Ryo’s Noodles @ Crows Nest

img_8747It was a scorching Sunday in Sydney with temperatures hitting the 40’s. But that did not stop us from driving all the way to Crows Nest, queuing for at least 20mins for a bowl of hot tasty ramen!

Yes, we had to queue that long for 3 people because it was so popular! Luckily there was shade but that did not stop the humidity from unleashing its powers to make us sweat. There was a menu outside for your to quickly choose what you want to so you order straightaway as soon as you get seated inside. It is a small place but is easy to spot due to the long lines!



img_8748I ordered Ramen in soy sauce flavoured tonkotsu (pork) soup which comes with a roast pork, egg, nori and shallots. This was $14.50. I would not say that it was the cheapest but this price is reflective of the location. Doesn’t it look so appetising! I would not usually eat egg but that egg was damn good! It was a huge serving and the broth gave a huge impact in flavour! No wonder why people come here! The only con was that it was a tad too salty for my liking (probably due to the added soy sauce).

The spicy ramen, however, was so good! It is not as spicy as you would think it would be though. But it is not salty and the broth was really flavoursome! It has similar ingredients to what the soy-sauce flavoured ramen has and I wished I ordered this instead!

Spicy tonkotsu soup $14.50

We did not order the fried chicken until we saw it coming out of the kitchen. So, we quickly asked the waitress to add it to our order and it came out piping hot! Very crispy and I dare say, even better than the fried chicken I had at Korean restaurants! It was the best I had so far! Tender, soft and damn crispy!

The chicken came with a scoop of mayo and a slice of lemon. I recommend you to skip the mayo and go straight to the lemon as it provides a refreshing taste especially after having the ramen which is heavy.

Fried Chicken $9

Overall, I would love to come here again but not when I’m very hungry because I want to avoid waiting for so long. If you’re here as one person, I doubt you will be made to wait that long. The highlight was the fried chicken. Even though this place is known for their ramen, I enjoyed the chicken a lot more.

Ryo's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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