Rasa Delights @ Eastwood

As soon as I set my eyes to this place, I spot many fake yellow chickens decorating its entrance. I guess it is to show that this place is known for its Hainan chicken? Smart move but a bit weird as you don’t often see other places putting up fake pho or other foods they’re known for.

Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce $7.80

Honestly, I was creeped out but wanted to give it a try whenever I pass by this place. There’s always people eating here and I don’t think I have ever seen it completely empty before.

Springrolls ($6.80) and Lemongrass Chicken Wings ($7.80)

We were seated as soon as we walked in and given menus. One look at the menu and already I was a bit surprised at their prices. I found their dishes to be pricey but hey, its the first time I’ve been here so might as well order and try out their foods.

A big plus for their quick service and I was glad to get our meals within 10 mins!

First off, the food smells really good! We ordered a bucket of chicken rice ($8) to share between us and that was such a good decision as one bowl of chicken rice will never be enough! Btw, the price for chicken rice, coconut rice and plain rice are all the same.

The appetizer was average and too oily. I didn’t really enjoy it and the fact that there was not enough sauce to share among four people was disappointing. You can see from the photo above that they did not even give us half of the bowl of sauce.

Hainan Chicken $18.80

Their best dish I would say is the Hainan chicken! The chicken was tender, juicy, succulent and packed with flavour! Actually one of the best Hainan chicken I’ve ever had in my life. Quite comparable to the ones in Singapore – and they’re competitively good!

Okra in Assam Paste $12.80

Next up, we have the vegetables. Now these dishes brought up our disappointments. The vegetables were either too bland or too salty..nothing in between.

The vegetables’ dishes were either too bland or too salty which was a pity.

Malaysian Curry Beef Brisket $16.80

The curry was good and had a nice flavour. But nothing special.

I even found the homemade lychee water and homemade barley water ($3.50 each) to be bland which annoyed me because homemade drinks are supposed to taste great!

Overall, disappointing experience and I won’t be back. Though this shop is called “Rasa Delights” there is nothing delightful about their food except the chicken. However, chicken alone is not enough to tempt me back. Might give it another try in the future but the likelihood is rare as there are better places to eat at within that vicinity.

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