While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에 – 2017 Drama

You know, whenever I see Suzy’s name in any shape or form…I roll my eyes. I did not understand how she’s so popular and I felt sorry for the rest of Miss A members.

Why would Lee Jongsuk want to star in the same drama as her?! He’s so good and I love all of his dramas! imageproxy

But, she proved me wrong. She’s a great actress..only with the roles that are suitable for her. I forgot about her bad acting in Uncontrollably Fond (could not finish it). She changed my mind about her…completely. And I was glad.

I love this drama to bits! The script, plot, setting, characters and overall music are so fantastically well set out! They connect every tiny little detail (not a lot of dramas do that) and IT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE! I’m positively surprised and I love this feeling!







The recent episodes (27 & 28) really takes this whole plot up a notch. From 26, we (the audience) realised that Chief Choi was actually the man both Jae-chan and Hong-joo saved when they were younger. I cried at the end of the scene because I was completely flabbergasted yet amazed at the same time! The recent episodes did not disappoint as there was humour from the beginning as Chief Choi was in a dilemma in choosing which person to accompany to the hospital (funny scene).

Oh, and how can we forget Jae-chan’s cute rambling in the early morning, not knowing that he had an audience hahas.

His pose 😂 – ep 27

But our happiness stops here temporarily as we see Lawyer Yoo-bum getting startled at being stalked. We also know that he probably manipulated the IV serial killer case to his own advantaged and framed an innocent man who recently suicided in prison, leaving his adolescent son as an orphan. Of course, Jae-chan is assigned with the reinvestigation of the IV serial killer case.

The plot thickens as they reveal that the IV serial killer is in fact a WOMAN who was not considered a suspect in the first investigation because she was also a patient at the hospital..

The ending for ep 28 was not too much of a cliffhanger but I hope that Hong-joo will survive her abduction. Yoo-bum should be arrested already and thrown in prison! How can he think of saving his own skin when he already killed an innocent man for a crime he did not commit?!

Can’t wait till ep 29.

Oh, did I mention that I love their chemistry? Such a realistic couple that does not focus too much on cliches and dreams.


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