2017 Review

I can’t believe it. It is finally the last day of 2017 and tomorrow will be 2018. How does this year fly by so fast? And it was such a big year for me too!

I think I’m going to recap my year, month to month style.

It was still holidays and I don’t start teaching piano until the end of the month so I was giving my nails a make over and generously growing them long. I love painting my nails and changing them every so often because it mentally relaxes your body and mind.img_0034

Selfies and healthy eating overtook this month as I’ve been going on pinterest daily to find out how I can make the most delicious smoothies while keeping track of my weight at the same time. I think this was when I bought my nutri-bullet blender because I was smoothie obsessed.

Uni has already began and that also means going out for food after classes! Missed those times! It was also my first time going to a Justin Bieber concert! (It was amazing!)

This month I was swamped with prac and was thoroughly busy! Also had to prepare my students for their piano exams and I was so proud of their performance!

We had a short holiday break which my family took advantage of and went for a nice drive to get away from the busy city.

End of semester 1! Loved our end of semester parties during classes as we celebrate, eat and work hard at the same time! And of course, my personal celebration by treating myself with shopping and food!

Another short holiday break from both uni and piano teaching which means….more nail time and DRINKS! But…also had my wisdom teeth surgery where I got all 4 out at the same time under general anaesthesia.

The end of my practicum placement for semester 1 which was so exciting! I remember counting down the days I had left because I could not wait to just go home and finish my assignments (seriously…I was looking forward to essays).

My birthday month and I had a lovely celebration with my family and friends. Best thing of all! CAKE and FOOD!

Started this month by spending a whole day at the beach – got seriously tanned afterwards (I did slather myself with sunscreen though). Also received beautiful thank you cards from the gorgeous kids at my last practicum school for semester 2.img_0024

Final month for my uni and it was bittersweet. I can’t believe I survived my 4 years there and I am so thankful to have met so many people and friends along this massive journey!  ALSO, I went to my very first music festival!

This was a very big month! I had my teaching interview with the DEC and was approved the next day when I was flying out to NZ. Applied for a job in the middle of my trip and straightaway got an interview as soon as I land back in Sydney. Got the job and now I’m ecstatic as I’m settled for next year!

Honestly, so many things occurred this year and I am so lucky to have gotten this far! A few things I’ve learnt from 2017 are:

  • being organised – I still have not mastered this skill yet but as I go into my full-time job next year, this will be key to not pulling out my hair in frustration. Plus, I still have not even written up my final post for my NZ travel diary…
  • who cares what people think. It is my own life, not theirs. I am the one living in it so if I make mistakes, I will learn from them personally. Plus, I don’t need to please anyone else but myself.
  • being healthy – that means eating well and exercising a few times a week. I did get lazy and lose control but I’m glad that I have maintained my weight this year. Hopefully I can lose my unhealthy fat next year asap lol
  • gratefulness – I am so grateful to have been given an opportunity to work full time in 2018 as I heard and know that it is hard for new graduates to find a full-time job so quickly. I am lucky and will work hard for myself and for my students!
  • sleep – I know that when the exam periods are nearing or when I have practicums, I lose a lot of sleep which I dislike. I become easily irritable and grumpy..and I hate that about myself. I need to train my body to sleep earlier and wake up earlier (which I have been doing for the past few days) as I realise that I got to make the most of the hours I have during the day!

Anyways, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and take care! See you in 2018!

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