I Cannot Hug You 无论拥抱的你 – 2018 CDrama

无论拥抱的你 or otherwise known as “I cannot hug you” is based on a webtoon called “unTouchable”. It is a modern-day romance between a vampire and a human.

However, the vampire in this drama is different to what we expect as there is no bloodsucking or neck biting. In fact, the vampires gets full by absorbing human’s energy through physical skin-ship.

This will be interesting as the female vampire, Shi Li  Ya, tries to absorb the human germaphobe Jiang Zhi Hao’s energy. But will she get close to him? Close enough to hug him?

Left: Shi Li Ya played by Zhang Yu Xi ; Right: Jiang Zhi Hao played by Xing Zhao Lin

I’ve linked the official trailer with english subtitles below. Definitely give it a go and start watching the first episode!

I’m not going to spoil much but I will say that I was glad I gave this drama a chance. I intended to give it a miss after seeing that Zhang Yu Xi was the main lead because I disliked her previous dramas. However, she shined in this one. Another thing which hooked me in to watch the first episode was the fact that they altered the vampire concept as absorbing energy from humans is a unique idea in this contemporary society.

There is a mix of humour, lightheartedness and emotional chemistry between the characters – they really did well with this drama! Also, the music from this drama is brilliant! Honestly brilliant as they fit the drama so well!!! I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past few days and I’m still hooked!

Although the drama has finished and I finally caught up to it, I’m satisfied. It was a neat and clean ending as our OTP ended up together with Zhi Hao overcoming his phobia thanks to Li Ya. However, I wonder if there will be a second season as the last scene ends with a text message to Zhi Hao saying “Shi Li Ya is not a human but a vampire”.

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