Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask

The Korean skincare industry I believe is more advanced than the Western counterparts. Prime example…BB creams only started appearing in Sydney drugstores 5-6 years ago when Koreans have already been using it for a few decades already! But the Western’s version of BB creams have a different formula as they are more representative of a tinted moisturiser.

Anyways back to masks. I love masks and I enjoy having them on my face as it provides me a reason to relax and destress. While we put on masks to make our skins more youthful and beautiful in complexion, Koreans masks are always the best because they ensure that their masks smell good!

Innisfree is no different and I always trust face care products made in Korea. In fact, I haven’t been disappointed yet so that is positive note! These masks are always soaked in essence and there is always enough to apply some on my neck – take care of your necks as wrinkles may appear there first!

These masks are:

  • infused with a blend of Jeju green herb complex and ingredients from nature
  • Triple layered sheet recharges skin and deeply hydrates skin

Below are the masks I bought from this range:

  1. Green tea (fresh squeezed green tea for deep moisture)
  2. Cucumber(fresh moisture squeezed from cucumbers to provide plentify moisture for dry skin)
  3. Aloe(moisture from aloe to soothe and moisturise the skin)
  4.    Acaiberry (antioxidants for bright, clear skin)
  5. Manuka honey(nutrient-rich manuka honey to moisturise dry, stiffened skin)
  6. Pomegranate(for firm and supple skin)
  7. Kiwi(refreshing moisture from kiwi for smooth, clear, bright skin)
  8. Strawberry(smooths and brightens skin)
  9. Lime(for smooth, clear, bright skin)
  10. Bija(to treat skin problems while keeping skin moisturised and clean)
  11. Shea butter(incredible moisturising capacity of shea butter to deliver moisture deep inside dry, tight skin)
  12. Tea tree(to treat skin problems while keeping skin moisturised and clean)
  13. Black berry(nourishment from blackberry to keep skin healthy)
  14. Rose(fragrant moisture squeezed from rose to make skin soft and glowing)
  15. Bamboo(bamboo extract to quench thirst of dry skin)

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