The Talisman Hotel Garden Bar and Bistro @ Waihi

I need to say it outright. If you like to wait for your food then this is the perfect place for you! This place is easy to spot and is located just opposite the carpark for Karangahake Gorge.Personally, my disappointment for this place has risen; first, I did not enjoy the interior look of this place, secondly we all had to wait for around 30mins for food to arrive, thirdly..the wait was super super long, fourthly…why did we need to wait that long for wedges????? And this will keep on going on.

When the food came out, I was ecstatic to see my apricot and passion fruit pancake which has ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! (Partly why I chose it.) This cost $16 and was quite a large serving!

Apricot and Passion Pancakes $16

We also ordered wedges with Talisman dipping sauce. This caused a bit of drama as we were not given any sauce but sour cream. Plus the wedges were just normal wedges and weren’t spicy.

Spicy large wedges with Talisman dipping sauce $12

We asked one of the waiters for the sauce and whether we were given the correct dish. He went into the kitchen to check and told us that they only had one type of wedges dish and that was this one. This was completely bullshit as their menu up on the board in big letters says otherwise. But it seems that they don’t know their menu well enough…then why do they have it written up there?

Anyways, we asked for the sauce and he just came out with a spoonful of sweet chili sauce. Thought it was supposed to be special since it said “Talisman dipping sauce” not sweet chilli. Disappointed at this situation especially when we had to wait for so long for the food!! But I love wedges with sour cream and chilli!

Hiker’s Breakfast
Hiker’s Breakfast $18

We also ordered a vegetarian quiche and our supposed pasta which didn’t come in the end. We realized that the waitress who took our order did not put down pasta on the list when it looked like it’s not coming… another minus.

Vegetarian Quiche $7.5

And so, we ordered a pie in lieu of the pasta ..and that was another wait in itself..

I think they should hire more staff to wait tables, and cook the food. It’s probably a family business but they are too slow! We wasted an hour here for the wait!!!

Not good.


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