Queens Cafe Bistro – Auckland City

It was such a delight to have our very first meal in the heart of Auckland city. This cafe is situated on the top floor of the Queens Arcade and because the entrance to the arcade was closed when we went there, it took us a while to find the small entrance which leads us up to the FOODS!

We went up a narrow staircase and was greeted by a friendly waitress. She was very welcoming and got us seated immediately after confirming our reservation.

I love how they designed this place as it has its own character and the overall atmosphere exudes regal-ness!

We were served pretty quickly as we were taken to our seats at the balcony, given menus and served a glass of lemon water each. We had a good view of the streets and the designer shops located just opposite to where we were seated.

The service was swift and we were very comfortable. We were given ample time to look over the menu before ordering our food. I was touched by the waitress who took our order as she came back to tell me that one of the meals I ordered would be a small serving and asked whether I would like to change my order. I was glad that she told me that because I was hungry and a small portion would not fill me up. Very attentive!

I was glad that our meals came out quickly because we were starving! (Our 2nd meal of the day!).

They smelled delectable and the sight of platter made my mouth water! I have to say, the gnocchi served by this bistro was the best gnocchi I had in my entire life! Better than the ones served in Australia as it was not too dried up and packed with flavour. Isn’t the presentation just exquisite?

Pan fried Gnocchi $28

The Queen’s sharing platter was generously filled with various spreads, toppings, meat and bread. I enjoyed the salmon as well as the chicken liver pate which went well with the crisp bread they gave us. Very nice and definitely enough for two people!

Queens Sharing Platter $55

We also ordered the Kumara chips which is basically sweet potato chips. (Also recommended by the waitress.) They call sweet potato kumara in NZ. I also have to say, their sour cream is to die for! It is different to Sydney’s version and I wonder how they made it. Did not get to take a photo of it as we dug straight in.

Wagyu Cheese Burger $25

Overall, I would like to go back but unfortunately I’m back in Sydney. But kid me not, as soon as I step foot in Auckland, I’m going here!

Queens Cafe Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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