New Zealand – Day 1 & 2

I never thought that I would be in another country which can bear an uncanny resemblance to Australia. You would think that no country will be the same as your home country but I’m seriously considering that belief.

The houses remind me strongly of Newcastle and other houses you see in the outer Sydney suburbs. The supermarket called “Countdown” has the exact same symbol as Woolworths. So far, they sound the same as us Aussies (where are the accents I’ve been told Kiwis have??).

Despite the similarities, the main difference I can point out is the crowdedness. When walking around Auckland city, there is plenty of space for you to stretch your arms and dance around unlike in the CBD in Sydney where you will be squished and pushed. I enjoy roaming the streets in Auckland and love the atmosphere! I even saw many people on a Wednesday night drinking and hanging out around the city at night (it wouldn’t be too crowded in Sydney city at that time).

Day 1: Auckland City

Caught a morning flight to Auckland, NZ and received a very unforgettable gift – notification that I passed my teaching interview!!!!

It took around 3 hours to travel by flight from Sydney Airport to Auckland Airport and I passed the time playing games on my phone as well as taking a quick nap. The flight was unforgettable as I’ve never travelled east by plane before which we headed straight to the Pacific Ocean. Flying above clouds is such a peaceful experience – perfect for relaxation.

When we arrived, it was hot! But we quickly got settled: phone sim cards, luggage, customs, car hire and place.

We explored Auckland city for hours after eating dinner at the Queen’s Cafe Bistro (so good! I love their food and service!!!!)

Took many photos around the city and the view is amazing! There are plenty of fun things and cute decor around the city which you can pose and take photos of – just like the one below 🤪I laughed when I saw their version of the Harbour Bridge – cannot be compared to Sydney’s hahas. But their sunset is beautiful! I love Earth!!!

Day 2: Piha<<<<<
o a black sand beach today (literally black sand) and it was piping hot! The soles of my feet burned and even my thongs could not shield it from the heat. But once you reach the water, the coolness of the waves soothes your skin and the view is amazing!<<<<<
also visited the Karekare waterfalls! Took us a while to find this beauty but it was all worth it! We even saw someone lying on a hammock! Who wouldn't?! It is the perfect place to lay down, listening to the water flowing down and soaking your tired body with the cool water.

a beautiful way to end our day ~

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