The Pepe – Tairua, NZ

Located quite close by to the resort we stayed at (only 1min drive), this place attracted me only because I saw Spark’s (NZ mobile company) free WiFi hotspot hahas.

Well, when you’re on a holiday and need to be up to date with your job applications, WiFi is damn handy!

Anyways, this restaurant overlooks the beautiful beach and we had the option to sit inside or outside. It is a big place but we had to order at the counter. (I think this is the norm for many NZ eateries).

The meals did take a while to arrive which was disappointing because I hate waiting. I feel like we have to wait so much in NZ for food and I don’t like it. Who loves waiting for food? It took around 30mins for our food to arrive and honestly, this place was not too crowded. If only, only 4-5 tables were filled with patrons which isn’t much.

Anyways, back to food. They had an all-day menu we which took our time to peruse over. Nice variety of options from seafood, meet, pasta and burgers. As you can tell, the food looks delicious and very inviting.

Fish and Chips $19.5
totally forgot what this was
Pepe Beef Burger $16

We had to get sauces ourselves which the tomato sauce came in a cute dispenser which was shaped like a tomato.

Generous serving and definitely plenty for us to share altogether. I enjoyed my meal and only hoped that it came quickly because that did put a damper in my spirits.

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