes arrangements for her to learn how to make sesame seed cakes from two local ladies. Just as one of the ladies was about to talk about how Ping’an Town has changed and is hard to live here, the older lady swiftly changes the subject.

Meanwhile, Zhan Feng is discovered drunk by Brother Ji. He informs Zhan Feng on Ru Ge’s location and he becomes confused, “Why would she go there?”. Seems like he is worried and still cares for her as he orders Brother Ji to ensure that he gets reports from Ping’an Town three times a day.Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.42.16 pm.png

We then see Senior brother hearing sound again due to Madam Yan’s treatment. She cured him! BUT! He suddenly throws up blood and faints, leaving his servants in shock. Madam Yan is soon prevented from leaving due to this situation. He gets diagnosed by a doctor but even the doctor can’t diagnose him.

Back to Ru Ge and Yin Xue, they finally open shop! They go through the normal customs of lighting a firecracker but just as Ru Ge was about to light it, she gets interrupted by a little boy (Duanlei Sect Leader’s grandson) who wants to light it. They get cheers from the crowd for successfully opening their shop. Ru Ge talks to the boy who says that he can be called Xiao Feng and reveals that he is from Duanlei Sect. We soon see Lei Jinghong again who reveals his desire to also travel to different places.Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.46.09 pm.png

Finally its down time and Ru Ge tells Yin Xue that she suspects that Duanlei Sect and/or World Swordless City might be secretly collecting taxes. She explains her reasoning and Yin Xue tells her to take it easy as they had just settled down in this town. Ru Ge also tells him how she feels her spiritual chi is being bounded by something as she doesn’t have her full powers, “I can’t improve”.

At World Swordless City, Dao Liexiang gets ready to go out to see her ‘friends’ but is stopped by her older brother, Dao Wu Xia. He reminds her that she should not get involved with them as their sect are planning on dominating the martial arts world. He then tells her that she won’t be able to leave this city without her permission.

Meanwhile, Zhan Feng receives daily reports about Ru Ge and how the citizens from Ping’an Town think that Ru Ge and Yin Xue are a married couple. We note his jealousy but what can he do?

Speaking of the devil, Ru Ge’s happy face graces our screens as she makes her delicious sesame seed cake. Yin Xue announces that they will be closing their shop today to go to tour around World Swordless City.

The four people (Ru Ge, Yin Xue, Lei Jinghong and Xiao Feng) arrive at the city. They meet Dao Liexiang who is surprised to see them in her hometown. She is hostile towards them (probably because of her brother) and advises them to get away from this town.Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.47.15 pm.png

The four head back to their shop and are shocked to see that their place has been ruined. Their neighbours tell them to move out as soon as possible, “The World Swordless City is the local tyrant here”. Yin Xue tells them that Dao Liexiang is actually giving them a warning to leave this place asap as there is trouble here.

Ep 8
Dao Liexiang gets reprimanded by her older brothers for giving them a warning. She defends herself saying that they shouldn’t be enemies with the Flaming Hills but her eldest brother would not listen to her. Seems like he’s very resentful towards Ru Ge and Zhan Feng’s fathers for defeating his father.Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 7.52.27 am.png

Back to the Duanlie Sect, they realise that someone higher up in the Flaming Hills must be hiding the information of the secret tax collection by the World Swordless City and that they shouldn’t do anything or else they will be in danger.

The next morning, the grandson discovers his grandfather dead in his chair. News of his death reach Ru Ge and Yin Xue as the whole town is in shock. They feel like there is an evil ploy happening her.

Meanwhile, Flaming Hills also gets notified of the death. Ru Ge’s father sends Zhan Feng to handle the matter. Zhan Feng assembles his men as he sets out to Ping’an Town. He also brings along Ying Yi, telling Brother Ji that he does not feel comfortable leaving her by herself. Ru Ge’s maid also comes to tell Brother Ji that Die Yi has also left for Ping’an Town.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 7.53.01 am.pngBack in Duanlie Sect, the people are confused about why they are not burying their leader’s dead body. Da Wu Xia comes out to say that it is a crime scene and they need to wait until the people from the Flaming Hills come to solve this crime.

The town is in a mess as they don’t know why the World Swordless City is taking control of the case. Die Yi arrives and meets up with Ru Ge. She brings with her Ru Ge’s favourite snacks and food as well as news that Zhan Feng will be arriving soon to handle the case.

The next day, Zhan Feng and his entourage arrives. His soldiers are happy to see Ru Ge and goes to buy her sesame seed cakes. Of course, Zhan Feng notices but tries not to make a big deal out of it as they did break up. He then goes to see the corpse and begins his job. He finds it odd that the coroner concluded that the Duanlie Sect Leader was poisoned. He questions Da Wu Xia who says that he also thinks its poison. However, Zhan Feng is confused as he knows that the leader wasn’t poisoned but injured by someone’s internal energy and that Da Wu Xia could have surely known.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 7.53.45 am.pngBut then he changed his conclusion and tells his men that it was poisoning because Da Wu Xia inconspicuously fanned out his fan which had letters saying “Dark River”. Seems like Zhan Feng recognised this and had no choice but to follow Da Wu Xia’s conclusion. But Xiao Feng quickly tells Zhan Feng that he’s wrong and that his grandfather was murdered by a great martial arts master. But he’s just a kid and no one believes him.

Xiao Feng runs away and goes to see Ru Ge. He tells her what has been happening and his thoughts on his grandfather’s death. Hearing this, Ru Ge gets up to go and get to the bottom of this. But Yin Xue tells her that Zhan Feng might not let her see the corpse but she believes he will.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 7.54.34 am.pngDrinking heavily, Zhan Feng receives news of Ru Ge’s arrival. He quickly gets up to go to her even though he knows that his men are blocking Ru Ge from seeing the corpse. She tries to plead with him but he doesn’t budge. So she asks him to handle this matter justly before leaving.

Things turn for the worse as Xiao Feng’s father gets falsely accused for murder. Da Wu Xia becomes alarmed that senior brother knows of this matter and wants to stop this from getting bigger. And so, he instructs his younger brother to spread news that they found out that Duanlie Sect has been secretly collecting tax and have been having internal strife.

Later, we see Zhan Feng alone with the corpse. Someone comes in to tell him to stop being soft and to think about his parents. He becomes resolute again, “I understand”. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 7.55.13 am.png

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