Mikazuki @ Parramatta

Located on the ground floor of University of Western Sydney (UWS) at Parramatta, this place offers an array of Japanese dishes. When we first arrived, we were immediately brought to our seats, provided with water and menu. Nice and quick – I like that.

Opening up the menu, I immediately liked what I saw – options, options, options!

I have a love-hate relationship with options as it is nice to see that they provide a variety of different dishes but then again, you take a long time deciding what you want to eat. And once you make up your mind, doubt fills your mind and you repeat the whole process of elimination again!

Anyways, behold the wonderful foods we had finally chosen to eat!

For entree: Salmon and Avo Roll ($8.5) and Takoyaki ($7.5) which I forgot to take a pic of.

The wasabi (green) looks like play doh in reality lol

Quite a decent size of sushi and I was glad to see their pickled ginger! I love pickled ginger and if you give me that, I’ll happily eat it without the sushi 🙂

Mains: 2 ramens and curry don

Tonkotsu Spicy Miso $14.5
Tonkotsu Chashu Shoyu $16.5
Chicken Katsu Curry Don $15.5

I did not enjoy the curry as much (probably because I’m not partial to Japanese curry) but my spicy ramen was bomb (despite the saltiness)! The tonkotsu broth was rich in flavour and they are all served pretty generously! I, for one, could not finish my broth because I was full and it was a tad too salty. It’s good to drink plenty of water afterwards or else your throat will be dry and thirsty – very uncomfortable feeling.

We paid our bill at the counter and unfortunately, they do not do split payments. This did not bother us too much but if I was with uni friends, I would like the option of split payments as that would make it convenient. I don’t see why they should not offer it especially when they are located on the ground floor of the university.

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