5th December:

I just came out of a very intense interview! I was especially nervous and anxious because I really want to do well. My heart would not stop thumping! Even though the interviewer was nice, I was intimidated by her presence and the overall atmosphere.

What happened:

I arrived at the location fifteen minutes prior the interview time to sign in and wait for my interviewer. She came out, looked at my ID and took my paperwork (supporting statement and prac reports). Then I had around ten lonely minutes to myself in the cold reception room. I used this time to try to calm myself down before she came out to bring me to the interview room.

We exchanged pleasantries before she moved straight on to the questions based on the Australian Teacher Professional Standards. The questions are based on each of the seven standards and some of the questions had a few parts to it (which I asked her to repeat a few times because I’m easily forgetful). Because of my nervousness, I get on a tangent a few times and so the interviewer will usually stop me to try to get met back on track.

Overall, it is an interview that all future graduate teachers will need to go through. Just be prepared with all your necessary documentations, know the teaching standards, your teaching subject and its syllabus (I got asked about it).

*Update – 6th December

I GOT APPROVED!!!! I was shocked. She told me that it would take around two days to up to six weeks till you get your outcome. It was a pleasant surprise before I took my flight to New Zealand for a short family getaway before Xmas.

And so, I got on the plane in a happy mood 🙂

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