Temperature of Love – 2017 Kdrama

I have not been posting reviews on kdramas lately but that does not mean that I have not been watching! In fact, I’m about to watch the latest episodes from this one after writing this!

Based on a novel titled Good Soup Never Picks up the Phone, Temperature of Love or 사랑의 온도 is a beautiful romantic melodrama about the complicated love lives of today’s young people. Of course, it is a love story of an aspiring screenwriter (played by Seo Hyun-jin) and a French cuisine chef (Yang Se-jong) who end up falling in love with each other after coming to the same “temperature of love.”

It is set for 40 episodes and they had just released ep 26 last night. I’m glad that it steers clear away from cliche moments we typically see in korean melodramas and I love the personality for each of the main characters (pictured below).

L-R: Seo Hyun-jin, Yang Se-jong, Kim Jae-wook and Cho Bo-ah

A lot of the actors and actresses in this drama are familiar faces especially Kim Jae-wook who starred in Voice, The Inspiring Generation and my favourite – Coffee Prince! He’s a tenacious business man in this drama and I love his coolness! I hope the writer does not make his character too pitiful as I want him to find someone he will be happy with!


Cho Bo-ah is another favourite of mine and I love her outright character (which I find that she plays these type of characters a bit too often). She was in Missing Noir: M, All About My Mum, Monster and Sweet Stranger and Me. She’s so sassy and definitely my type of girl!


Although there are some love triangles, it doesn’t become like a child’s play but in fact, we see them deal with it in their adult ways. Even the leading female is not playing a typical damsel in distress. She can definitely hold her own weight and is assertive against her boyfriend’s mother and is not submissive in her workplace.

I believe this drama definitely reflects our current times as women should not be perceived as meek and subservient all the time! We are equal and have the power to fight for our rights!

Plus, the fact that I get to see delicious food is an added bonus!


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