[Recap] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 – Ep 11-12

Continuing on from the previous ep, senior brother says that it can’t be poisoned as the blood is clean and his doctor says that its not poison. He tells her that he doesn’t feel hurt but cold. She goes to get some blankets but he stops her saying that its no use and that he feels even colder when he sleeps, “Similar coldness to a dead person”.
Ru Ge then tries to build up his inner energy by using her powers which got him to sleep peacefully.
Meanwhile, his Imperial Father gets news that his son, senior brother, won’t live too long. The doctor tells him that his situation is very strange but there is nothing he can do.

Back to Ru Ge, she asks senior brother’s subordinate to explain what has happened to senior brother. He tells her that he has been getting treatment from Madam Yan and that on the second day, he started throwing up blood. However, she remembers Dao Liexiang’s words saying that senior brother is poisoned and wants to clear up this matter. And so, she requests to see Madam Yan.Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.57.08 pm

Ru Ge meets with Madam Yan who says that she only healed his deafness, not hurt him.

Later, senior brother is visited by his elder brother who congratulates him for no longer being deaf. He questions how his health as deteriorated and asks whether he can bring Madam Yan back to him since his deafness is cured. Senior brother says that he did promise to bring her back and will do so.

Back to Ru Ge, she finds Madam Yan suspicious even though she feels that she did not harm senior brother. She then rushes to see senior brother when she finds out that he promised to send Madam Yan back to her elder brother. He tells her that there is no evidence and so he can’t keep her here.

Next, Yin Xue arrives back to his brothel. His subordinate updates him about Ru Ge and asks him why it took him a day later to arrive. He tells him that he met up with Anye Luo and that he was in Ping’an Town. He asks his subordinate to investigate this and that he will be entering the palace.Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.26.58 pm.png

Yin Xue arrives in the palace and the Emperor welcomes him. The Emperor tells him about his worries while Yin Xue listens. The Emperor asks Yin Xue whether he remembers saving a young prince many years ago. Yin Xue says “I remember, he is the Emperor’s 7th prince (talking about senior brother)”. The Emperor pleads with Yin Xue to see senior brother and to figure out if there is a way to save his son. Yin Xue soon agrees to try.


Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.30.49 pm.png

Later, we see Ru Ge getting senior brother to eat a cake. She tells him that she thinks he’s sleeping less and less but he says that its enough. Ru Ge then talks about how she doesn’t feel like she looks like her dad but probably looks like her mother. However, she’s never seen a picture of her mother. Senior brother then feels cold in his chest which worried Ru Ge. But he was joking. He then quickly tells her to leave since she has to get more tea before coughing out more blood. The last thing we see is him grabbing a needle.

Luckily, Ru Ge sees Die Yi and tells her to get tea for her because she feels that there’s something wrong with senior brother and needs to go to him. She runs back to see him about to put a needle in his wrist. She sees that he has been stabbing his wrists so that he wouldn’t sleep. She tells him he should share his burden with her and that she’s disappointed in him. But then he coughs out more blood and becomes unconscious. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.41.17 pm.png

Later, we see Ru Ge writing a letter to her father detailing about senior brother’s condition. She asks him for help and to quickly tell her if he knows anything about this strange sickness.

Suddenly it is evening time, and Ru Ge is looking after senior brother. They soon receive news for them to enter the palace by the Emperor. And so they enter the palace with Ru Ge complimenting how his complexion has gotten better. But then he started to cough and she goes out to get a blanket for him. When outside, one of senior brother’s elder brother spots her and asks his servant to find an opportunity for him and Ru Ge to be alone together later on.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.49.41 pm.png

The Emperor arrives to the room with Yin Xue, surprising both senior brother and Ru Ge. The Emperor introduces his sons to Yin Xue and when its senior brother’s turn, Yin Xue asks for Ru Ge to drink on behalf of senior brother. In response, senior brother puts his ring on Ru Ge’s finger. Senior brother explains to his father that he didn’t want to make this decision early on but due to Yin Xue wanting Ru Ge to drink on his behalf, he has to give her a public identity. The Emperor is shock and asks him whether he is choosing her as his wife already. Senior brother affirms while Ru Ge looks at him in shock.

The Emperor does not refute since it is the person his son loves. Everyone in the room congratulates the new couple.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.59.11 pm.png

Later, senior brother is asked to meet with his Imperial father alone by an eunuch. Alone and bored, Ru Ge also gets up and leave the room. Senior brother gets escorted to a room where his father and Yin Xue are waiting. His father tells him to let Yin Xue diagnose him. Senior brother refuses but Yin Xue grabs his wrist to feel his pulse. His face changes and immediately tells senior brother that he is going to see his back.

Using his powers, he figures out that senior brother has been cursed with a winter spell.

He asks them to escort senior brother out in order to talk to the Emperor in secret. He tells the Emperor that senior brother’s illness is hard to cure with medicine.Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.03.00 pm.png

Ep 12
Senior brother pukes out blood and faints, but not before asking Ru Ge to take him back home. Knowing that senior brother will get home safely, Ru Ge goes back inside the palace to ask for clarification. She meets up with the Emperor’s eunuch who after much persuasion tells them that today’s party was a facade to get senior brother into the palace  naturally without raising anyone’s suspicion. He tells her that senior brother met up with the Emperor and Yin Xue in a room but doesn’t know what happened inside.

Ru Ge goes to see Yin Xue who smiles when he realises she’s here to see him. She asks him to explain what happened and he shows his jealousy because he realised that she’s here for senior brother and not for him. He believes that she is blaming him for senior brother’s poor health as he threw up blood after meeting up with him. He says that he can’t believe she can’t thank him for diagnosing senior brother but actually mistrusts him for harming senior brother. He then forcefully kisses her  but she pushes him away.
Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.15.35 pm.png

She then cools down and explains her worries for senior brother. She tells him that she knows he felt senior brother’s pulse and trusts him which is why she’s here. Yin Xue tells her that senior brother has been cursed with the winter spell and that he will die soon. Ru Ge asks whether there is a medicine to cure it but he replies: “It’s a curse not a poison. Poison has a cure but not for a curse”.

However Ru Ge does not believe it and says that there must be a cure. Yin Xue smiles and compliments her for being smart. He says that only he can save him. It seems that he plans on taking the curse for himself so senior brother can live. He asks Ru Ge if she will reject his idea if he takes on the curse instead. She says yes, “I will think of other solutions.”

She tells him that one person’s life cannot be swapped with another.
Yin Xue: “But what if he really dies? Do you love him? Are you scared of him dying?”
She tells Yin Xue that she grew up with him and they’re like siblings. She would repay with everything she has in order to save him and be healthy.

Hearing this, Yin Xue promises to save him but with a condition, her to accompany him to a special place.Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.31.00 pm.png

Back at senior brother’s place, Yin Xue examines the Ice Lamp the Emperor gifted his son. Senior brother’s subordinate explains what had happened and he becomes suspicious of Madame Yan. He tells them that she has a personal grudge against him. He then uses his powers to inspect the Ice Lamp and realises that it is the cause of senior brother’s winter curse.

He then dismisses everyone saying that he needs to treat senior brother’s curse.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.38.46 pm.png

Meanwhile, a carriage is going somewhere and Dao Liexiang has been following it. However, she gets caught by Zhan Feng.

We see Dao Wu Xia visiting Anye Luo. They talk about Yin Xue trying to save senior brother for Ru Ge but it is in vain. Zhan Feng escorts Dao Liexiang inside who is surprised to see her elder brother. Dao Wu Xia immediately apologises to Anye Luo who knocks her out cold. He then tells Zhan Feng to marry Dao Liexiang in order to take hold of her heart and control her. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.42.12 pm.png

Back to Yin Xue, he finds out that Anye Luo’s winter curse is intense. Senior brother soon wakes up coughing and is surprised to see Yin Xue. He then tells senior brother to listen well as this does not only involve his life but also his. Yin Xue tells him that his curse is brought by Anye Palace who is waiting for Yin Xue to consume the effect of the curse which will lead to his death. Senior brother realises that he was just a bait for Yin Xue.

But he tells him that because of Ru Ge, he won’t let him die but they must perform well for everyone else as their plan.

He then goes out to give the prescription to senior brother’s subordinate while Ru Ge goes in to see him. She gives him back his ring but he tells her to keep it beside her because it will keep her safe. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.47.57 pm.png

Meanwhile, Zhan Feng is thinking about Anye Luo’s words. He then leaves to see his master. The master and him have a practice match. We then get a seen of a younger Zhan Feng fighting with his master – so cute! Seems like the master was reminiscing the past.

After their match, Zhan Feng tells his master that he has something to tell him and needs his help. He says that he is going to be married and need betrothal gifts and money for his bride, Dao Liexiang. He says that this is good for both sects to be amicable with each other. Knowing that Zhan Feng has made his decision he tell him one last thing, “If you marry Dao Liexiang, you know you will never be able to be with Ru Ge again”.

Hearing this and after a bit of hesitation, he says yes. Next, we see Dao Liexiang locked up in her room. Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.05.19 am.png

Then, the master of the Flaming Hills is having a chat with Brother Yi. He asks Brother Yi if there is any news from Luoyang. Brother Yi says that there is nothing special which is bullshit because he received a letter from Ru Ge just earlier on. The master then tells him that Zhan Feng is going to marry Dao Liexiang and that he should make preparations.

Back to Yin Xue and Ru Ge, they are seeking refuge in a cave from the snow. Soldiers from the Flaming Hills pass by them as she asks them where they are headed. They tell them that they are on their way to World Swordless City and tells her that these are betrothal gifts from Zhan Feng to Dao Liexiang.

Meanwhile, Lei Jing Hong is just given news that Dao Liexiang is getting married to Zhan Feng and that he and his sect will attend the wedding. Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.16.40 am.png


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